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Which Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Express Set is better?

My girlfriend is a big Lego fan and a big Harry Potter fan. (Sadly, yet thankfully, she's not yet a big Ask.metafilter fan.) I'm going to get her the Hogwarts Express Lego set for her birthday. The question: 4708 or 4758? Essentially, Lego put out two versions of this for two different movies. They both roughly go for the same amount on eBay, and have roughly the same number of pieces. Any insight into which one would be more fun? (She enjoys the build taking awhile and having lots of little things that do stuff afterwards. I think less important is which characters come with the set.) [more inside]
posted by davebug on Feb 4, 2009 - 6 answers

DJ Gifts?

Looking for 3-5 $5-15 gifts for a DJ girl. Optional difficulty: I'm in Amarillo and ideally could get stuff here. [more inside]
posted by davebug on Dec 24, 2006 - 16 answers

Ideas for a last-minute birthday present for my brother who lives 1000 miles away?

It's my brother's birthday, I haven't gotten anything, and he lives 1000 miles away. Any ideas?
posted by davebug on Sep 30, 2004 - 8 answers

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