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What guitar tab software can output in good-quality PDF or postscript?

Guitar Tablature Software: I'm looking for pro stuff I could actually use to publish with. I'm thinking PostScript or PDF output is therefore a must. It's gotta do the rhythm-notated tab. Is this pretty much Sibelius vs Finale, or are there other options?
posted by weston on Oct 22, 2004 - 2 answers

Why does my wrist get tired from barre chords?

I've played the regularly guitar for eight years now and find that bar chords tire my hand/wrist/forearm *very* quickly. If the ratio between them and other chords is more than 50%, I just can't get through a whole song. This isn't terribly limiting overall, but it does make certain styles inaccessible. So I need some help. [more inside] [more inside]
posted by weston on Dec 27, 2003 - 17 answers

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