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Viable Electronic Engineering job - Product Development Engineer?

Recently got offered a new job in the area of electronic engineering (I think anyway!).... [more inside]
posted by b3vcard on Jan 18, 2015 - 3 answers

Peripheral comfort zone?

What ambient temperatures are safe for typical consumer electronic devices? [more inside]
posted by jon1270 on May 20, 2012 - 5 answers

I want to get back into electronics as a hobby.

Calling all electronics hobbyist people: I want to get (back) into making electronic stuff -- noise-making stuff, specifically -- as a hobby, help me get started. [more inside]
posted by griphus on Sep 15, 2011 - 18 answers

Or should I just save up & buy the expensive back?

Where the heck do I get a really high-res board camera with a basic embedded system & the software libraries to control it? [more inside]
posted by spaghetti on Apr 25, 2010 - 2 answers

How to get a time-controlled dimmer switch?

What's the best way to set up a dimmer switch in my room which is controlled by an alarm clock? [more inside]
posted by insperatum on Jan 23, 2010 - 10 answers


Save Our Planet Filter: My girlfriend is doing a "green energy" engineering project and needs inspiration. This is a project for an electrical engineering class in college so give us your coolest ideas for green energy projects. [more inside]
posted by thekiltedwonder on Oct 28, 2009 - 11 answers

What do I need to reverse-engineer hardware and where can I buy it?

What equipment do I need to become an EE student cum amateur hacker? For bonus points, where can I buy it (either online or in person) in Melbourne, Australia? [more inside]
posted by PuGZ on Nov 25, 2008 - 7 answers

Is Computer Engineering a Good Fit For Me?

Given my love of building things, should I change my major from Computer Science to Computer Engineering? [more inside]
posted by DMan on Feb 22, 2008 - 16 answers

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