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Storing gasoline

I have a house. It has a walk-in basement, it does not have a garage. I have ~3 gallons of gasoline in appropriate containers. I think it's probably unwise to put this in my basement (with a water heater, electrical stuff, etc. not to mention the whole being effectively inside my house thing). Is storing it outside in a storage tote a good solution? Why or why not? [more inside]
posted by so fucking future on Jun 23, 2016 - 8 answers

Explain to me the gas prices.

In December, gasoline was 50 cents cheaper per gallon in the Kansas City, Missouri area than where I live in North Carolina. Today, the prices are the same. Why? [more inside]
posted by something something on Aug 12, 2015 - 9 answers

How much fossil fuel do I use to walk a mile?

It takes 10 kilocalories of fossil-fuel to make 1kcal of food. You use 80kcal to walk a mile. There are 31520kcal per gallon of gasoline. 80kcal * 10 = 800kcal of fossil-fuel per walking-miles. 31520kcal/800kcal=39.4 walking-miles/gallon of gas? What am I missing? Can I trust the 10:1 fossil:food ratio?
posted by gregr on Jun 12, 2015 - 14 answers

What could make a gas range reek of gasoline?

Asking for a friend: Two times in the past six months, my oven/stove and a spot near my refrigerator (several feet away) have smelled *very strongly* of some petrochemical, like benzene or kerosene or gasoline or something sweet and fuelly like that (i.e., not natural gas, not propane). There is a similar, faint, lingering odor in the oven. What could be causing this? Some kind of propellant in the gas lines? Illicit neighbor activity? If it helps, I'm on the 4th floor of a 6-floor building in NYC.
posted by unknowncommand on Feb 24, 2015 - 8 answers

How Can I Profit from Falling Oil Prices?

Oil has fallen by more than 50% since July 2014. How can I benefit from that fall, either by: 1. Gas banking - Is there a way I can buy gas at the current low rate and use it later after prices have risen? 2. Buying stock - Either a sector fund through an investment firm like Smith Barney, or buying pieces of stocks individually like through Ameritrade or Sharebuilder? 3. Or some other way? Or should I just buy the cheap gas and enjoy the reduction as long as it lasts?
posted by CollectiveMind on Jan 12, 2015 - 18 answers

How can I get the gasoline smell out of a car?

I spilled some gasoline in a rental car. How can I clean it and get rid of the smell before I return it in a few days? [more inside]
posted by bradbane on Sep 11, 2014 - 5 answers

What would be involved in converting an old SUV into an electric vehicle

This is just a thought experiment at this point, and probably will remain so. In the back of my mind I have the idea that when my old SUV finally gives up the ghost I might rip out the internal combustion drivetrain and convert it to an electric vehicle, possibly with a removable range-extender generator. Setting practicality aside for the moment, can you help me envision what this would involve? [more inside]
posted by Scientist on Jan 2, 2014 - 11 answers

How might I squeeze a little extra mpg out of my old truck?

I've become mildly obsessed with trying to improve the fuel efficiency of my old truck. I've already done all the basic things and I realize that I'm fighting physics at this point, but what else might I consider if I wanted to make a bit of a hobby out of it? [more inside]
posted by Scientist on Nov 19, 2013 - 28 answers

How to neutralize gasoline

How do I best get rid of some gasoline that got into where I really don't want it? [more inside]
posted by Citrus on Dec 11, 2012 - 11 answers

Is NJ gas better than Massachusetts gas?

New Jersey gasoline is more efficient than Massachusetts gasoline? I seem to get much better gas mileage with both my cars when they are filled up in NJ. What gives? [more inside]
posted by Rafaelloello on Jul 26, 2012 - 23 answers

Homemade napalm?

Any uses for old gasoline (petrol)? [more inside]
posted by werkzeuger on Jun 10, 2012 - 11 answers

How to clean/desmell gasoline from a down jacket

I have a down jacket that appears to have something like petrol/gasoline on it (but I don't know where it came from) The instructions say 'no dry clean'. How can I get the smell out OR wash and dry the jacket. [more inside]
posted by Not Supplied on Oct 29, 2011 - 16 answers

I hope she's not gonna burn it down for the insurance money.

Neighbor's car smell like it has a gasoline leak. What to do? [more inside]
posted by brevator on Aug 16, 2011 - 19 answers

Why does my car smell like gas?

Why does my Subaru Forester smell like gasoline, and how can I make it not smell like gasoline? [more inside]
posted by escabeche on May 20, 2011 - 9 answers

Am I poisoning myself when I drive?

I smell gasoline very strongly in my car. The smell began suddenly when the weather got colder than usual. Should I be concerned? [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis on Jan 1, 2011 - 15 answers

Should I pay extra for Shell gasoline?

How much to gasoline detergents matter? [more inside]
posted by Roman Graves on Jul 28, 2010 - 13 answers

Can I tell if oil has already been added to gasoline?

Is there a way to tell if I have already added the oil into the gas can for my two-stroke trimmer? [more inside]
posted by BleachBypass on May 31, 2010 - 11 answers

Did I just pay premium for mid-grade gasoline?

Did I just pay for Premium Gasoline when I was really pumping Mid-Grade? While I was fueling up the car I noticed 2 of the 3 nozzles were switched from their correct position; what did I pay for? [more inside]
posted by MrBCID on Apr 7, 2010 - 5 answers

Preparing for the storm of the century

Snowing like crazy in Virginia and I just filled our emergency generator so it is ready in case we lose power. I overfilled it and the overflow of gas went through the paper air filter and soaked it. I washed the filter out and it is drying, but if I need to run the generator if power goes out can I run it a) without the air filter and foam thing installed or b) while the filter is still stinking of gas?
posted by 543DoublePlay on Feb 5, 2010 - 11 answers

Nobody light a match!

Why do I smell gasoline when I'm in my car? [more inside]
posted by The Winsome Parker Lewis on Nov 16, 2009 - 17 answers

Mythbust supermarket petrol for me, please.

Is supermarket petrol bad for my car? [more inside]
posted by Lorc on Aug 30, 2009 - 14 answers

Not that I'm complaining, but how did gas get so cheap?

Not that I'm complaining, but why have gas prices dropped so dramatically in recent weeks? I understand how they rose so high-- chaos in the Middle East disrupted the oil supply and hurricanes destroyed some processing capability in the US-- but I'm seeing close to $1.80 a gallon now when I thought I'd never see under $3 again. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I feel like I missed something.
posted by Faint of Butt on Nov 25, 2008 - 24 answers

How to fairly split costs on a roadtrip

What's the fairest way to split gasoline and other costs between riders on a roadtrip? [more inside]
posted by biwa-shu on Jun 23, 2008 - 12 answers

What's Involved In an Ethanol Conversion?

What are the differences between vehicles that are ethanol (e85+) compatible and those that are not? [more inside]
posted by IronLizard on May 8, 2008 - 14 answers

Carnac the Magnificent

Can gasoline futures be used to predict the price we will pay for fuel at the local pump? [more inside]
posted by netbros on May 6, 2008 - 8 answers

Which costs more to make, diesel or gasoine?

What is the difference in cost to produce diesel fuel versus gasoline? Does one require more oil than the other? [more inside]
posted by Reverend John on Mar 24, 2008 - 13 answers

Why is my Subaru stuttering after a fillup?

Does anyone have any ideas about why my 2003 Subaru Outback stutters on acceleration for the ten or fifteen minutes after I fill it up with gas? [more inside]
posted by delfuego on Mar 11, 2008 - 9 answers

Will two-stroke fuel ruin my lawnmower?

What would happen if I put gasoline with two-stroke oil in it into my conventional four-stroke lawnmower? [more inside]
posted by M.C. Lo-Carb! on Feb 29, 2008 - 13 answers

Gas Puzzler

OK, I know this is a little silly but it's really beginning to bug me. Is there a way to get the nozzle from a commercial gasoline dispenser out of my car without spilling a few drops of gasoline onto the car or the ground? I have tried shaking the nozzle every which way, i have tried fiddling with the hose, but nothing seems to work. Is spilling a little gas every time I fill up a law of nature, or am I missing something that everyone else knows somehow?
posted by ubiquity on Jan 6, 2008 - 11 answers

cash at the gas station

How does offering discounts for cash payments benefit gas stations? [more inside]
posted by moonlet on Sep 5, 2007 - 17 answers

Chevron with Techron worth it?

Is "brand" gas - like Chevron with Techron - worth the extra 10-15 cents/gallon?
posted by joshuaconner on Jul 12, 2007 - 26 answers

Accellerate/Coast method more fuel efficient than cruise control?

Question about cruise control vs. a special acceleration/coasting technique in terms of fuel efficiency. [more inside]
posted by Quarter Pincher on Jun 14, 2007 - 11 answers

What gasoline brushcutter should I buy?

I need to purchase a heavy duty gasoline brushcutter: I have to clear small trees, multifloral rose bushes, and lots of vines over 25+ acres. I need a 35 to 55 cc engine as some of these vines are 5+ inches wide. Have you used one, and do you have any suggestions as to make and model? I am not looking for a chainsaw.
posted by Runcible Spoon on Apr 26, 2007 - 12 answers

Ride, Sally, ride.

If I were to drive from Columbia, SC, to Montgomery, AL, in the next few weeks, how much money would I need to set aside for gas? [more inside]
posted by Glitter Ninja on Apr 8, 2007 - 9 answers

How to get a gasoline smell out of my sneakers?

How do I get the smell of gasoline out of my shoes? [more inside]
posted by Ryvar on Oct 29, 2006 - 13 answers

Why such drastic gas price differences in states starting with O?

RegionalGasPriceFilter: Around August 8, the price of unleaded regular gasoline in Ohio and Oregon were the same, at about $3.01/gallon. Since then, the price of gas in Oregon has dropped only a nickel ($2.96/gallon), whereas the price of gas in Ohio has dropped a whopping 60 cents a gallon ($2.41/gallon) (figures via gasbuddy.com). Why? [more inside]
posted by saladpants on Sep 6, 2006 - 14 answers

The Last V8?

In the late 70s or early 80s, I watched a movie, probably on network television, which was called something like, "The Last V8" or "The Last of the V8s". Help me find it! [more inside]
posted by tomierna on Aug 12, 2006 - 7 answers

Question about biodiesel

Why is biofuel diesel, instead of standard gasoline? [more inside]
posted by yesno on Jul 7, 2006 - 16 answers

Ethanol's pros and cons

How much does an x% ethanol gasoline blend product reduce mileage? Does the environmental benefit from ethanol blends outweigh the increased consumption of gasoline products? Or is the benefit negligible for the consumer? [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon on Jun 19, 2006 - 12 answers

No ethanol in our gas

Is regular unleaded gasoline made with only petroleum-derived compounds better than gasoline containing ethanol? [more inside]
posted by ackptui on May 13, 2006 - 8 answers

Why do some people find the smell of gasoline pleasant?

Why do some people find the smell of gasoline pleasant?
posted by jeremias on Apr 29, 2006 - 32 answers

Why does Wyoming have the cheapest gas right now?

Why is Wyoming the cheapest US state for gas right now and why does this map of gas prices look strangely similar to the 2004 voting maps? [more inside]
posted by p3t3 on Apr 28, 2006 - 22 answers

Questions about gasoline.

All about gasoline. [more inside]
posted by grateful on Apr 26, 2006 - 26 answers


Ethanol Evil? I've heard having energy and food competing for land will be bad for the environment. I've heard ethanol burns cleaner and will create less CO2 which is good for the environment. Also a side question, how much ethanol is currently in gasoline, and is that a good or bad thing?
posted by parallax7d on Apr 24, 2006 - 9 answers

Gasoline Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of the gasoline/oil mix that is used in 2 stroke engines? I use my chain saw 2-3 times a year and mixing fresh gas/oil mix every time is both wasteful and creates a disposal problem. How often should the gasoline in my emergency generator be changed?
posted by Raybun on Feb 19, 2006 - 5 answers

How do I get gasoline out of my clothes?

How do I get gasoline out of my clothes? [more inside]
posted by luneray on Jan 29, 2006 - 8 answers

Gas and Groceries

Over the past few years, grocery supermarkets on the West Coast of the U.S. have been getting into the business of selling gasoline. Is this happening other places? Does anyone know why this is happening? Why gasoline? Why not fast food drive throughs or some other revenue producer in that section of their parking lot?
posted by Crackerbelly on Dec 15, 2005 - 21 answers

Help me with my gas problem.

GasFilter: How do I learn more about the quality of various gasoline brands? Also, how can I determine who supplies gasoline to a particular retailer? For example, is Speedway gasoline really the same as Sunoco gasoline (since Sunoco purchased them), or do they still use their own gas? How about the gas at my local Sam's club, or Jewel-Osco -- who supplies that gas to them?
posted by Merdryn on Sep 5, 2005 - 11 answers

How many gallons does the average gas station's underground gas tank hold?

How many gallons does the average gas station's underground gas tank hold? [more inside]
posted by MegoSteve on Sep 1, 2005 - 12 answers

Solar energy alternative

Why hasn't solar energy been able to replace fossil fuels in Europe where gas is taxed so heavily? [more inside]
posted by MrMulan on Aug 31, 2005 - 33 answers

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