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i will, now, drive 55

I got an extremely expensive traffic ticket (my first! and $632!) for doing 97 in a 75 on a lonely stretch of road outside of Lovelock, Nevada. I paid the ticket, and asked the court (and the ticketing officer, at that point) about traffic school; they both said that the points wouldn't transfer to California or go on my record, but as far as traffic school to lower insurance went, it was between me and my insurance company, and they'd get in touch with me. However, can't I do something pre-emptively to keep this from going on my insurance record? Or am I screwed? I paid the fine in mid-June, just before it was due (took a little while to save the money); the ticket was issued in mid-May.
posted by luriete on Jul 11, 2006 - 26 answers

labor law in California

A good friend of mine works for a large international bank in the SF bay area. This person was informed today that beginning immediately, the two 15 minute breaks that have been allowed up until now are being reduced to 5 minute breaks. This person works a full 8-hour shift, and I was under the impression that a 1-hour lunch/meal break and 2x 15 minute breaks were required by law. What are the legal requirements in California, and how do they differ from federal requirements?
posted by luriete on Mar 31, 2005 - 8 answers

How do I deal with being robbed?

My home was burgled yesterday while my wife and I were at work. Our cats are uninjured; my camera collection, large collection of criterion & kino DVDs, powerbook & lcd projector, and all of her good jewelry were not so lucky.

My question: how do I go about exacting revenge?
posted by luriete on Sep 9, 2004 - 31 answers

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