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Can opener and rice cooker

I am tired, it's been a long year, and I need some new items for my kitchen. Please make my consumer decisions for me. [more inside]
posted by stowaway on Nov 8, 2016 - 25 answers

Wanting to get a KitchenAid mixer but confused by all the options.

We are in a financial position that I can finally get my dream mixer but I when I look at all the options for size of bowl, power (wattage) and tilt or lift I have no idea what I need. [more inside]
posted by wwax on Feb 7, 2014 - 32 answers

I need a new toaster oven. And a clever title.

Toaster oven needed. [more inside]
posted by BitterOldPunk on Mar 12, 2013 - 15 answers

Three ovens enter, two ovens leave?

We're remodeling our kitchen, thanks to a leaking roof and water damage. My husband would love to reduce the number of appliances we have on our counter. We currently have a microwave (used solely for defrosting/reheating), a toaster oven (for baking/roasting of small items; love the faster preheating), and a regular oven (for baking/roasting large things). I've seen conflicting reports about speed ovens, steam ovens, combi ovens, etc. that seem to be able to combine some of these features. Has anyone had experience with those? Can I truly say goodbye to one of my counter top ovens? If so, what's the most useful combination for someone who mostly needs to reheat and roast, with minimal preheating time? Bonus points for specific brand recommendations.
posted by snickerdoodle on Feb 26, 2013 - 10 answers

They explode in 50's sitcoms... what else do they do?

Pressue Cooker 101: Which one do I want? And what do I do with it? What do *you* do with yours? [more inside]
posted by Methylviolet on Sep 7, 2009 - 27 answers

Product opinions - who can recommend a good blender/food processor?

I'm looking for MeFi recommendations on a good blender or food processor... [more inside]
posted by Fozzie on Jun 18, 2005 - 10 answers

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