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Unable To Blow

I'm trying to blow out the sprinklers on new sprinkler setup and can't figure out what part I need to connect up to my compressor. Here is a photo. [more inside]
posted by shew on Nov 6, 2016 - 3 answers

Water Alarm System For Crawlspace

I'm looking for a water detection system with a wireless alarm. [more inside]
posted by shew on Dec 25, 2012 - 3 answers

Please Pound Sand

Insurance Company demands (out of the blue) that I remove an 60 year old tree on my property. I'm inclined to refuse. I'm looking for advice. [more inside]
posted by shew on Nov 8, 2010 - 15 answers

Rain ruined my patio!

DIY-Disaster Filter: I sealed my new (expensive) concrete patio with water based sealant. Followed the directions by cleaning it the day prior and waiting 24 hours for it to dry completely. Just as I was finishing my first coat it started to rain unexpectedly. Help me fix it! [more inside]
posted by shew on Oct 7, 2009 - 5 answers

Future Comcast Customer Looking For A Deal

Looking for the best deal on Comcast! I'm moving into a new house in the Denver Metro area tomorrow and I'm looking to get Comcast service. I need television service and high speed internet. I'm willing to commit to up to a year of service. Where can I get the best deal/discounts/perks for signing up as a new customer? [more inside]
posted by shew on Nov 26, 2008 - 6 answers

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