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Istanbul to Toronto with Stopover in Spain?

Stopover flight experts: I am in Istanbul with a Eurail pass and I want to fly home to Toronto with a stopover of a couple weeks or so to see Spain and Morocco. Can I get a flight within the next week or so for a reasonable price or should I just start trudging my way back across Europe by rail? [more inside]
posted by GleepGlop on Sep 28, 2011 - 5 answers

Europe air passes or other cheap ways around Western Europe for a non-student

I'm a Canadian backpacking around Western Europe with no rigid schedule, just an idea of where I want to go and what would be a reasonable order to go from point to point. I am over 26 so I passed on the Eurail train pass as I could only get a first class pass. Question about air passes or how to get cheap fares on short notice inside. [more inside]
posted by GleepGlop on Sep 3, 2011 - 7 answers

iPad offline GPS Nav app for Europe?

iPad offline Europe Nav for walking / public transportation? [more inside]
posted by GleepGlop on Aug 26, 2011 - 4 answers

Trouble at immigration if you don't know how long you will stay in Europe while backpacking?

I'm going to backpack around Europe for at least 2 months but basically until I get low on money or it gets too cold. Would I have a problem getting into the first country (possibly UK) without having a return ticket? (I will be flying home from whatever country is the last stop on my tour). Should I buy some kind of open-ended ticket? Surely this is a fairly common situation, what do people do to avoid hassle? (I am Canadian).
posted by GleepGlop on Aug 11, 2011 - 11 answers

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