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Alternative Browsers

What superior/alternative web browsers to Firefox do you use? [more inside]
posted by bluelight on Aug 26, 2009 - 33 answers

Cant see preview thumbs with FireFox or IE!

Unable to view preview pictures on webpages [more inside]
posted by slowtree on Jun 21, 2007 - 3 answers

CSS Issue in Win IE. Help please!

I run a website and am having a little difficulty getting the CSS to work properly in Internet Explorer. I am trying to implement the search field into a little 'pop-up' in the navigation. It works properly in FireFox and Safari, but in IE for Windows the pop-up shifts diagonally instead of directly below. Any ideas on how to fix this?
posted by Timen on Feb 16, 2007 - 3 answers

Auto Proxy Disable?

Looking for a free app that can enable/disable the proxy settings in Internet Explorer on a timer. [more inside]
posted by sprocket87 on Jul 25, 2006 - 5 answers

IE pukes on my page

My main page opens fine in Safari and Firefox for Win and Mac, but acts like I am trying to download a file in IE. Any suggestions?
posted by spartacusroosevelt on Jan 3, 2006 - 2 answers

View CSS cascade on IE for Windows

Is there an application for Internet Explorers on Windows that will let you click on or select a page element and view the cascading css rules that are being applied to that element? (Something similar to the Web Developer toolbar for Firefox or Xyle scope for Safari).
posted by alan on Dec 23, 2005 - 7 answers

I hate Miva, yes I do...

Miva Merchant 4.0 and security certificates...why don't IE customers see the darned lock? [more inside]
posted by miss tea on Dec 13, 2005 - 5 answers

Why does IE hate my website?

Why does IE hate my website? I've got it looking decent in Safari and Firefox, but it looks hideous in Explorer. Having done a fair amount of Googling, I've come to the conclusion that it's probably related to one of Explorer's notorious CSS rendering bugs, but my self-taught CSS and HTML is not enough to enable me to pinpoint and solve the problem. [more inside]
posted by yankeefog on Nov 9, 2005 - 15 answers

How can I remove the status bar for IE6 WinXP SP2 users?

I am managing the production of a web application, which, for various reasons, must happen in a window with no status bar. Unfortunately, some security patch for ie6 with winxp sp2 renders the javascript that turns off the status bar ineffective. Any solutions?
posted by sauril on Feb 4, 2005 - 10 answers

Windows XP crashing

Win XP Problem: Windows Explorer (and My Computer) keep crashing. If I bring either up, it crashes immediately (the computer doesn't crash). Around the same time, I noticed I'd acquired some spyware. So I ran Ad-aware, and it seemed to get rid of the bad stuff. But Explorer still crashes. I ran Norton Anti-Virus, which claimed it found viruses but couldn't fix them because I needed to adjust the properties of some of the Norton files. But I can't adjust these properties, because I can't get to the files (because Explorer crashes). Help.
posted by grumblebee on Dec 21, 2004 - 13 answers

Help me with this CSS box model problem!

CSS question. Usually, I can figure these things out. This one has me stumped. I know its a box model problem, but none of the usual fixes seem to fix it. Everything looks right in Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera. Bigger, better explanation inside, along with some code. [more inside]
posted by Grod on May 26, 2004 - 11 answers

How can I make Internet Explorer correctly implement full alpha transparency?

Is there any easy to implement, close to 100% reliable, HTML, CSS, JS or whatever -hack to make IE correctly implement full alpha transparency in PNGs? It would make the life of this web developer much more happy and carefree.
posted by signal on Mar 14, 2004 - 11 answers

Bloggery Mystery

This is an embarassingly simple question, but after plowing through the Internet Explorer prefs, I can't find the answer.

When using blogger, a small window is left on your screen with a "close" button. When you click on it, a warning pops up: "this web page is trying to close your window and do strange things to your cat." and then you have to click a confirmation button.

Yeah, yeah, I know I can close the window three other ways, but for weak, idiosyncratic reasons would like to just click on that "close" button.

(why do I feel like"Monk" here...)
posted by mecran01 on Jan 18, 2004 - 2 answers

IE Favorites

Why do IE favicons stop appearing? I'll bookmark a site, and for a while it will have its nifty little favicon next to it in the Favorites menu of the browser, then POOF!, it's gone. (Please don't bother with answers like "Switch to Mozilla" or "Microsoft sucks!", I'm curious to know why this happens, I'm not soliciting opinions)
posted by briank on Jan 9, 2004 - 13 answers

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