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Should I buy Cable, DSL, or DirecTV for my new house?

What is your experience with DSL vs Cable? What about Satelite DSL from Directv? Moving next week and trying to decide what to use for the house. Thanks in advance.
posted by Macboy on Jul 13, 2004 - 19 answers

The Internet's repercussions on society

I'm curious fellow Mefi's. What do you think are three most significant detriments of the Internet to society? Your perspective(s) could be from cultural values, business, education, media, technology, developing countries, privacy, etc. On the flip side, what would you consider the most significant benefits of the Internet to society? No right or wrong answer, just picking your brain...
posted by Macboy on May 8, 2004 - 25 answers

What's the best site to backorder a domain name?

What's the best site to backorder a domain name? The one I am interested in expires in early May...
posted by Macboy on Mar 31, 2004 - 3 answers

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