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What do I need to know about coffin building before I start?

What do I need to know to become a coffin builder? Are there regulations I have to follow? How should I sell them? How much should they cost? [more inside]
posted by davey_darling on May 7, 2009 - 20 answers

Funeral program

Can you help me to create a funeral program? [more inside]
posted by ReneeOg on Apr 16, 2009 - 9 answers

In the case of divorced parents, who gets to decide on funerary issues if children die?

In the case of divorced parents, who gets to decide on funerary issues if children die?
posted by matkline on Apr 12, 2009 - 8 answers

In lieu of flowers...

In the past few months, both parents of my Japanese-American (by way of Hawaii) coworker have passed away. What gift/donation might be appropriate and have special significance to her? [more inside]
posted by acorn1515 on Mar 24, 2009 - 7 answers

First-Time Pallbearer

My wife's sister died, and I've been asked to be a pallbearer. What should I know? Of what customs, rituals, or traditions should I be aware? Any tips I should know? The family is Chinese, the service will be Catholic. (I am neither.)
posted by anonymous on Mar 5, 2009 - 24 answers

What to bring to a funeral?

What, if anything, do you bring to a funeral? [more inside]
posted by Laen on Feb 18, 2009 - 13 answers

Forewarning on Funeral Leave

Should I notify my employer about a possible (but not certain) funeral leave? [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Feb 15, 2009 - 12 answers

funeral flowers etiquette?

I've never sent flowers for a funeral before and am at a loss as to what to do. Bonus points for Modesto, CA florist recommendations. [more inside]
posted by j on Feb 1, 2009 - 12 answers

What winter wear for suits ?

What do men wear to a winter funeral ? [more inside]
posted by colophon on Jan 27, 2009 - 8 answers

Social discomfort, family obligation

Cousin Zach is a sweetheart, but I don't have the time or inclincation to attend everything he invites us to. How to say no tactfully? Guilt is involved. [more inside]
posted by frosty_hut on Jan 27, 2009 - 21 answers

$11000 coffin of mahogany soaked in sea water for seven years? is this for real?

How likely is it that a funeral home is dishonest? They're pushing a $11,000 mahogany coffin whose wood was apparently soaked in sea-water for seven years first. Google doesn't seem to think this is a standard carpentry practice, although I have found mention of briefer immersions in order to drown any parasites that might attack the wood during later storage and processing. [more inside]
posted by d. z. wang on Dec 28, 2008 - 27 answers

What is an appropriate Alice in Wonderland quote for a memorial?

Can anyone think of an Alice in Wonderland excerpt appropriate to the funeral of a dear friend? [more inside]
posted by namesarehard on Nov 17, 2008 - 10 answers

How should I dispose of my body?

What are the least wasteful and/or most productive (preferably legal) things that can be done with my body after I'm dead? [more inside]
posted by Arasithil on Nov 12, 2008 - 15 answers

Surprise ending

I just found out within the last hour that my father has passed away. I am in California and he lived in Missouri. Now what? [more inside]
posted by jvilter on Oct 1, 2008 - 20 answers

Transatlantic bereavement fares

In the (possibly very) near future I will want to fly from the UK to the US for a relative's funeral. Can you help me find the lowest fare? [more inside]
posted by K.P. on Jul 8, 2008 - 7 answers

Funeral Chants

I'm looking for funeral chants, prayers and songs that are beautiful and mournful. [more inside]
posted by naju on Jun 2, 2008 - 25 answers

Grief is itself a medicine. - Cowper

Reading/poetry to say goodbye to a dog? [more inside]
posted by Liosliath on May 29, 2008 - 17 answers

Losing Parents

My parents are both well into their eighties now with health failing just a little bit more each year. How do I prepare myself for their eventual death? [more inside]
posted by netbros on May 28, 2008 - 11 answers

Costco Caskets?

Do any of you have experience with caskets purchased from Costco? The mother of someone very close to me may soon be in need of one, and I've only seen the corners of the displays at the stores themselves. Have any of you actually seen one of the full caskets in person, purchased one, or anything related?
posted by c0nsumer on May 28, 2008 - 5 answers

Non-religious memorial service readings

What are some good non-religious readings I can use at a memorial service? [more inside]
posted by rhizome on May 26, 2008 - 12 answers

San Diego ashes

I need to spread the ashes of a deceased relative in San Diego. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this might happen? [more inside]
posted by diode on Apr 21, 2008 - 17 answers

Funerary service: How to break into an old family business?

How do you get into funerary services if you're not in the family business? My friend is currently going to mortuary and school and could use some tips as to landing apprenticeships and such. [more inside]
posted by es_de_bah on Apr 15, 2008 - 2 answers

How to say goodbye to someone already gone?

In the next month an important anniversary of a loved one's suicide will be coming up. I have never until this year dealt with the feelings involved with the death and the emotions involved in the loss. I have very little memories of the actual funeral involved (I was 13) but it has been suggested to me (by therapist) that maybe I may like to do some sort of memorial or ritual signifying it. I like this idea. I just have no idea how. [more inside]
posted by beautifulcheese on Apr 13, 2008 - 10 answers

Should I attend a co-workers wife's funeral?

Should I attend a co-workers wife's funeral? [more inside]
posted by supercrayon on Apr 7, 2008 - 31 answers

comfort tunes

I'm looking for music for a funeral. Something to play quietly in the background. Preferably classical or instrumental. [more inside]
posted by Toekneesan on Mar 19, 2008 - 19 answers

Need help putting together a very small memorial ceremony

Suggestions for putting together a very small memorial ceremony. [more inside]
posted by IndigoRain on Mar 9, 2008 - 7 answers

Rememberance Service Readings

We have lost a 3 day old child in our family to Edwards Syndrome. Please help me choose what to read at her rememberance service.
posted by Raybun on Feb 4, 2008 - 13 answers

We're all getting older...

What preparations should I make for getting old? [more inside]
posted by Solomon on Feb 4, 2008 - 33 answers

How do you politely tell an ex that they are invited to your parent's visitation, but not the funeral?

How do you politely tell an ex that they are invited to your parent's visitation, but not the funeral? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 19, 2007 - 18 answers

How do I deal with death?

I've reached my late 20s without ever facing death. How do I deal with death when I know I will face it sooner or later? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 10, 2007 - 25 answers

Am I expected to attend an associate's father's funeral?

The father of a close business associate has died and I would like to behave appropriately and honor my associate's loss. They're Catholics in NYC. There is a wake which seems to be scheduled for several different time periods over the weekend. Then there is a funeral mass on Monday during business hours, followed by burial at the cemetery. [more inside]
posted by JimN2TAW on Nov 16, 2007 - 20 answers


A family member just passed away, leaving her wish for a non-denominational funeral of some type. The family is using a cremation society to save the expense of falling into the funeral home trap since this avoids the need for a casket, embalming etc. Her ashes are to be interred in a denominational cemetary next to her parents. Who to officiate over her memorial if not a priest/rabbi etc?? Please help me with ideas for a simple officiated memorial (without going into family dynamics, it would be problematic to rely on attendees to give eulogies hence the need for someone to officiate)
posted by Fupped Duck on Nov 9, 2007 - 10 answers

How do you prepare or help prepare someone who is dying and then deal with the practical aspects of the aftermath

Questions about the practical aspects of preparing for someone for death and things the survivors need to do after the death. [more inside]
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Oct 8, 2007 - 14 answers

Speaking for the dead

My father is going to die in the next few days (cancer of the aesophagus) and my family have decided that I should be the one to take care of the arrangements*. I need advice on dealing with undertakers in the UK, and--a longshot but worth asking--any recommendations for trusted funeral homes and funeral directors in Suffolk (that's Suffolk UK, for the hard of thinking), ideally ones not associated with SCI. [more inside]
posted by Hogshead on Sep 24, 2007 - 18 answers

Brazilian funeral customs?

Funeral customs in Brazil? [more inside]
posted by agent99 on Sep 17, 2007 - 4 answers

Pocket-sized amusements for children at funerals.

Pocket-sized amusements for children at funerals. [more inside]
posted by ColdChef on Sep 17, 2007 - 22 answers

I don't want to walk you up to the casket!

How do I tactfully avoid having to accompany people to the casket at a family member's funeral? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Sep 6, 2007 - 17 answers

The passing of youth and the end of my relavance to key demographics.

I'm turning the Big Three-Oh and I really want to have a big bash. [more inside]
posted by indiebass on Aug 21, 2007 - 13 answers

Help Planning Cremation

My partner and I are doing estate planning. What's the best way to pre-arrange cremation? [more inside]
posted by Robert Angelo on Aug 7, 2007 - 6 answers

A lovely person needs a really good tribute.

I'm designing a funeral handout for a young woman who has died suddenly. Help me come up with ideas for a poem or verse or quote or something to include. [more inside]
posted by thirteenkiller on Aug 3, 2007 - 24 answers

Presiding over a funeral

My friend is dying, and has asked me to preside over his funeral. I am meeting with him this weekend to talk about his wishes. What questions do I need to ask him while he is still alive? What information will make it easier for me to do this? I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced the death of many family or friends, so I don't really know much more about funerals than what I learned from Six Feet Under.
posted by arcticwoman on Jul 19, 2007 - 13 answers

Lilacs delivered to Atlanta by Monday?

Emergency funeral flowers for a mom -- where can I get lilacs in Atlanta or delivered to Atlanta for a Monday memorial service? My best friend's mom passed suddenly last night and her favorite flowers were lilacs. Please help me do this for my friend and her family.
posted by mdiskin on May 10, 2007 - 18 answers

stamps as a memorial thank you

Stamps as part of memorial thank you... [more inside]
posted by skillet on May 8, 2007 - 1 answer

Funeral filter

Should I go to this funeral? [more inside]
posted by snowjoe on Jan 18, 2007 - 25 answers

It's time for the partner and I to set up wills. I need clarification about what we might need, and recommendations about what software to use.

It's time for the partner and I to set up wills. We've never done this before, and our "estates" aren't worth the cost of going to a lawyer. I need clarification about what we might need, and recommendations about what software to use. [more inside]
posted by misanthropicsarah on Nov 9, 2006 - 11 answers


Funeral Question: A friend's father recently passed away after a 6 month bout with leukemia and her family is sitting Shivah tomorrow evening. What should I bring and what customs should I be prepared for? One friend said we're supposed to bring food but what kind? Also, I have a feeling there might be tons of food so is there something more lasting I could bring? The Shivah will be held at a home that is kept kosher and may be orthodox or at least very close to it [more inside]
posted by slapshot57 on Nov 6, 2006 - 5 answers

Jewish Funeral Customs

Questions about Jewish funeral customs. My husband's grandmother sadly passed away this weekend and I was hoping for some advice. She was Jewish, I'm not. I have a load of questions inside... [more inside]
posted by dogsbody on Oct 29, 2006 - 25 answers

VA funeral charges

My father-in-law who's a Korean War vet has full VA benefits. Still is there anything I need to look out for so as not to get shafted by funeral/cremation companies? [more inside]
posted by rolypolyman on Oct 22, 2006 - 11 answers

Do I attend funeral of my ex?

Should I attend my ex's funeral (she's very ill and close to death)? Kids are 16 and 21, they live with her, i've had minimal contact with them (my choice) past 5 years because i wanted nothing to do with her, even by phone; they live 100 or so miles away.
posted by america4 on Aug 19, 2006 - 45 answers

Finding a grave

How do you find a grave? [more inside]
posted by Navek Rednam on Apr 27, 2006 - 7 answers

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