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Can I get a local US number that redirects to an international number?

I need to have a local US number that redirects to an international number. It doesn't have to be toll free. It should be able to redirect to a landline or a mobile phone. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by carofowler on Sep 22, 2008 - 13 answers

Iphone wifi blues in Spain

I've just arrived in Spain and my iPhone wont access the internet even though it recognizes the hotel's WiFi network. My Apple Air laptop works just fine with this same wifi network. Why isn't my iphone enabling safari or email access on the iPhone? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
posted by emberm on Sep 21, 2008 - 7 answers

iPhone 3G on a different country's official SIM card?

Can I use a non-unlocked iPhone (3G if it matters) with another country's official carrier's SIM card? [more inside]
posted by DoctorFedora on Sep 20, 2008 - 3 answers

Different prices for electronics, why?

Why are electronics so crazy expensive in Europe? Any creative ideas to help me buy a video camera? [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb on Sep 19, 2008 - 10 answers

How to be flown out or hired over the phone?

InternationalInterviewFilter: 1) How do I convince them to fly me out for an interview? OR 2) Get hired over the phone? (then have them relocate me) [more inside]
posted by jazzybelle on Sep 12, 2008 - 13 answers

hip hop roun' da world

Being the ever-spreading global phenomenon that it is, it gets harder & harder to stay on top of all the amazing hiphop music that is coming out from all corners of the globe. Please to tell me about your recent favorite international hiphop acts. [more inside]
posted by jammy on Sep 7, 2008 - 20 answers

Help a UK company pay me!

Freelance-to-perm work for a UK company -- how can I get paid for the least amount of fees and hassle? [more inside]
posted by on Sep 7, 2008 - 7 answers

Can I take a J.D. abroad, or should I not bother coming back to get one?

Can I export my law degree from the USA? If not, where else should I consider going to law school? [more inside]
posted by xanthippe on Sep 2, 2008 - 7 answers

But there's no such thing as international law!

If you had to write a paper on something related to international law, what would it be? [more inside]
posted by ailouros08 on Aug 29, 2008 - 24 answers

international composer of mystery

If you know a non-English language (especially one written in a non-Western alphabet), will you please tell me whether your language's entry is correct in this list? [more inside]
posted by kalapierson on Aug 27, 2008 - 35 answers

Best international/world cell phone options?

I live in Canada and will be traveling to India (one month) Nepal (two weeks) and Thailand (one week). I would like to call or text home to Canada, check e-mails and google maps, and make some local calls (India only). What are my best options for a cell phone??
posted by gfroese on Aug 15, 2008 - 4 answers

1.5k, 3 weeks, where to?

Need travel advice: 2 adventurous law students post-bar, passports in hand. [more inside]
posted by craven_morhead on Aug 11, 2008 - 10 answers

For me, Draka is always home. What about IRL?

Cost of living website for international cities, plus side question of "How do I find a place there? Is there a website for future expatriates to help with the transitions? [more inside]
posted by damnjezebel on Jul 30, 2008 - 10 answers

Tell me what to read so I can understand international relations.

I'm looking for a book that can summarize/explain different schools of thought in international relations/foreign policy. [more inside]
posted by dismas on Jul 30, 2008 - 8 answers

Working Outside the US with a US Law Degree?

How does an attorney, educated and licensed in US law, get hired in other countries (preferably Canada) that need someone who knows US law? [more inside]
posted by plaidrabbit on Jul 15, 2008 - 8 answers

Tell me about academic job websites across the globe!

Do other countries have an equivalent of the UK's, where pretty much all academic jobs are advertised?
posted by handee on Jul 10, 2008 - 5 answers

How can I book specific flights?

If I know exactly which flights on which airlines that I want for a two-airline, two-hop international trip, how do I book them? [more inside]
posted by jimw on Jul 9, 2008 - 2 answers

What website offers the best baby registry service?

What site offers the best baby registry service? Special difficulty - the parents-to-be are in the Philippines, the friends and relatives are scattered everywhere else. [more inside]
posted by micketymoc on Jun 28, 2008 - 3 answers

gas explosion in apartmen short film - name?

Trying to find a Japanese short film "Tension" that I saw at the Rotterdam Film Festival 1999 or 2000. [more inside]
posted by dabitch on Jun 26, 2008 - 3 answers

How to call a UK 0700 number from the USA?

How do I call a UK 0700 number from the USA? My mother is in hospital and I'd like to call her tomorrow. I'm familiar with the normal rules (01144 + drop the leading zero) but it doesn't seem to work for these 0700 numbers. [more inside]
posted by w0mbat on Jun 22, 2008 - 8 answers

Ping Pong Cellular Telephony: Chinese phones and US SIM cards

Phone from China, SIM card in the US: what do I need to know to make sure I have a working cell phone when I return to the US for a month or two this summer? [more inside]
posted by msbrauer on Jun 4, 2008 - 6 answers

Taxes begone!

Can I avoid paying PA sales tax if I'm buying from and for an international location? [more inside]
posted by Static Vagabond on May 14, 2008 - 2 answers

How do I best submit my short film to as many festivals as possible?

A comprehensive short-film festival submission calender: Does such a thing exist? [more inside]
posted by Elle Vator on May 7, 2008 - 1 answer

CIDA international youth internship

Anyone have any information about or experience with CIDA internships? [more inside]
posted by ouchitburns on Apr 13, 2008 - 1 answer

American seeking work in the Netherlands

I'm an American living in the U.S. and searching for a job in the Netherlands (with the intention of moving there permanently). My chances for success are slim, I know. What can I do to improve them? [more inside]
posted by korres on Apr 13, 2008 - 16 answers

TaxesFilter: Moving abroad, not raising flags

TaxFilter: Student abroad (moved in August), and don't want to get red flagged/audited due to sudden drop in income! How do I tell the IRS I moved? [more inside]
posted by sirion on Apr 13, 2008 - 4 answers

Where in the world am I?

Can I find coordinates by address? [more inside]
posted by mcarthey on Apr 12, 2008 - 5 answers

A job in computers that lets me travel a lot?

I want a job in computers that involves a lot of travel. [more inside]
posted by giggleknickers on Apr 12, 2008 - 16 answers

Safe way to transfer money

How to handle an international refundable payment so that all parties are satisfied? [more inside]
posted by Julnyes on Apr 9, 2008 - 3 answers

The most COMPLEAT working abroad thread EVAR. Or, help me get out of Jersey already!

I'm looking for resources on doing paid farm work (preferably in Scandinavia, but anywhere else in Europe is fine, too). [more inside]
posted by twins named Lugubrious and Salubrious on Apr 4, 2008 - 8 answers

International Health Care Volunteering.

How can I find a summer program where I can provide medical care overseas, without any actual medical training? [more inside]
posted by ackeber on Apr 3, 2008 - 6 answers

Job hunting from overseas: good or bad idea?

Job hunting from across the ocean: in a foreign country, looking to move back to home country. Which is better? Apply and interview from here, or quit current job and search from there? [more inside]
posted by QueSeraSera on Apr 2, 2008 - 7 answers

Ebay seller in Texas buyer in Europe how can both be protected

How can an ebay seller in Texas sell something to me in Europe with both of us being protected? [more inside]
posted by stereo on Apr 1, 2008 - 8 answers

Where to go?

So I've got this new job and two weeks between finishing one job and starting the other. I'd like to travel for a week of those two, but to where? [more inside]
posted by jourman2 on Mar 31, 2008 - 11 answers

Should I return the iPhone I just got as a gift but won't be using for the next 2 months?

Should I return my iPhone? The ex gave me one as a gift yesterday as an early graduation present, but I'm leaving for Guatemala for 2 months tonight. [more inside]
posted by gramcracker on Mar 22, 2008 - 10 answers

20 Euro cents per minute is quite outrageous

Is there a better option for international phone forwarding than Skype? [more inside]
posted by cmonkey on Mar 21, 2008 - 4 answers

Panamaniacs, tell me about Panama!

My wife-to-be and I are going to Panama for our honeymoon. Following are a whole slew of questions about Panama! [more inside]
posted by attercoppe on Mar 20, 2008 - 16 answers

Debit/Credit card fees in Europe

How do I avoid excessive credit card/ATM fees when traveling in Europe this summer? [more inside]
posted by timory on Mar 19, 2008 - 23 answers

How can I best involve myself in the Social/Political cause against Water Privatization?

How can I best involve myself in the Social/Political cause against Water Privatization? [more inside]
posted by albernathy0 on Mar 6, 2008 - 4 answers

Should I bring my iPhone to SE Asia, or go prepaid (and other international phone questions)?

Should I bring my iPhone to SE Asia, or go prepaid (and other international phone questions)? [more inside]
posted by colecovizion on Feb 29, 2008 - 7 answers

Sending a check internationally.

Does the country in which a cheque is cashed have any basis on which currency is used? [more inside]
posted by comiddle on Feb 25, 2008 - 7 answers

Finding an easy-to-get job that requires a BA

What's a job that's easy to get that requires a bachelor's degree? [more inside]
posted by Ndwright on Feb 23, 2008 - 21 answers

Adoption by 2011, will I be ready in time?

I would like to begin the three year long process to adopt a child internationally. I am located in the state of Illinois. What kind of requirements will I need to fulfill through the homestudy? [more inside]
posted by aetg on Jan 23, 2008 - 14 answers

If I were a lawyer, I would do...what, exactly?

What exactly would one do as a lawyer with a background in international law (specifically human rights, refugees issues, things of that nature)? [more inside]
posted by naoko on Jan 21, 2008 - 8 answers

How to get international re-directs to a .com?

How to get .ru , .cn, .mx, .ve, .br, and possibly other country URLs as a re-direct to my company's .com? [more inside]
posted by ZenMasterThis on Jan 18, 2008 - 10 answers

Online quest for Ushuaia vanilla shower gel!

Awesome, supermarket-available, vanilla-scented shower gel from France - bought online and shipped to Latvia? [more inside]
posted by mdonley on Jan 6, 2008 - 3 answers

French phonebooth disaster

We called the USA from a France Télécom phonebooth. Following the instructions on the poster, we dialled *808 and gave our Visa card number. Turns out they charged more than $100 for a call lasting about 10 minutes. Is there anything we can do to contest this?
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 on Jan 5, 2008 - 23 answers

Help me find an international adventure, and quick!

The clock is ticking on my lease. Fifty days, forty-nine, forty-eight, forty-seven... and I have neither a steady job nor money for a new place to live. I would like to volunteer or teach abroad, but I am under very pressing time constraints. [Details inside] [more inside]
posted by mr. remy on Jan 2, 2008 - 15 answers

Magic money?

I loan an amount on Kiva. Lets say it's $25, which at the time of lending is £12 GBP. When I get the money back 6 months later, I get £13 GBP back. [more inside]
posted by Solomon on Dec 25, 2007 - 17 answers

How do I deal with this debt?

So do we just stop paying our credit cards? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 20, 2007 - 36 answers

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