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He also uses his paws like hands way more than any other dog I know

My dog (pic) uses a strategically placed mirror to see my face when I'm in bed and check if I'm really asleep or not. He recognizes that the reflection is me and reacts accordingly. Is this genius level behavior with regard to the mirror test? Why or why not? [more inside]
posted by 2bucksplus on Jul 9, 2013 - 17 answers


Name that puppy!

I'm getting a puppy! He's a male cream-colored lab, pictured here. What should I name him? [more inside]
posted by mcav on Jul 8, 2013 - 41 answers

What other chews toys can I give to my strong-jawed dog?

My 14-month-old Akita female,Bailey, is a champion chewer. Elk antlers seem to be the only thing she can chew on that lasts any amount of time. She likes them okay but I'd like to give her more variety. [more inside]
posted by VTX on Jul 8, 2013 - 21 answers

I Need a Mini Bouvier

The beloved Bouzou Dog left us years ago. I would love another Bouvier, but I can no longer carry a hundred pound dog; and sooner or later, you have to carry your dog. The Bouzou Dog was true to breed: even-tempered, active out of doors, lazy in the apartment, alert to new people without being barky, watchful of our daughter, smart, trainable, and non-sheddy (hence relatively hypo-allergenic). What sort of mid-sized (30-50 pound) dog has all those attributes?
posted by musofire on Jul 7, 2013 - 9 answers

How much notice should we give the dog walkers?

We no longer need our dog walker's services. How much notice is enough? [more inside]
posted by The Loch Ness Monster on Jul 1, 2013 - 14 answers

Do dogs like novelty?

Do dogs like to go new places on their walks? Do they get bored of the same routes? [more inside]
posted by quadrilaterals on Jun 24, 2013 - 17 answers

Prozac for dogs, pros and cons?

Pet behaviorist says Prozac may be the way to go, but our vet isn't so sure. Does anyone have experience with Prozac for dogs? I'd like some insight. [more inside]
posted by patheral on Jun 17, 2013 - 17 answers

Is it safe to get prescribed pet medications from 1-800-PET-MEDS?

Hello Hive Mind My basic question is this. Is it safe to purchase presciption pet medications from 1-800-PET-MEDS? [more inside]
posted by Hanuman1960 on Jun 17, 2013 - 10 answers

Can't we all just get along?

Please help me to help my cat and new dog get along. [more inside]
posted by thank you silence on Jun 16, 2013 - 6 answers

Is there a place I can go to play with dogs?

I like dogs, but my lifestyle right now won't allow me to properly take care of one. Is there some place I can go to play with dogs when I want to? [more inside]
posted by JDHarper on Jun 16, 2013 - 15 answers

At least she's not smoking it

My dog is a grass-eater. I would like her to NOT be a grass eater. But am I being cruel by cutting her off from her favorite pasttime - grazing? [more inside]
posted by Elly Vortex on Jun 12, 2013 - 18 answers

Dog misbehavior ... introduced second dog

I have an 8 yr old American Staffordshire (LAILA), I adopted her at 2 years old (she had a past of abuse/neglect). She is an amazing dog but since I got her when I would leave sometimes she would chew anything in sight ...this behavior stopped finally once I worked with her and she started to become more confident in herself/me. Now, the only time she misbehaves is when another dog is introduced into the picture, and I can't get her to stop. [more inside]
posted by love2much on Jun 4, 2013 - 8 answers

Camping + Dog = ?

Although a relatively straight forward question, I feel the need to preface it with a quick bit of background information. I have previously camped with a a well-trained chocolate lab/german shepard, family dog for well over a decade. Now, camping with my own, gentle giant / mini horse. [more inside]
posted by Wynkoop on May 23, 2013 - 33 answers

How to calm down a hysterical dog?

I'm babysitting a friend's dog (female dog), and she's hysteric. She keeps crying by the door, trying to run away. What are the best ways to calm her down and make her feel more relaxed alone, away from her owner? Thanks MeFi.
posted by lipsum on May 20, 2013 - 13 answers

When do you become "the neighbor with the barking dog"?

When we first got our dog, Brandy, we didn't even know she *could* bark because she never barked. Now that she's come to realize this is her forever home, she's bound and determined to let everyone and anyone know it, so she barks at everything. [more inside]
posted by patheral on May 6, 2013 - 68 answers

Can we raise a dog as full time workers?

My husband and I work full time. What does it take to be responsible dog owners? [more inside]
posted by like_neon on May 6, 2013 - 24 answers

Place for me and my dog to spend some time tomorrow near Cambridge, MD?

I'll be in Cambridge for a few hours tomorrow with my dog and am looking for some places to enjoy together. [more inside]
posted by atayah on Apr 26, 2013 - 0 answers

Dog-friendly hotel in London, for 10kg dog?

I am heading to London for a few days in June, and I need a hotel to which I can take my 10kg dog. Requirements: 100-200 pound a night; near, or within easy public transport to, UCL; green space nearby (for the dog). The internet does not seem very good for this, as some of the hotels that *say* they accept dogs put restrictions (like, must be under 5lbs (!)), and a lot of the information online is old or incomplete. Does anyone know of such a hotel in London, and is certain they'll accept a 10kg dog?
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike on Apr 16, 2013 - 5 answers

Making old bones new again

I often give my dogs roasted beef "soup bones" straight from the butcher, the kind with marrow in them. After an evening's worth of undivided attention, they are stripped down to the bone and empty inside. What can I do to turn the hollow bones back into treats? [more inside]
posted by mireille on Apr 12, 2013 - 30 answers

I don't want to be THAT neighbor.

I am worried about my dogs adjusting to an apartment, is it a good idea to send a "hey, sorry if they're noisy, we're working on it! Please let me know if you have a complaint!" letter around to my immediate neighbors upon arrival? If it IS a good idea, any suggestions for wording? [more inside]
posted by HermitDog on Apr 7, 2013 - 20 answers

How do I give my dog the life she needs?

I can't meet my dog's needs anymore, now that I have two young children. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by Amity on Apr 6, 2013 - 29 answers

Beagles and cats?

We have a cat and we'd like to add a beagle to the family but are wondering if the two would get along. I understand a beagle is a hunting dog and might see the cat as something to track and, well, hound. Any stories here?
posted by xmutex on Apr 6, 2013 - 19 answers

Whats a good response to strangers' comments on my dog's limp?

My dog has bone cancer, and spends most of his time gimping around on three legs due a gross tumor on one of his hind legs. He's already a pretty striking dog (obligatory photos here and here and here), so people already often stop to talk to me about him and comment. Now, he has a very pronounced three-legged gate, and people comment on that too. I'm having a hard time dealing with explaining to people "he has cancer" multiple times a day, and watching their faces drop. Any suggestions as to how I can handle this better so I don't ruin my own and other people's day by making everyone think about awesome dogs dying? [more inside]
posted by Grandysaur on Mar 28, 2013 - 19 answers

Help me chill out my dog

I super love my 4-year old German Shepherd, but his desire to work/have a purpose has not waned with age, and I feel like he would be so much happier in life if I could help him find that purpose. His favorite thing on earth is playing fetch, but I know I can give him more than that. Suggestions? [more inside]
posted by corn_bread on Mar 26, 2013 - 11 answers

What's this snake on our deck?

We were cleaning up out back for a cookout, and I spotted this little guy. Does anyone know what kind of snake this is? My guess was that it was not poisonous based on the head shape, but I don't know if that rule applies to baby snakes as well. More inside. [more inside]
posted by Quincy on Mar 16, 2013 - 8 answers

I can hear her baying from a mile away!

I recently adopted a three-year-old foxhound--a rescue. She's sweet tempered and gentle with people and other animals. But I have two huge problems. [more inside]
posted by byjingo! on Mar 5, 2013 - 14 answers

Housebreak a dog and keep my sanity

The internet is full of lame gimmicks, wannabe dog whisperers, and advice on crating. Help me housebreak my poor, dumb, dog for real. [more inside]
posted by littlerobothead on Mar 4, 2013 - 20 answers

Who wrote this story about a marvellous Alsation dog?

If anyone recognises this story, please can you tell me the author? I think the story is about five years old. An ordinary man with low self-esteem is dumped by his beautiful intelligent accomplished girlfriend. She gives him a dog as a pity present, with a snide subtext that the dog is better than he is. Gradually through caring for the dog, a magnificent Alsation, and taking pride in it, the man recovers his self-esteem and becomes sought-after. It's a story that feels as if it has a lot of undercurrents and as if it's not as simple as it looks: in some way the dog stands in for the guy, or represents the guy or becomes a totem for him. Or something.
posted by glasseyes on Mar 3, 2013 - 3 answers

Hiking with my dog within 1-2 hours of Lodi this weekend?

Where's a great place to take my dog hiking this weekend that's 1-2 hours from Lodi, Calif.? [more inside]
posted by DakotaPaul on Mar 1, 2013 - 4 answers

Dogs killed by unknown predator - can a necropsy determine the predator?

My friend's two shepherds were recently killed by an unknown predator. The vet thinks they may have been killed by coyotes. Is it possible for a necropsy to determine what type of animal killed them (eg. coyote, bear, cougar, bobcat)?
posted by Minos888 on Feb 26, 2013 - 8 answers

Mast cell tumors in a dog

The cytology showed up that my dog's tumor has mast cells. [more inside]
posted by kamikazegopher on Feb 16, 2013 - 7 answers

Terrier Time Training

Is it possible to teach a dog the concept of time, or at least to read a clock?
posted by Query on Feb 13, 2013 - 15 answers

Doggy daycare dropout?

My puppy does not want to go through the door at doggy day care. Is there any likely explanation other than she just doesn't want to go there? [more inside]
posted by dilettante on Jan 16, 2013 - 19 answers

Animal Statues:

Can you give me examples of public statues of historic, individual animals? (eg. statue of Balto the famous sled-dog, in Central Park in NYC.) [more inside]
posted by Flood on Jan 9, 2013 - 50 answers

"Dogs' lives are too short... Their only fault, really."

I love my dog. Every once in a while, I feel utterly heartbroken that I will most likely outlive him. While it doesn't happen often and it's not overwhelming, and I realize that it is perfectly natural to be sad about something like that, can you give me advice about how to turn these thoughts into something positive? [more inside]
posted by halogen on Jan 7, 2013 - 42 answers

My small dog has turned into Napoleon. What can I do?

My small dog has turned progressively aggressive, mostly towards bigger dogs. What could have caused this and what can I do? Halp! [more inside]
posted by Sal and Richard on Jan 5, 2013 - 10 answers

Overnight dog friendly hiking trip?

Where can myself, a friend, and our dogs go for a sweet overnight trip near LA next week? We'd like to do some hiking and some casual beer drinking, and we'd like to be able to get a cheap hotel room and not drive more than 3 hours or so. Also, although we're both in good shape, his dog is 12 years old and mine is a wimpy shih tzu so the hike should be fairly easy and would ideally have some access to water. I think it's too cold to camp, but if there's somewhere warmish we're open to that. Lay it on me, mefi!
posted by justjess on Dec 21, 2012 - 7 answers

My dog is a socially awkward penguin. Where can we board her overnight in Seattle?

What are some good dog boarding/kennel services in Seattle (or, even better, on the Eastside) that will know how handle my sweet but incredibly nervous and poorly socialized dog? [more inside]
posted by iamfantastikate on Dec 14, 2012 - 13 answers

Recommend some good books about dogs!

Recommend some good books about dogs! [more inside]
posted by infinitywaltz on Dec 10, 2012 - 26 answers

Crates vs. baby gates.

After doing tons of breed research and visiting shelters and rescues, I have finally found the write dog for me. I purchased a miniature dachshund from a reputable breeder in my hometown. She is only three weeks old right now, so I have five weeks to prepare for her arrival in my home. I do have a few questions that I hope Mefites can help me with. [more inside]
posted by SkylitDrawl on Nov 27, 2012 - 17 answers

Wild Dogs!

We need your advice about a neighbour’s rambunctious dogs! The house beside us is a rental and the new tenant has 3 big german shepherds. Today, the dogs managed to break a board in the fence that separates the two backyards and they can now poke their heads through the fence. It’s our fence and it’s built on our property, just over the property line. Help me be rational in dealing with this problem. [more inside]
posted by TorontoSandy on Nov 20, 2012 - 13 answers

Charming small-town stop between Atlanta and Kansas City?

Where should we stop for the night between Atlanta and Kansas City? [more inside]
posted by ohsnapdragon on Oct 31, 2012 - 8 answers

Barking me into a corner.

Friendly Neighbor Version: Barking Dog is driving me crazy. [more inside]
posted by floweredfish on Oct 15, 2012 - 25 answers

Help me find a name for my new rescue dog.

Help me name my new rescue dog. Obligatory pic after the jump. [more inside]
posted by Piglet on Oct 14, 2012 - 44 answers

Tiny and powerful flashlight

What is a good flashlight that is small and light enough to clip to my dogs leash yet strong enough to identify where he poops when it's dark outside?
posted by lirael2008 on Oct 9, 2012 - 13 answers

How to be good pet owners when the situation changes?

My husband and I believe in being responsible dog owners, now the situation has changed and we're not sure how to continue doing what's best for our dogs. Complicated details (e.g., our long distance marriage) inside. [more inside]
posted by blue_bicycle on Sep 26, 2012 - 17 answers

Dog poops in the house. Is crating the only option?

Aside from crating her, is there any way to keep our dog from pooping on the carpet while we're gone during the day? [more inside]
posted by DakotaPaul on Sep 25, 2012 - 27 answers

Cat person needs help considering a puppy

I've been a cat person all my life. I don't like dogs in general--most strike me as bothersome. I've come across the occasional dog I like, but I've never had to care for one longer than four days, at its own house. Now I'm in the unexpected position of considering getting a dog. [more inside]
posted by Yoshimi Battles on Sep 25, 2012 - 55 answers

How to train a dog to come, stay, and heel on command?

I want to train my dog to stay, come, and heel (or, "come in closer, but you don't have to come right up to me"). How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by jsturgill on Sep 24, 2012 - 12 answers

Billy ISO Little Ann

Help us fine the right dog for our son and family, who has a few specific requests and a few special needs. [more inside]
posted by rumposinc on Sep 23, 2012 - 39 answers

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