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Duets to sing with my father

My father's been quite ill and we've been looking for ways to keep his mind off the discomfort he's in. He generally doesnt sing very much but sings marvelously when he does, so today we started singing together—he, I, my brother on the guitar, and my mum humming along tentatively :). It was lovely; we all enjoyed it, and we'd like to do it more. I'm looking for duet suggestions—more details inside. [more inside]
posted by miaow on Jun 15, 2014 - 11 answers

New sources of music for a male/female vocal duet

My singing partner and I like adventurous music with tricky harmonies. She sings soprano and plays mandolin, I sing alto and play guitar/banjo. We can harmonize by ear, create harmonies as needed, play with arrangements. We like traditional musics, though not exclusively. What music can you suggest for us to try? (Some examples below the fold.) [more inside]
posted by argybarg on Mar 31, 2014 - 14 answers

Pop duets for alto and soprano?

A song came up on shuffle for me the other day (We Had It Right, by Nellie McKay and kd lang) and listening to it I think the thing I really enjoy about is the interplay between the alto and soprano voices of the singers. Anyone else know of any other pop music duets that share this characteristic? [more inside]
posted by Diablevert on Sep 6, 2013 - 3 answers

Enough is Enough -- is she Guilty?

Can anyone help me track down this factoid (if it's even true)? Way before podcasts existed, I remember hearing a radio host or music pundit call Barbra Streisand a career annihilator (though I think he had a catchier name for it). He claimed that she held a unique position in pop music: that every number-one charting artist who released a duet with her a) saw that duet reach number 1 on the charts, and b) never had another number 1 hit again. I have never been able to find this statement again anywhere. [more inside]
posted by Mchelly on Jun 20, 2012 - 5 answers

Help me find some more songs that feature male and female vocalists telling a story

Looking for songs that tell a story, specifically songs that feature both male and female vocals. [more inside]
posted by aleatorictelevision on Sep 9, 2011 - 47 answers

Beyond 'I Got You, Babe'

What pre-1985 (approx) song can my husband and I perform on karaoke night? [more inside]
posted by otherwordlyglow on Mar 1, 2011 - 50 answers

Please no "Islands in the Stream"

Help me make a romantic playlist! I'm looking for quirky boy-girl duets that are sweet but with rough edges. [more inside]
posted by 2bucksplus on Dec 17, 2010 - 64 answers

I have a thing for the French ladies...

One of my favorite classical pieces is Couperin's 'Leçons de Ténèbres', as featured here. It's basically a French female duet from the late baroque period. Any suggestions on more pieces in this vein, ideally from roughly the same time period?
posted by markkraft on Apr 10, 2010 - 10 answers

Simultaneous duets?

Music: Looking for examples of a kind of duet where both people sing different lyrics to different, complimentary melodies at the same time throughout; one gets louder and one quieter periodically, switching sometimes, with the quieter one essentially acting as the louder one's backing instrument. [more inside]
posted by thesmallmachine on Apr 9, 2009 - 41 answers

Some day soon I'll know the name of this song...

Help me find this male/female duet that goes something like "Some day soon I'm gonna get away and you'll be sorry". [more inside]
posted by overglow on Mar 22, 2009 - 4 answers

Amadeus piano duet

In the movie Amadeus, what is the piano duet played by Salieri and Emperor Joseph? [more inside]
posted by ottereroticist on Jan 4, 2009 - 9 answers

A woman asks - and flinches...

Celine Dion and Elvis - the duet - on last night's "Idol Gives Back". Oh pity please, how was it done? I've tried every combination I can on google/technorati.
posted by Jody Tresidder on Apr 26, 2007 - 7 answers

Good Duets

What are some good duets? [more inside]
posted by callmejay on Aug 18, 2006 - 43 answers

Downloadable sheet music of duets for two soprano recorders

I'm looking for something pretty specific, but not all that bizarre: Downloadable sheet music (say, PDFs or GIFs) of duets (public-domain music) for two soprano recorders. Where? [more inside]
posted by soyjoy on Jan 25, 2006 - 8 answers

Seeking violin and piano duets

Seeking violin and piano duets, preferably old recordings. [more inside]
posted by nylon on Dec 8, 2005 - 6 answers

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