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please help identify houseplant

I was given this plant [pics] by someone who I'm not in contact with anymore. Is it a Philodendron? Species? [more inside]
posted by morganw on Sep 27, 2016 - 4 answers

This is why we can't have nice things - plant edition

I have a perfect space for a potted plant on my living room floor that gets lots of light. Unfortunately (for the plant, and my sanity), I also have a very, um, active toddler. Are there magical ways I could pot a plant so that he doesn't, say, pour dirt all over my living room floor, or, um, eat all the wood chips, or something? Bonus points for best (and hardy) suggestions for a type of big potted plant that will be beautiful to me and utterly uninteresting and non-toxic to my child. Thanks!
posted by andreapandrea on Sep 11, 2016 - 12 answers

Plant ID

What kind of plant is this, and how often should I water it?
posted by ellieBOA on Apr 11, 2016 - 9 answers

Houseplant health

What are these white spots on the leaves of my braided money plant? The spots are not holes, and appear on some leaves only. Indoor plant facing a southern window (bright light all day), and has thrived there for 3 years. I water only when the topsoil is dry. It appears to drain itself well.
posted by nologo on Apr 11, 2016 - 3 answers

Can you identify this house plant?

Can you identify this house plant? [more inside]
posted by peep on Mar 8, 2016 - 8 answers

I need to kill earthworms.

How can I kill all the worms in a potted plant? I'd like a solution that does not require me to replace the soil (i.e., I'm A-OK with using chemicals for this). [more inside]
posted by BuddhaInABucket on Feb 9, 2016 - 11 answers

What is this houseplant with long stems, v-shaped leaves and no flowers?

I have done several Google searches and checked many lists of common houseplants. I can't figure out what this is.
posted by perryfugue on Jan 9, 2016 - 7 answers

Why is my philodendron dying off, leaf by leaf?!

I bought this sucker because it's supposed to be hearty. But lately, its leaves have been turning yellow and then shriveling up, one by one. I water it once a week or so- whenever the water doohickey said it needs it. And I'm pretty sure it gets enough sunlight. What am I doing wrong?! Poor plant. Here's a pic. Oh, also: my mom helped me repot it about a month ago, and she said some trauma is expected. But I've lost 3 big leaves so far, and I can see it happening again! Gah.
posted by jessca84 on Dec 14, 2015 - 8 answers

Sago Palm Houseplant Problems

I have a small Sago Palm in the living room that seems perfectly happy sending out new growth and then letting them die. (Photos) I thought the new fronds would mature into new leaves but they uncurl and then just yellow and die. I was told not to cut the yellowing fronds off as the plant self-cannibalizes, but they're not very attractive - how do I either stop the fronds from dying or discourage new growth?
posted by The Whelk on Sep 13, 2015 - 7 answers

Identify my little houseplant!

What kind of plant is this? [more inside]
posted by invokeuse on May 22, 2015 - 2 answers

Help for a brown thumb

What can I do to save a large indoor gardenia plant with browning, dry leaves? [more inside]
posted by bad grammar on Jan 14, 2015 - 4 answers

Trying to identify some sort of miniature pine tree.

My in-laws are giving me a couple of houseplants, and I'm trying to identify them, or at least find out if they are dangerous to our cats. Photos after the jump. [more inside]
posted by Elementary Penguin on Feb 22, 2014 - 4 answers

Can you identify this plant?

I received several plants from a friend of mine to start my indoor garden. Neither of us knows what type of plant this is, despite hours of trawling gardening websites. Photo. [more inside]
posted by burnfirewalls on Jan 30, 2014 - 5 answers

identify houseplant - hanging/trailing vines with small round leaves

I am trying to identify a houseplant that I saw growing indoors in my friends' house in France. It was in a small pot hung high on the wall, and there were long tendrils or vines that hung down from the pot about six feet in length. They were thin tendrils with small round leaves (about 1 inch or one-half inch diameter). Looked like small coins on a string. Can someone please tell me what plant this might have been?
posted by cmp4Meta on Jan 2, 2014 - 5 answers

What houseplants can survive in this planter/lamp?

What (if any) sorts of houseplants can survive being planted below a table lamp in a low-light bedroom? [more inside]
posted by macrowave on Oct 7, 2013 - 7 answers

What's this little yellow flower?

Some neighbor dropped off this flowering plant (picture 1, picture 2), and I'm trying to figure out what it is, and (BONUS QUESTION) whether it's toxic to the cats. Little four-petalled yellow flowers, thick waxy-feeling leaves, roughly a foot tall in its pot. Okay thanks for reading, for your time here's a nice pic of Thunder Perfect Cat on cat tranquilizers
posted by Greg Nog on Sep 18, 2013 - 12 answers

Help for a houseplant

I've had this houseplant for about six years. It grows like a vine, straight up, so I have always tied it to a bamboo pole because at the garden center I have seen this type of plant look like a tree when it gets bigger, so I have been trying to facilitate that. Now it is four feet tall and I fear it will be a long vine before it becomes tree-like. Any ideas how to help this plant meet its best potential for growth and long life?
posted by Jason and Laszlo on Jun 10, 2013 - 3 answers

I thought cacti were easy

I decided to pick up one of those 2.5" Golden Barrel cacti from Lowe's. And.... apparently I need to repot it and use certain soils and and and.... help? [more inside]
posted by KogeLiz on Apr 5, 2013 - 10 answers

We've lived together ten years and I don't even know his name.

What kind of plant is this? The coloring is similar to alternanthera dentata, but the leaf shape is wrong.
posted by roger ackroyd on Jan 17, 2013 - 7 answers

Is it zombie-Thyme?

What is the mystery plant growing in what used to be my (indoor, potted) thyme? (Pics inside) [more inside]
posted by Rallon on Oct 26, 2012 - 10 answers

snakeplant help please

My snake plant is dying, and growing some kind of fungus. The leaves were coming out, one by one, looking like this: I thought I was overwatering, until I turned the whole plant around, and saw this: ; I assume these are related to each other, but what is it, and what should I do? I'm guessing that just digging out the whatever-it-is won't be enough.
posted by uans on Aug 26, 2012 - 8 answers

It's not a triffid, but what is it?

I have this plant [1] [2] [3] in my office. What is it? [more inside]
posted by spacewrench on May 19, 2012 - 5 answers

Why don't African violets propagate "true"?

Why do African violets not propagate "true," in regards to color patterns? [more inside]
posted by fiercecupcake on Apr 19, 2012 - 1 answer

Sad plant is sad.

What is this this sad houseplant? Can it be saved? [more inside]
posted by giraffe on Dec 6, 2011 - 14 answers

Arrgh! It's not Rumplestiltskin, is it?

Plant Naming Wizards! Can you please help me remember the name of this plant, so I can read about how to care for it before all it's leaves curl up and die? [more inside]
posted by anitanita on Nov 29, 2011 - 3 answers

Sunset for Bolivian Sunset?

Help with Bolivian Sunset... leaves turning brown... [more inside]
posted by Currer Belfry on Nov 14, 2011 - 2 answers

Tipsy cactus, go boom

Dear MeFi houseplanters and succulent enthusiasts, can you help me identify my treasured, overgrown cactus, and help me keep it upright? [more inside]
posted by Sayuri. on Nov 2, 2011 - 9 answers

Houseplant mystery #999

Yet another mystery houseplant... images inside. [more inside]
posted by Currer Belfry on Oct 24, 2011 - 6 answers

Enlighten me in the ways of apartment flora

It's spring in Sydney, and I would like to grow plants in my apartment, but I am brown-fingered, and haven't the faintest clue how to start getting them greener. Hope me! [more inside]
posted by cogat on Sep 25, 2011 - 5 answers

Sick curry tree

Help! My potted curry leaf tree has suddenly had its leaves start shriveling and turning brown. What's wrong with it, and how can I save my plant? [more inside]
posted by JiBB on May 27, 2011 - 5 answers


I know there are cheese-of-the-month, chocolate-of-the-month, and even bacon-of-the-month clubs...but is there a good plant-of-the-month subscription service out there? [more inside]
posted by prior on Dec 20, 2010 - 6 answers

Identify Creepy Thread-like Fungus

Can anyone identify this thread-like fungus? It seems to be coming from a plant in, but it migrates. I'm finding them on my couch, my desk chair (fabric covered), even on the shower curtain in the bathroom. I am prepared to toss the plant if no remedy is found but I'm more interested right now in finding out what it is... Here are photos of the home-invaders Help!
posted by Berry on Jul 26, 2010 - 5 answers

Differential diagnosis for a dying plant, people.

PlantFilter: My plant is dying. Or diseased. What kind of plant is it and how can I save it? [more inside]
posted by dbgrady on Jan 12, 2010 - 12 answers

In the dark corner sits a pretty plant

I'm looking for a plant for my office. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by dorey_oh on Jan 12, 2010 - 16 answers

Houseplant SOS

Help me rescue my Ficus Benjamina! [more inside]
posted by Ziggy500 on Dec 1, 2009 - 7 answers

Oh, so that's why I've been sweeping up so many leaves lately.

How do I save my house plants from a sudden pest infestation? [more inside]
posted by pemberkins on Jul 31, 2009 - 6 answers

Mushroom Identification Help?

What are these mushrooms that are growing in my houseplant? [more inside]
posted by rmless on Jun 12, 2009 - 12 answers

Half Cat, Half Gopher.

I'm seeking a good pest repellant for a houseplant -- except, that "pest" in question has four feet and says "meow." [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos on Apr 17, 2009 - 20 answers

A fungus among me

What are these horrible spores growing in my houseplant? Spore pictures included! [more inside]
posted by Post-it Goat on Sep 1, 2008 - 2 answers

What kind of plant is this?

What kind of plant is this? [more inside]
posted by heartquake on Feb 29, 2008 - 3 answers

Please help me to identify this plant

What is this houseplant? [more inside]
posted by cadge on Sep 16, 2007 - 9 answers

Name that plant!

What is this houseplant? [more inside]
posted by iamkimiam on Apr 24, 2007 - 12 answers

What is the deal with my corn plant?

I recently purchased a three- to four-foot Dracaena Massangea, or corn plant. I have a moisture meter gauge that I use to determine whether my plants need to be watered or not (it has two metal prongs that you put into the soil, and a red, yellow or green light goes on to signal whether the soil is moist or not.) The gauge works great with all my other plants, but with the corn plant, the gauge never indicates that the soil is dry. I have now gone weeks without watering the corn plant, and the gauge still says the soil is sufficiently moist near the roots. The plant looks fine, but what gives? How often should a corn plant of this size be watered?
posted by zembla3 on Mar 9, 2007 - 5 answers

How to soothe a resentful orchid?

Help! My orchid is cranky and I don't know how to help it be happy. [more inside]
posted by janell on Feb 23, 2007 - 6 answers

Help me find a fancy office plant

I'd like a showy plant for my desk at work. Something that really turns heads, and is like no other plant in the office. [more inside]
posted by antimony on Aug 7, 2006 - 29 answers

I need the hookup on some green

Recommend some houseplants to me. [more inside]
posted by dead_ on Aug 2, 2006 - 20 answers

I'm a yellowthumb today.

Plantfilter: What is this fan-like plant and how can I keep it from not turning yellow? [more inside]
posted by Big Fat Tycoon on May 4, 2006 - 12 answers

What kind of houseplant (or tree!) is this?

What kind of plant is this (or this or this.) It's a seven foot tall indoor houseplant that blooms these very sappy and strong smelling flowers every winter. It's sort of a palm-tree - but I have no idea. [more inside]
posted by itchi23 on Feb 23, 2006 - 8 answers

Tall Houseplant Recommendations

recommendations, please, for tall houseplants that need little watering (we're sometimes away for a week or two), like the warmth (summer is warm, winter has central heating), and don't mind the shade (in summer there are blinds outside to keep the temperature down)? someone just recommended ficus alli to us, yet they are described on that page as "sun loving" - what's right? also, once bought, do we need to repot them into something larger? if so, what soil do we need? anything else plant-clueless people should know? thanks! [more inside]
posted by andrew cooke on Dec 8, 2004 - 11 answers

Healthy Plants

Plantfilter. And I mean that literally. I seek recommendations for my next potted plant, and I want one which can filter the air. More inside. [more inside]
posted by brownpau on Jul 11, 2004 - 8 answers

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