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Which researcher was shocked by gay rams?

I recall reading an article about a researcher of big horn sheep who was shocked by homosexual behavior. Can you link me to this article? [more inside]
posted by jefficator on Aug 4, 2015 - 3 answers

Gay research paper, ego syntonic/ego dystonic, avowal/disavowal

Trying to track down a research paper involving homosexuality and identity. Or something. [more inside]
posted by zeek321 on Nov 28, 2014 - 4 answers

Should people work to end sister city relationships with Russia?

What is the value in pushing non-Russian cities to drop their sister/twin relationships with Russian cities to protest the anti-gay laws and attitudes in Russia? This article from Radio Free Europe offers a summery of the issue, "Sister Cities Ramp Up Russia Boycott Over Antigay Law". [more inside]
posted by andoatnp on Jul 25, 2013 - 14 answers

Did gnostics tolerate or celebrate homosexuality?

I have heard rumor that the early Christian gnostics may have tolerated or even celebrated homosexuality. Does that seem probably to you? Is there any evidence for this in ancient sources? Does gay sex seem compatible with their thinking generally? Are there any books or articles on this topic?
posted by mortaddams on Jul 1, 2013 - 8 answers

How to stop my colleague undermining me at work?

At work, my slightly-more-experienced colleague makes a habit of saying subtle and/or ambigious cricitisms, disguised as innocent remarks. I spoke to management about it recently but they couldn't see the problem. How should I deal with a work colleague who tries to undermine me and make me look bad, but who is subtle enough not to get caught? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 19, 2012 - 27 answers

What Was Homosexuality Like Back Then?

What was the gay lifestyle like in past times (say, pre 1970s)? How was being gay perceived? [more inside]
posted by amicamentis on Jun 19, 2012 - 46 answers

Pro-gay Bible Exegesis

Looking for recommendations for websites and books that explain gay theology. More specifically, pro-gay arguments explaining tough Bible passages that have respected scholarship. I'm tending to see all the usual conservative stuff instead.
posted by snap_dragon on Jan 9, 2012 - 13 answers

Exotic => Erotic

Soc-Psych-filter! Do people become gay or lesbian because they grow up feeling that stereotypically straight-acting kids are "exotic" -- as per the "Exotic Becomes Erotic" theory? [more inside]
posted by dontjumplarry on Apr 21, 2011 - 27 answers

How do I come out of the closet...a little?

Sticking a toe out of the closet: help me come out with the least amount of trauma. Who should I confide in first? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 17, 2011 - 27 answers

Gender nonconformity and sexuality

How strong is the correlation between non gender conformity and homosexuality? [more inside]
posted by antgly on Dec 1, 2010 - 32 answers

Tell me more about my gay genes!

So I'm gay. Turns out a lot of folks in my extended family are as well. What are the odds? Has anyone studied extended family charting specifically? [more inside]
posted by Tchad on Aug 30, 2010 - 11 answers

Gay research

Is there a good and current anthology of research focused on homosexuality in book form? [more inside]
posted by daninnj on Jul 5, 2010 - 1 answer

Is He Just Not That Into Me?

Is he just not that into me or what? [more inside]
posted by cscott on Sep 16, 2009 - 13 answers

Notable Gay Women in the LGBT Rights Movement?

Where are the lesbians in the history of the Gay Rights Movement? [more inside]
posted by crossoverman on Feb 1, 2009 - 20 answers

teaching tolerance to a troubled teen!

How can someone help a teenage boy who has been showing some hateful, homophobic behavior recently? [more inside]
posted by logic vs love on Oct 23, 2008 - 30 answers

How can I fulfill my fantasy?

I'm a female with this recurring fantasy about two men (my biggest fantasy since I was 15). How do I go about fulfilling it? Wait, there's a catch or two. [NSFW] [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 8, 2008 - 13 answers

How do you take homoeroticism to the next level?

How do you turn your homoerotic relationship with your best friend into a full-fledged homosexual affair? [more inside]
posted by captain nemo the dream squire on Feb 27, 2008 - 32 answers

How to deal with a messy breakup

What do I take away from a messy breakup? [more inside]
posted by cscott on Feb 18, 2008 - 9 answers

I'm gay -- but do I only like straight guys?

I'm gay, and I'm afraid that I only like straight guys. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 8, 2007 - 24 answers

Is it time to come out?

Next week apparently marks National Coming Out Week. Is now the time I've looked forward to for so long? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Oct 7, 2007 - 36 answers

Trouble on a "First Date"

Was it a first date? Can I expect a second date? [more inside]
posted by cscott on Aug 4, 2007 - 16 answers

Gay BF in NYC

What's the best way to find a boyfriend (gay) / Cuddle buddy in New York?
posted by seeminglee on Jul 28, 2007 - 9 answers


Why are gay people so flamboyant? [more inside]
posted by Mach3avelli on Jun 25, 2007 - 97 answers

Gay twin studies?

Patty's coming out on tonight's episode of The Simpsons made me wonder how often it happens that one sibling in a pair of identical twins is gay and the other straight. Does anyone know of any twin studies about homosexuality?
posted by painquale on Feb 20, 2005 - 21 answers

Percentage of blind since birth persons who are homosexual?

Interested in percentage of blind since birth persons who are homosexual. [mi] [more inside]
posted by billysumday on Feb 16, 2005 - 7 answers

The science of being gay

Are there any reliable resources/studies that address the issue of being gay? (MI) [more inside]
posted by repoman on Dec 7, 2004 - 7 answers

Books with gay protagonists?

ProposedAlabamaBookBanFilter -- As mentioned in the Blue, there is a piece of legislation proposed by Alabama State Representative, Gerald Allen, that seeks to ban "novels with gay protagonists and college textbooks that suggest homosexuality is natural" from publically-funded schools and libraries. If Mr. Allen's bill survives committee and passes, I cringe to consider just which literary classics would disappear from the shelves of Alabama libraries. Which, if any, of your favorites will become suddenly verboten?
posted by grabbingsand on Dec 2, 2004 - 34 answers

Drafting a will for a gay couple in the UK (pre Civil Partnerships)

I'm in a long-term, gay relationship and looking to put together a will that puts me and my partner’s mind at ease before Civil Partnerships come into affect in the UK. The problem is, how does one go about putting together a will? What are people's experiences? Should I go to a lawyer specialising in gay relationships? And, if so, can anyone recommend a good one in the UK, London area?
posted by axon on Nov 29, 2004 - 1 answer

Debunking anti-gay rhetoric

I'm looking for a link to a specific website that debunks anti-gay arguments. [mi] [more inside]
posted by punishinglemur on Nov 9, 2004 - 7 answers

Is Matt Drudge Gay?

Is Matt Drudge gay?
posted by the fire you left me on Sep 13, 2004 - 17 answers

Was Top Gun homoerotic?

You're right, I am dangerous. Did Top Gun seem as ridiculously homoerotic when it came out in the 80s as it does now?
posted by Stan Chin on Aug 28, 2004 - 29 answers

Top or Bottom?

A question for any male gay mefi members -- or those in the know. It's my understanding that a good percentage of gay men are either exclusively "tops" or "bottoms". My question is this: how can you tell? Are the stereotypical gay mannerisms in fact just a subtle form of communicating this preference? Do you come straight out and ask? Or do you wait until the moment is upon you and hope for the best? [more inside]
posted by Civil_Disobedient on May 9, 2004 - 30 answers

Gay Rights and Religious Minorities

Why do so many leaders and members of non-gay minorities seem to refuse, if not outright stubbornly unwilling, to admit common ground between their own struggles to attain basic rights and what gay people have been and are going through? I've never been able to get an answer that, to my own ears, sounds anything but irrational, but I acknowledge my being a white male can obfuscate my point and overrule any other experience I might be able to relate as a gay person when trying to find common ground. But I don't think that's very fair, and am looking for ways to better argue that idea. Suggestions, please?
posted by WolfDaddy on Feb 18, 2004 - 20 answers

Why do lesbians have their own word?

Why are gay women lesbians, while gay men are just gay? [more inside]
posted by o2b on Dec 16, 2003 - 12 answers

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