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Help me find more songs like Soul Searchers' "Ashley's Roachclip"

Help me find more songs like Soul Searchers' "Ashley's Roachclip" [more inside]
posted by Senor Cardgage on Sep 21, 2013 - 7 answers

What's a secure place to park near a hotel in Louisville?

What's a secure place to park in Louisville, KY at or within walking distance to a hotel? [more inside]
posted by crypticgeek on Jul 5, 2010 - 6 answers

Broom, broom, Eeeeeeee!

Can you recommend me a GTA or Gran Tourismo-esque game... for the PC? [more inside]
posted by twine42 on Mar 25, 2010 - 17 answers

X-Box + GTA = ?

Which X-Box should I get? [more inside]
posted by Vindaloo on Apr 29, 2008 - 22 answers

Welshman in GTA3?

Can someone confirm that there's a pedestrian in the game "Grand Theft Auto 3" with a welsh accent who says something to the effect of "Hey! Where are you going?" (emphasis on the "you".) An acquaintance is accusing me of fabricating the story and I don't have a copy of the game handy. I'm know I heard it on the middle island.
posted by Mayor Curley on Feb 1, 2007 - 2 answers

Fun driving games involving mayhem

Is there another video game that captures the fun of driving around in Grand Theft Auto, crashing into things and running from the police? I have a ps2 and a PC. [more inside]
posted by agropyron on Apr 10, 2006 - 28 answers

Is there a way to get to Staunton Island in GTAIII without doing the missions?

I've looked at the cheats and tried unsuccessfully, so I pose this to the ever-talented video gamers of Metafilter: Is there a way to get to Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale from Portland in Grand Theft Auto III without finishing up all the missions? Have you actually done this yourself? I've seen the subway and bridge jumping tips but haven't had any luck. I'm using a PS2 if it helps.
posted by tozturk on Mar 28, 2006 - 8 answers

Help me get past flight school in GTA:SA for PS2.

Is there a way to cheat past a specific mission in GTA:SA? Lacking that, would someone be willing to take a copy of my GTA:SA game save and complete the Flight School mission for me? [more inside]
posted by chazlarson on Dec 28, 2005 - 22 answers

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie on Aug 1, 2005 - 9 answers

Why do RC delivery people have submachine guns?

GTA San Andreas question: I'm on the mission with Zero where you have to use the little RC plane to destroy Berkley's five couriers. I can't pass it. I've read the strategy guides and there aren't shortcuts, although in most guides it's rated the hardest in the game. I'm stuck. Anybody who's played it before got any brilliant ideas?
posted by saysthis on Jul 16, 2005 - 15 answers

Grand Theft Auto siteseeing

I'm looking for some siteseeing guides for San Andreas. What's to see in Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas? What makes for a nice country drive? [more inside]
posted by Nelson on Jun 13, 2005 - 6 answers

Where can I download a legal version of GTA 2?

Where can I download a kosher version of GTA 2? [More inside...] [more inside]
posted by ralawrence on Jan 6, 2005 - 5 answers

Questions about gameplay in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, every time I attempt a home invasion there's someone sitting in the living room. Is there a way to ensure that people will be upstairs more often?

And if I'm quicker with a baseball bat, can I prevent the majority of the population that sleeps sitting upright in the living room from calling the cops?
posted by Mayor Curley on Oct 31, 2004 - 18 answers

I Need a server carrying the original "Grand Theft Auto"

Anyone know of a server carrying the original Grand Theft Auto and supporting "download resuming"? That last thing doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to the publisher's servers; my download manager always starts from the beginning. Thanks!
posted by kchristidis on Sep 4, 2004 - 10 answers

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