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GPS solutions. I hate getting lost and not knowing alternate routes when I'm driving and it seems that increasingly I wish I had some sort of navigation unit. So I started looking. In-car systems are about $2k (and stuck in a single car), portable handheld ones are about $600 (I can use in other cars, which is good), but I hear iPaq PDA units with GPS are only about $500. Has anyone used an iPaq for road trips? Does it work ok with the small screen? What's the best add-on GPS to get for it? And what kind of iPaq do I need as a base to make it work?
posted by mathowie on Oct 21, 2004 - 15 answers

Questions about HDTV

I've got some HDTV questions [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Dec 8, 2003 - 27 answers

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