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Can the economy grow if the population shrinks?

It seems to be a given that population growth helps the economy. Is there any way the world economy can grow if the number of people is stable or declines? [more inside]
posted by superfish on Jun 7, 2016 - 5 answers

Where did all of our money go?

As a society, we once had enough money to build great stuff. Now we don't have enough to even maintain these places. Where did it all go? [more inside]
posted by bellastarr on Jun 6, 2016 - 57 answers

Why does national debt rise so sharply during a recession?

What is the relationship between the size of the national debt and GDP? Interested in the 'strength' of the variables. [more inside]
posted by fishingforthewhale on Mar 22, 2016 - 7 answers

political cartoon of Bill Clinton pointing at gas & brake pedals

Looking for a political cartoon about a debate over fiscal policy. [more inside]
posted by morganw on Feb 1, 2016 - 0 answers

How do I deal with Millennial disappointment?

I'm 30 and, like a lot of Millennials, worse off than my parents were at my age. Rents continue to rise and I don't see a lot of (economic) hope for me and my partner. We're unbelievably blessed in many ways, but still probably closed off from the way of life we had growing up and mistakenly expected to continue in our own adulthood. Please help me work through this emotionally? [more inside]
posted by MetaFilter World Peace on Aug 3, 2015 - 43 answers

What would happen if businesses only paid a gross revenue tax?

If every corporation/business had to pay a fixed percentage of its gross revenue as a tax, what effects would there be on prices and the economy at large? [more inside]
posted by wackybrit on Jul 8, 2015 - 22 answers

Do VCs help or harm Silicon Valley?

It is assumed by virtually everyone that venture capitalists are, in aggregate, a force for good in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. I suspect that VCs may be a net negative force because their relentless drive to invest in blockbuster companies to get massive returns results in a lot of human, social and capital waste. How might I obtain some reliable data to help make a reasonably accurate assessment? I'm okay with being wrong; I just have no evidence that all the VC cheerleaders are right. How do I get evidence? [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna on May 15, 2015 - 13 answers

Filing US taxes homeless

I was homeless for part of the year last year. I'm filing late (with deferral, sorry I didn't bring this up on Askmefi when it would be more pertinent) because I just now got all the proper info together. Is there anything I should know about filing US taxes for a year in which I was occasionally homeless and/or unemployed?
posted by anonymous on Apr 25, 2015 - 2 answers

Subsumed State?

Around the time of the Occupy protests, I read an article that described a concept like "Subsumed State" or "Shadow State" or something. I thought it was by Mike Konczal, but I can't find it his archives and I'm pretty sure he was referring to someone else's ideas about this. [more inside]
posted by latkes on Oct 31, 2014 - 3 answers

Business and Economics 101 for a complete newcomer

I want to become literate in two of the major fields that are the most foreign to me, business and finance or economics. Can you help with book or website recommendations? [more inside]
posted by quiet earth on Sep 6, 2014 - 5 answers

What is the Intellectual Property component of the USA's GDP?

Any economics geeks out there who can point me to how the government calculates intellectual property now in GDP figures? Is there information on how they calculate the value of a movie versus a TV show versus a book? I've seen some articles that say news shows and newspapers don't count towards the intellectual component of GDP, but is there a thorough explanation anywhere?
posted by lostguy on May 9, 2014 - 5 answers

Economy seats Virgin Atlantic 747 SFO Heathrow

I forgot to pick seats for my flight back and don't have too many options left many of which are these aisle seats. I'm short and normally wouldn't care too much but it is a 10 hour flight. Outgoing I have a window in the section with just 2 seat across but all of those are already full for my return. I've read online reviews but was wondering if anyone could describe how much space the inflight entertainment box takes up on the aisle seats? Seatguru mentions this but I haven't found anything saying about how much space you're losing and where the box is. I've looked for photos but haven't found anything except this and I can't tell if this is actually what seating is like. I'm trying to decide if it's bad enough that I should take a middle seat.
posted by oneear on Mar 23, 2014 - 7 answers

Does Barbara Ehrenreich get rape threats??

Um, hi guys. I know there are some other writers on MeFi (help me PhoBWanKenobi...) and I've seen a few previous questions here about writing fiction and non-fiction, but I think my Ask is specific enough to have merit: [more inside]
posted by polly_dactyl on Jan 31, 2014 - 25 answers

Stock Oversaving?

Settle an argument about making stock for cooking. One half says that you should save every odd and end from vegetables and keep them in a big ziploc bag in the freezer for when you make stock so it can get the most varied amount of flavor possible and "recycle" kitchen waste. Other half says that since we're not making vegetable stock and only ever make stock with left over bones you should just keep to the basic recipie ( carrots, onion, celery, etc) and not introduce all these unknown cauliflower ends and parsnip bits and it's a false economy anyway. Who is right? Is anyone right? Are they both right?
posted by The Whelk on Jan 25, 2014 - 20 answers

1700 engineers to go, please

What are the legal and economic factors making it possible for companies in North America to engage in mass layoffs and to then invite former employees to apply for jobs at this same company, perhaps on less favourable terms for the former employees? (Bombardier's announcment of laying off 1700 employees is a Canadian example.) My naïve notion is that free trade has something to do with it – is this analysis correct, and if so, would pulling back from globalization help protect employees when labour laws appear to fail? Interested in opinions as well as papers, blogs, essays and books that a lay person could understand.
posted by cotton dress sock on Jan 22, 2014 - 11 answers

How do I know if a job is a good fit for me?

Earlier this week I started working at a flour mill driving tractor trailers, after 2 months of training at a truck driving school to obtain a CDL, and I am having doubts about this decision. [more inside]
posted by 8LeggedFriend on Dec 14, 2013 - 28 answers

Age 25. Huge college debt. Can't land a better job. What should I do?

I have $40,000+ in debt, a bachelors degree in criminal justice, an EMT-B license, a basic computer tech certificate, 4 years of customer service experience as a banquet server, a bad driving history, and one misdemeanor - how can I find a better job than being a banquet server? What can I do to be competitive? Should I attend police academy or not? What are my options - what can I do to improve my life? [more inside]
posted by usersname on Nov 9, 2013 - 49 answers

How does USA's new debt ceiling affect property owners in Australia?

What should Australian property owners and potential buyers be wary of in regards to USA's credit rating going down? [more inside]
posted by gttommy on Oct 21, 2013 - 9 answers

Namefilter, gift economy edition.

I´m currently designing (on paper, while I look for a person with the tech skills to build it) a web platform for an alternate, moneyless economy. I have a working name for it, but some people have read into it something different from what I intended, so I´m looking for a new name. More details after the jump. [more inside]
posted by Fermin on Oct 14, 2013 - 6 answers

Compact Car for a Floppy Family

Do you have a Honda Fit or another compact car that you can recommend for a family of four? [more inside]
posted by Fairchild on Jul 9, 2013 - 30 answers

another PhD drop out thread

Considering dropping out of 1st year humanities PhD program. Terrified of starving on the streets. Help? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on May 12, 2013 - 21 answers

Should I stay or should I go now?

Should I stay in the job I've always wanted (at the expense of a dream) or go on the trip that I've always wanted (at the expense of stability)? [more inside]
posted by liquorice on May 2, 2013 - 26 answers

What are the cultural drivers of innovation?

Have there been studies done on the cultural elements that spur innovative commercial development in particular people, companies/organizations or regions? [more inside]
posted by Rodrigo Lamaitre on Apr 3, 2013 - 8 answers

Looking for books about the resiliency of the California Economy.

I'm trying to prove the historic strength and resiliency of California. From the Gold Rush on. Being the birthplace of aerospace manufacturing, the cradle of film and digital. Basically something that puts into perspective all the slowdowns and eventual recoveries that California has always bounced back from. Ideally from a kosher academic perspective. I'd rather not have this from the tome of an avowed Marxist as an example. Who should I read and what did they write?
posted by rileyray3000 on Mar 20, 2013 - 6 answers

Is no job better than a poor job?

Help me understand the reasoning behind continuing the Hostess strike when it has resulted in the company going out of business. [more inside]
posted by Ms. Toad on Nov 16, 2012 - 23 answers

Who's paying for this?

What percentage of my monthly ISP bill pays for the internet infrastructure? What percent of the internet is paid for by home users and business users as consumers, versus business users who are serving content, like Facebook or NetFlix Streaming? I would love a pie chart, but whatever you got is appreciated...
posted by mzurer on Oct 18, 2012 - 6 answers

What's the difference between a depression and a recession?

Depression vs. recession [more inside]
posted by easily confused on Oct 8, 2012 - 9 answers

How do I get the most mileage out of my manual-transmission car?

Can you help me understand, once and for all, what I need to do to get the best mileage out of my manual-transmission car? [more inside]
posted by Scientist on Oct 2, 2012 - 27 answers

Stay home with kids or accept an entry-level job?

After being out of the job market for two years and becoming a stay-at-home mom, should I take an entry-level job, even if it's a big step down financially? [more inside]
posted by clarequilty on Aug 25, 2012 - 10 answers

This article is wrong, right?

This article about the economy has me scared. How much of it is (possibly) right? [more inside]
posted by jbickers on Aug 23, 2012 - 25 answers

Dark days for the middle class

What has Obama done to help the economy? [more inside]
posted by duvatney on Aug 19, 2012 - 33 answers

How do things work in really small towns?

How do things work and what is life like in really small towns? [more inside]
posted by JoannaC on Jul 31, 2012 - 27 answers

The ultimate first-world problem

I'm a young person with no debt and a pile of money to invest. The catch: I'm not real confident about the long-term health of the US economy. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 24, 2012 - 25 answers

What to do when your house shrinks without you knowing it?

Our house is 300 square feet smaller than we thought it was. Is there anything we can do? [more inside]
posted by JuliaKM on May 16, 2012 - 13 answers

Buying things of real value.

I would like to buy things that have a money value based on their actual utility. For example, I think gold is something that is overvalued since the shiny, soft metal doesn't have so many practical uses to justify its value. The second criteria is that the value of the thing would not go down much over a span of about 30 years, even if the economy went in the tank. Thirdly, I've a preference for commodity-like items that can be sold without much work. [more inside]
posted by ErikH2000 on May 11, 2012 - 40 answers

Who are the 1% in India?

Where can I find the income distribution for India? My google-fu is weak on this one. [more inside]
posted by vidur on Mar 6, 2012 - 6 answers

Why is stock price related to company earnings? No really.

So I completely understand that prices of stocks, like anything in a market, arise from supply and demand. But at the end of the day, why does demand for a stock increase when a company's earnings increase? How does holding the stock of a company whose earnings have increased since purchase benefit a stockholder? It can't purely be that I care about earnings because I know everyone else cares about earnings because they know everyone else cares about earnings... can it? What is the ultimate source of this caring about earnings? If dividends were more common, I could understand all this as a jockeying for a good deal on a dividend. But as it is, it sounds no different than betting on a never-ending horse race with earnings arbitrarily picked as the indicator of which horse is in the lead.
posted by the jam on Feb 26, 2012 - 24 answers

Cognitive Surplu$

Is time spent watching TV correlated with income? [more inside]
posted by JayCruz on Jan 14, 2012 - 12 answers

Cumulative current account balance

Could you interpret this map for me? Also is there an updated version of it?
posted by raphael19 on Dec 12, 2011 - 5 answers

How will the Euro die?

Could I get an explanation (as free of political bias and buy-gold-and-ammo hysterics as possible) of how the unraveling of the Euro would go down, how such an unraveling would affect the rich and poor nations of the EU, and what economic impact it would have on the US economy?
posted by dw on Dec 3, 2011 - 21 answers

Will my love for art and literature force me to starve?

How the heck can I get a cool job in New York with (almost) a graduate degree and (almost) no professional experience? [more inside]
posted by Mooseli on Nov 20, 2011 - 27 answers

Who Is To Blame? Can We Make A List?

Help me be a smarter protester within the Occupy movement. Who REALLY is to blame? Can you help me make a list? [more inside]
posted by Mr Ected on Nov 17, 2011 - 19 answers

I don't understand monies.

Forex filter: Why is the Euro still worth more than the US dollar? [more inside]
posted by the foreground on Nov 9, 2011 - 11 answers

Thinking of moving back to NYC, what are my chances of employment in the tech industry?

I've been living in Europe for over 5 years, recently in Berlin for two. I'm considering moving back to NYC where I grew up and have family, and I want to know what the high-tech scene is like there, and how easy/difficult my life would be, professionally. [more inside]
posted by tempythethird on Nov 3, 2011 - 5 answers

So the 1% has all the money . . . help me make the point based on investor filings.

[financial analysis filter] How can I identify the amount of money that a publicly-traded company could spend without being irresponsible to its investors or its ability to continue operating? [more inside]
posted by kensington314 on Oct 3, 2011 - 16 answers

Help me find a car that fits

I'm looking for a car that fits me. I'm 6'5", 300# and in the US, and would like something with reasonable economy, but still decent performance. I would prefer 4WD capability. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by DaveP on Oct 2, 2011 - 27 answers

Things really do cost more, don't they?

Looking for a certain Newsweek chart and other articles about the same topic (cost of living in the US). [more inside]
posted by Melismata on Sep 7, 2011 - 4 answers

Is North Dakota as advertised?

Is North Dakota as advertised? [more inside]
posted by Query on Sep 6, 2011 - 14 answers

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday

This Debt thread over the MeFi has me wondering: Am I completely off the mark to believe that easy access to cheap credit fuels inflation? [more inside]
posted by roboton666 on Aug 28, 2011 - 29 answers

Should I transfer CAD to EUR in bulk right now for the next couple months?

I'm a Canadian going to be traveling in Europe starting in a few weeks, up until maybe Nov. I originally intended to just withdraw funds from my CAD account when needed where I would get whatever the CAD to EUR exchange was at the given time. With the economy as it is should I consider opening a EUR account and transferring a bunch of funds right now?
posted by dino terror on Aug 13, 2011 - 6 answers

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