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My Starbucks barista is totally rad. How can I thank her?

On weekend mornings, I head over to my local Starbucks for a grande green tea latte (sweetened) and a blueberry scone (warmed). The head barista there always remembers me and my order. (In fact, today my order was already ready when I arrived!) These little acts of kindness really put a smile on my face and I'd like to show my appreciation. What do you suggest? [more inside]
posted by schroedingersgirl on Apr 30, 2016 - 22 answers

How can I practice gratitude while recognizing and fighting injustice?

I'm trying to practice gratitude, release old grudges and generally be a happier person. However, I find that a lot of the advice like 'don't compare yourself to others,' 'count your blessings,' 'assume that others have good intentions,' ... doesn't address the fact that some people DON'T have good intentions, workplaces are often sexist and racist, and privilege means some people automatically have an easier time of it. How can I be content with what I have while still working for a better world? [more inside]
posted by rogerrogerwhatsyourrvectorvicto on May 1, 2014 - 35 answers

Where does the "gratitude" symbol come from?

Does anyone know where the gratitude symbol resembling a lower case "g" comes from? [more inside]
posted by dubhemerak3000 on Oct 5, 2013 - 6 answers

How do I thank my lawyer?

My (dramatic) divorce will be finalized in 3 weeks. How do I acknowledge how awesome my lawyer is? [more inside]
posted by spunweb on Sep 23, 2013 - 14 answers

Where can I find this old pamphlet?

I am looking for a copy of a 1938 pamphlet called "Gratitude" written by Dr. Harry L. James of Chicago. There was a copy on Ebay, but it's sold now. Any chance I could find another copy (or PDF) of this thing? [more inside]
posted by mattbucher on Jan 7, 2013 - 4 answers

Help me repay a parking garage manager

Is there anything I can get for a security guard who did me a favor when I messed up and might have lost my job due to negligence? [more inside]
posted by kellybird on Dec 12, 2012 - 27 answers

How to best thank a generous pilot?

Apart from a well-considered thank you note what might be an appropriate way to thank a pilot who is flying myself and another patient to a hospital for treatment? He's serving as part of a charity and I plan to write him there as well as thank the charity for organizing it. Weight is an issue, so a nice jar filled with goodies is out. I'd love to find/do something that would personal and memorable.
posted by Mertonian on Nov 5, 2012 - 6 answers

warm thank-you present for a friend who hates winter

Thank-you present for a friend who's always miserably cold in a state that's already been clobbered by winter? [more inside]
posted by pittsburgher on Dec 4, 2010 - 41 answers

Good Samaritan

How do I repay a good Samaritan for her help? [more inside]
posted by Groovytimes on Apr 29, 2010 - 19 answers

Somehow, I don't think a Post-It note on the fridge will do...

What can I do to thank my parents for their unbelievable support? [more inside]
posted by gursky on Sep 2, 2009 - 24 answers

Graceful Gratitude?

How can I show gratitude in a socially appropriate way? [more inside]
posted by smilingtiger on Jul 29, 2009 - 14 answers

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