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Not to derail, but what are the most important off-topic topics?

ForumFilter: What advice do you have for seeding a soon-to-launch professional forum with general topics? What should we bake-in to help build community, serve as social release valves, encourage participation, etc? [more inside]
posted by mumkin on Jul 12, 2010 - 5 answers

Forum software

Forum software questions. (1) As a user, which type of forum software (vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, other) do you like best from in terms of usability? (2) If you're an admin, which forum software do you like best, having tried at least a few types? (3) Which forum software is considered to be most/least resistant to spambots and spammers? [more inside]
posted by crapmatic on Jun 18, 2009 - 9 answers

vBulletin is trying to destroy my sanity

I have recently dived into the world of styling vBulletin forums and have discovered homicidal tendencies I didn't know I had. Please send help in the forum of guides, tutorials, and reference documents. [more inside]
posted by chrominance on Sep 2, 2008 - 1 answer

Looking for Unconventional Forum Software

I want to create an online forum to discuss literally all topics. I'll be recruiting well-rounded people who can discuss lots of different sorts of issues in depth. The problem is: what software to use? [more inside]
posted by jimmyjimjim on Oct 30, 2007 - 14 answers

Help us deal with this hacker!

S.O.S. We're being hacked! I run a small community website and somebody is trying to hack our VBulletin-powered forum. So far our passwords and usernames have been tampered with. How do we prevent this bastard from messing up years of dedicated volunteer work? Can we trace who the offender is? Any strategies in dealing with his demented mind? Its depressing/ I'm taking this personally. After years of thankless effort this is what my partners and I get. Please help.
posted by anonymous on Oct 13, 2004 - 6 answers

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