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Looking for articulations of basic rights

I'm looking for examples of what a culture or social group has articulated as the basic rights owed to any person or at least any member of the culture/social group. The universality is the point here. Obvious examples include the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the United States' Declaration of Independence and Constitution/Bill of Rights. What other examples can you give me? [more inside]
posted by Wretch729 on Aug 31, 2015 - 19 answers

Cultivating niceness

Would love suggested reading on the subject of compassion or the oneness of humankind or... anything that comes to mind when you read on. Please inspire me! [more inside]
posted by little_dog_laughing on Jul 4, 2015 - 17 answers

How does one engage respectfully with a combative, dogmatic atheist?

How does one engage respectfully with a combative atheist who tries to convince you that most major religions are inherently anti-humanist / anti- enlightenment? I am an atheist myself, but I respect people who are religious. [more inside]
posted by jacobnayar on Jun 29, 2015 - 35 answers

Humanist fiction that is nourishing to the damaged soul?

Last summer I finally finished Infinite Jest, and looking back on it changed my life in a good way. Recently, I bought a George Saunders collection after reading this glowing NYT profile of his work and it is starting to do the same thing in many ways. Can you suggest other authors in a similar vein whose fiction speaks to the reality of contemporary experience in a way that is both profound and suffused with kindness? I was recommended Richard Powers, and enjoyed the book of his that I read, but didn't make the same emotional connection that I did with Saunders & Wallace.
posted by Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory on Jan 14, 2013 - 20 answers

Intro to Humanism, Winter 2012

If you think human rationality, and efforts to ‘predict and control’ are, together, shaky ground for ethics, what’s left? [more inside]
posted by nelljie on Nov 20, 2012 - 13 answers

All things bright and beautiful, an interative evolutionary process made them all

Is there such a thing as a humanist hymn? [more inside]
posted by Wretch729 on Jul 30, 2012 - 45 answers

Personal symbol engraving on a male bracelet?

Is there a website that has a wide selection of male bracelets, will allow me to have a symbol of my choice engraved, and delivers to the UK? [more inside]
posted by Spamfactor on May 29, 2011 - 3 answers

Help me find stories and songs for Tiny Humanists

I'm going to teach a Humanist Sunday School class. Help me figure out a good song to sing and stories to read! [more inside]
posted by lexicakes on Aug 3, 2010 - 13 answers

Book about Islam and intellectualism, what's the title?

I'm trying to find a book about Islam and intellectualism. I can remember the cover, and the content - but not the title or the author. Gah! [more inside]
posted by divabat on Apr 26, 2009 - 11 answers

Drinking from Russel's Teapot

CharityFilter: Looking for a humanist charity to contribute to. Must not be extremist. Would also consider donating time and/or brain power. More details inside. [more inside]
posted by bluejayway on Apr 13, 2009 - 6 answers

Indoctrination at preschool, what's an appropriate response?

After interviewing and visiting many, many, preK academies, I picked a secular one for my son (age 3) that has an outstanding curriculum, caring staff and an exemplary record with the state...and most importantly; a part time program. However, I've just discovered that his new teacher is demanding that his class pray before lunch and possibly nap time. [more inside]
posted by dejah420 on Sep 7, 2006 - 27 answers

Christian Hypnosis Secrets Revealed

I understand what right wing christians are upset about, but how do I get them to understand and not dismiss my beliefs?
posted by bigmusic on Dec 6, 2005 - 24 answers

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