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Technology Collusion?

I've been told the computer hardware industry is based on holding back the release of existing technologies so that people upgrade in small increments. Is this true? If so, wouldn't the first company to break the rule get a chance to dominate the market? Is there some kind of backroom deal going on?
posted by Pretty_Generic on Oct 11, 2004 - 9 answers

Doorbell Placement

2 family home, shared my myself and a friend of mine. I am in the second floor unit, he is in the first floor unit. Wireless Doorbells are put on one on top of the other, since that is where there is space. Should the second floor doorbell be on top because it is the top floor, or should the first floor doorbell be on top because it would be considered the first unit of the building?
posted by benjh on Oct 8, 2004 - 7 answers

Hanging Pots from Ductwork

We want to hang our pots and pans from the HVAC ductwork on our kitchen. We're thinking strong magnetic hooks. [mi] [more inside]
posted by MrMoonPie on Sep 28, 2004 - 4 answers

What kind of DVD burner should I get?

Copying DVDs. A friend of mine was recently burgled and lost his rather pricey DVD collection. I now fear for my own. At present, I do not have a DVD burner of any type. What are best? Computer kinds or TV kinds (ie, those double dvd decks I sometimes see on eBay)? Is there a reason to avoid either? I would for the most part just be copying DVDs and really not backing computer shit up. However, I'd like to copy the entire DVD (menus, extras, etc.). Thanks! [more inside]
posted by dobbs on Sep 21, 2004 - 22 answers

Hard drive woes

I have two hard drives: one with windows/software and another with all of my stuff (mp3s, photos, documents, etc). I was listening to music when it suddenly stopped in the middle of a song. The computer was frozen. I rebooted and my second hard drive with all my stuff isn't recognized in windows. No error messages, the drive just doesn't show up. Reinstalled windows. Still nothing. The hard drive is recognized fine by the BIOS. I was running XP, now I'm running 2000. I haven't cried yet becuase I'm not convinced that all of my data is gone forever. What can I do?
posted by TurkishGolds on Sep 15, 2004 - 6 answers

Wireless headset for my landline work phone?

I have a Bluetooth headset I use with my mobile phone. But what I would love is to have a wireless headset like it for my land-line work phone. Are there solutions out there, because our vendors don't seem to have them.
posted by benjh on Sep 10, 2004 - 3 answers

Software patch that allows you to trick video card into thinking it's a higher end?

I have and Nvidia GeForce2 MX/Mx 400 64Mb video card and work a lot in AutoCAD and 3DSMax 6 in 3d.
I understand there is a software patch that allows you to trick the card into thinking it's a higher end card (Optima, I believe) and taking advantage of the 3ds-specific drivers made by Nvidia, without cracking the case, soldering anything, etc.
Does anybody have any experience doing this kind of thing? I am using XP Pro, 0.5 Gb, 1.5 Ghz.
posted by signal on Sep 8, 2004 - 3 answers

How does IBM's warranty program compare with Applecare?

I'm thinking about buying a Thinkpad (work related) and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with IBM's "depot repair" warranty option. Worth the extra money, or not so much? Also, does anyone know if you can purchase an extended warranty after you've purchased the laptop and used it for a while? Or, put more succinctly; "How does IBM's warranty program compare with Applecare?"
posted by alan on Sep 5, 2004 - 5 answers

Hardware (PC) question.

My slave (drive) won't work. [More inside] [more inside]
posted by i_cola on Sep 3, 2004 - 8 answers

MP3 Player for Ibook

I'm looking for a 256mb flash mp3 player for my Ibook, for about $100. I'm happy to take recommendations, but what would be even cooler is if someone has the link to an online database that lets you search for units that will mount as a hard drive on OS X without having to use someone's proprietary, usually crappy, software. [more inside]
posted by mecran01 on Sep 2, 2004 - 5 answers

Need a new mouse

I need a new mouse. My MS Intellimouse Explorer has served me well, with its 4 buttons, scroll wheel, and optical tracking, but is dying a slow (and annoying) death due to its cable connection coming loose somewhere. What's your mouse of choice? [MI] for some more specific requirements... [more inside]
posted by mkultra on Aug 31, 2004 - 18 answers

Seeking faucet handles labeled in French

I have been unable to locate a source for French-labeled faucet handles - ones labeled "chaud" and "froid" instead of "hot and "cold". My wife has plans to redecorate one of our bathrooms with a Parisian theme, and this little detail eludes us. More below. [more inside]
posted by sixdifferentways on Aug 28, 2004 - 11 answers

Having trouble setting up 2 SATA hard drives as a stripe set in WinXP Pro

Having trouble setting up 2 SATA hard drives as a stripe set in WinXP Pro. (more inside) [more inside]
posted by Ynoxas on Aug 23, 2004 - 4 answers

Wireless Networking

WirelessNetworkingFilter: I'd like some advice from you networking gurus (more inside): [more inside]
posted by sixdifferentways on Aug 17, 2004 - 10 answers

Is it hard to switch to a trackball from using a mouse all your computing life?

I hate my mouse. At my new job, the whole desk setup makes it very uncomfortable (tingling along pinky and wrist). I'm debating on trying out a trackball (maybe this one or this one). Is it hard to switch to a trackball from using a mouse all your computing life? Is it worth the effort?
posted by adampsyche on Aug 6, 2004 - 23 answers

What's the best under $100 video card for an older AGP slot?

Best videocard for my buck? I picked up Doom 3 only to find my poor geforce 3 isn't cutting the mustard. Most web reviews are outdated or deal with pricey cards. What's the best card for my dollar? Extra points if its under 100 bucks and works with the older AGP slot.
posted by skallas on Aug 3, 2004 - 14 answers

Rebuilding a new PC from old PC parts

My old PC (Celeron 466, 128 MB RAM) died after many years of loyal service. I inherited a gutted computer case (mother board, power source, a Pentium III processor, nothing else.) Can I cannibalize my old PC for parts to build a new computer? More inside... [more inside]
posted by zaelic on Jul 29, 2004 - 12 answers

Fujitsu Lifebook C-series disassembly manuals

LaptopRepairFilter: I need to remove the bezel on a Fujitsu Lifebook C-series (C-6530) to measure and replace the cold cathode lamps that have failed. I've Googled off and on for a few months now, looking for service or dis-assembly manuals, with no love to be found. (Much more inside) [more inside]
posted by loquacious on Jul 28, 2004 - 3 answers

What do these strange beeping and clicking sounds from my computer mean?

Strange sounds from my computer: a beep, followed by a click, followed by a beep. Not at startup, but while I'm booted into Linux (but not Windows!). [more inside]
posted by mr_roboto on Jul 25, 2004 - 4 answers

Anyone know who makes good blank CDRs nowadays?

VCD headaches. I used to be able to burn VCDs (or super VCDs) that would play on multiple DVD players until recently. Its not the drive as I've tried two different ones. I'm suspecting the media. Anyone know who makes good blank CDRs nowadays? Or if there's a brand that is DVD player friendly? [more inside]
posted by skallas on Jul 19, 2004 - 10 answers

Can anyone recommend a desk for computer/desktop video editing?

I'm in the market for a new computer-slash-desktop video editing desk. Seeing as we're all internet addicts here, and spend tons of time at our workstations, I'm just wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to the "best" desk? (mi) [more inside]
posted by Big Fat Tycoon on Jul 18, 2004 - 2 answers

DIY Planters

I want to add some plants to my deck and I'm looking for planters, or rather looking for industrial materials which might make good planters that can be bought for cheap. I spent hours on my Tandy looking through Google and Froogle, but can't seen to find anything appropriate. What I'm dreaming about would be any sort of tub or industrial looking trough or whatever which could be adapted to hold various plants. Metal and wood are the desired materials. If anyone has advice about where to go, how to look, or on specific materials that might make good planters, please post!
posted by chaz on Jul 14, 2004 - 9 answers

How long can my computer safely run with a dead fan?

My computer's fan just gave out completely. Is every second it stays on eminent danger or do I have a few hours?
posted by Tlogmer on Jun 27, 2004 - 9 answers

Would an additional hard drive improve performance on my machine?

Would installing a new (smallish) hard drive in my machine and dedicating it solely to the Windows swap file (i.e., instead of having it on C:) improve performance?
posted by oissubke on Jun 26, 2004 - 13 answers

Computer speakers and hard drive are suddenly acting flaky.

Early this morning I was woken up to my computer speakers making a very loud, awful static noise. I got out of bed, shut them off, turned on the monitor, found that my computer was restarting itself, and went back to bed. This afternoon when I got home from work I turned the speakers back on and they were still making the static noise AND I discovered that my second hard drive was no longer being recognized. So I restarted the computer and now everything is fine -- what's going on here? (Windows XP Home) [more inside]
posted by TurkishGolds on Jun 21, 2004 - 1 answer

Any Use for a Hollywood Plus DVD-Player Card Using EM8300 MPEG2 Decoder?

I have a Hollywood Plus DVD-player card, PCI. It uses the EM8300 Mpeg 2 decoder. Are there any hacks or mods for this card to do cool things, or should I throw it away? [more inside]
posted by Keyser Soze on Jun 4, 2004 - 3 answers

Computer RAM irregularities

Installed RAM, what XP sees vs. what CMOS sees. (MI) [more inside]
posted by spartacusroosevelt on May 26, 2004 - 6 answers

What can you do when your hard drive dies and computers can not detect it?

A few days ago, my computer froze up (no big deal), but when I rebooted, my hard drive couldn't be detected. The drive died with absolutely no warning. I tried various methods to get the OS to find it, with no luck. Two technicians have since looked at the drive and conluded it's a physical problem and that it's toast.

Who's had the same experience and what did you do?
posted by davebush on May 25, 2004 - 7 answers

Is there a tough electric line trimmer?

Line trimmers. I'd like to go with an electric line trimmer, but they don't seem to have the same amount of torque as the gas variety. Does anyone have experience with a very robust, torquey electric line trimmer? It has to be able to cut through blackberry bushes, for example of growth it needs to whack down.
posted by grefo on May 25, 2004 - 3 answers

Dead Apple Pixels

How many pixels need to be broken for Apple to replace one of their laptop screens? (more inside)
posted by garethspor on May 22, 2004 - 13 answers

Has anyone had any experiences with the guys at sysbuilder.com?

Has anyone had any experiences with these guys or other such shops?
posted by kenko on May 12, 2004 - 5 answers

Is generic vs. brand name a big deal when dealing with RAM?

This is an extremely subjective question...In an earlier thread I mentioned that I couldn't find memory below $150, but several members here found it for much less. However, much of the cheaper RAM is generic. Does it matter? Is generic vs. brand name a big deal when dealing with RAM?
posted by BlueTrain on May 12, 2004 - 15 answers

Netscreen FR114P Firewall

I need some help with a Netscreen FR114P Firewall. The problem I'm having is that I can't get it to work with fixed IP's. More inside... [more inside]
posted by trbrts on May 7, 2004 - 0 answers

Laptop Shopping

I'd like to purchase a laptop for my work, but I know jack crap about hardware, and I don't know where to start looking. Anyone have recommendations on where to go about getting a robust laptop for a fair price? (Specifically, a Windows machine with lots of speed and memory for graphic design and software development -- size/appearance aren't much of a concern.)
posted by oissubke on May 1, 2004 - 4 answers

Bad Keyboard

Th 'e' ky on my laptop is misbehaving a lot. I took it off, but there is just a rubberisd nobble undr there. What should I do? Can i fix th thing by taking th laptop apart? shall I just typ funny? Hlp?
posted by twine42 on Apr 29, 2004 - 8 answers

hardware/software to transfer VHS to DVD

I need suggestions on a good hardware/software combo that will allow me to transfer some stuff from VHS to DVD (along with any other advice). [more inside]
posted by RavinDave on Apr 28, 2004 - 6 answers

Looking for a product that will allow small network equipment to be mounted in a standard 19" rack

Does anybody know if a product exists that will allow small network equipment to be mounted in a standard 19" rack? [:--more inside--:] [more inside]
posted by littlegreenlights on Apr 22, 2004 - 4 answers

Hard Drive Failure

Yet Another Hard Drive Failure: My laptop started hanging periodically, and eventually stopped booting. Suspecting a hard drive failure, I swapped drives, and sure enough, it works fine now. Except, of course, for the old hard drive. I've put that in a USB enclosure and I've been able to recover some of the data in fits and starts. However, it continues to lock sporadically while the data is being read, and XP will occasionally drop the drive, no longer showing it in explorer. Is there a better way to recover my data, given the inability to stay connected to it via USB? [more inside]
posted by monju_bosatsu on Apr 20, 2004 - 8 answers

Help with buying a laptop

Can you help me spend an absolute max. of £1500 (UKP) on a laptop PC? Using some quite hefty/nasty engineering apps so it needs some grunt to it; wirless technology would be nice, but is not essential; and something that looks the part would be ace too! [more inside]
posted by nthdegx on Apr 15, 2004 - 9 answers

Do I need a new hard drive?

Continuing with my stupid computer.... I bought a new Gateway since they're closing their stores. I then put the old hard drive in the new computer. Then the computer wouldn't start. Is this a function of a bad hard drive? It didn't fit in the drive bay, so did I ground it out (I sat it to rest on the case.. is that a bad thing?)? When I took the old hard drive out of the computer, it booted up fine, which leads me to think that it's the hard drive that's causing both systems to lock up. Do I just need a new hard drive for my old computer? Thoughts?
posted by ajpresto on Apr 9, 2004 - 6 answers

HP Backlight

I recently acquired a laptop, an HP Pavilion n5340, and the backlight doesn't like to come on until after the laptop's been on a few minutes. After that, it stays on. I've checked around, and google tells me that the LCD inverter most likely to blame, but I want to know if anyone has personal experience with this. Has anyone else run into this problem (and fixed it) ?
posted by angry modem on Apr 6, 2004 - 6 answers

Compaq Presario 1800T laptop (PIII, 650Mhz, 10GB HDD, w2K, 390MB RAM) with what appears to be a hardware problem.

I've got a Compaq Presario 1800T laptop (PIII, 650Mhz, 10GB HDD, w2K, 390MB RAM) with what appears to be a hardware problem. More inside... [more inside]
posted by gnz2001 on Apr 5, 2004 - 6 answers

Dealing with limited IP addresses

My ISP (cable) provides me with two IP addresses, but I now have three computers. What's the best way to set this up? (More-->) [more inside]
posted by timeistight on Apr 3, 2004 - 4 answers

Where to find mouse and keyboard for Mac Plus

I picked up an abandoned Mac Plus on the sidewalk yesterday, for sentimental reasons. It boots, expecting a floppy. I haven't tried booting it fully yet, but it should work. The screen is wonky, but fixable.

Anyhow, I need to locate a mouse and keyboard, since it lacks them - and it predates ADB (which I do have). Is there an easy (and cheap) source for this, or should I just prowl computer "junk" stores and thrift stores?
posted by O9scar on Mar 30, 2004 - 11 answers

Suggestions for a workgroup color printer for under $400?

Suggestions for a workgroup color printer for under $400? It needs to connect to a network via ethernet.
posted by Macboy on Mar 26, 2004 - 4 answers

Is it possible to build a new laptop into an existing case?

Is it possible to build a new laptop into an existing case? {More Inside} [more inside]
posted by Grod on Mar 18, 2004 - 6 answers

Treehouse Help

I need help with a treehouse! (more inside) [more inside]
posted by bradth27 on Mar 16, 2004 - 16 answers

What to do with a cd network tower?

I've got a 14 cd network tower. I cannot figure out why I would use it instead of a big ol' hard drive. Anyone have any idea what I could use it for? [more inside]
posted by dogwelder on Mar 16, 2004 - 6 answers

Potential hard drive failure: What do I do?

Potential hard drive failure: What do I do? [more inside} [more inside]
posted by stoneegg21 on Mar 3, 2004 - 5 answers

PC power supply effect on memory report

PC hardware problem: I recently had my power supply replaced and now the computer now only reads half the RAM it actually has plugged into it... [more inside]
posted by picea on Mar 1, 2004 - 4 answers

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