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MacBook Pro PRIMARILY for use with Windows?

Please comment on the wisdom of buying a MacBook Pro PRIMARILY for use as a Windows computer. [more inside]
posted by scarabic on Jul 29, 2006 - 26 answers

iBook Noise

I'm hearing a horrible sound from my iBook all of a sudden. It sounds like the lever that moves the HD heads snapping back and forth repeatedly. It doesn't wholly interfere with the operation of the computer or crash it or anything (yet). It does seem to be coming from the front left side of the laptop, where the HD is located. What is happening? What sort of repair am I looking at, worst-case? Anything I can do? [more inside]
posted by scarabic on Aug 16, 2004 - 13 answers

Wireless Network Setup Question (for PC)

Twiddling my thumbs... wirelessly! I'm setting up a new Windows XP Pro laptop with built-in 802.11b. It seems to detect our Apple Airport (I) base station just fine, and connect to it. Just can't get any network services through it (ie: web pages are all 404s). Any suggestions?
posted by scarabic on Dec 24, 2003 - 7 answers

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