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What could neurologically account for my difficulty with driving?

I was discussing my driving difficulties with an aunt, who told me that at least four other family members share these same traits. I am wondering what neurological or physiological issue might explain these traits. [more inside]
posted by JoannaC on Apr 28, 2016 - 36 answers

How to get from here to there...to there...to there...and back here?

I need to drive to to several different cities across California over the course of a week. What is a good app or website that will help me plan the most efficient route? [more inside]
posted by The Architect on Jan 24, 2016 - 6 answers

Best route from Billings to Bellingham

I'm moving from Billings, Montana to Bellingham, Washington in a couple weeks, and I'm looking for the best, least snowiest route there. I have heard all the horror stories of the Snoqualmie Pass. I'm fine with taking an extra day to detour through Oregon or somewhere, but I'm wondering if anyone has made this road trip before at a similar time of the year and has suggestions for me. If it matters, I have a car with fwd. Thanks!
posted by book 'em dano on Jan 21, 2016 - 11 answers

Avoiding Tunnels at all costs

I'll be driving by myself from DC to Erie, PA in a few weeks. I am terrified of driving through tunnels. Help me choose a non-panic inducing route. [more inside]
posted by grateful on Aug 31, 2015 - 10 answers

An app that will give me directions but route me past interesting things

Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me directions. Apple Maps and the Google Maps app will give me restaurant reviews. With either of these apps, is there any way to combine these functions-- as in, "Google, get me to Piccadilly Circus and tell me the highest-rated restaurant along the way?" Or "Get me to Piccadilly Circus and route me past a good French restaurant?" If not, is there any app that will do this? [more inside]
posted by yankeefog on Jun 30, 2015 - 3 answers

Reputable Place to Stay On Drive to Florida

I'll be driving from Wisconsin to Panama City Beach, FL next week and we are looking for a place to rest our heads somewhere around GA or TN. Can you recommend a hotel on (or close to) the highway where we won't be shanked in the middle of the night? Our route will be on I-65, thanks in advance!
posted by robadobdob on Mar 18, 2015 - 10 answers

Best (least treacherous) driving route over the Rockies?

Driving from Cincinnati to Portland near the end of March. Bit concerned about the mountain passes in late winter. The basic options are I-80 to Salt Lake, then on to I-84. Or a more northern route through S. Dakota and Montana on I-90 into Washington before heading southwest. Both drives would be ~34-35 hours—any compelling reasons to choose one over the other?
posted by cramer on Feb 26, 2015 - 15 answers

It's the next turn on, uh, your side.

I have excellent spatial memory, but you'd never know it if you heard me speak. Is this as unusual as my husband thinks it is? [more inside]
posted by Ruki on Dec 26, 2014 - 18 answers

Help planning route from Boston to Vegas

I'm leaving at 10am tomorrow from Waltham, MA and driving to Las Vegas. Stressing over the weather. I plan on taking it slow...driving maybe 8-9 hours a day and not at all after dark. I've never driven in bad weather so I'm really nervous. If I take Northern route I'll be in snow in Denver and if I take Southern route there are severe thunderstorms (and poss tornadoes?) in OK and TX by Wed. and Thurs. I'm driving alone and this is my first road trip. BTW I have a Nissan Rogue that will be packed full. Looking for advice planning route home...details appreciated! Thanks!
posted by camfys on Mar 30, 2014 - 6 answers

Belt that signals which direction you are facing.

A few years ago I read an article about a study where the subjects wore a belt like device that vibrated on the four cardinal directions. If I remember correctly the subjects were able to determine which direction they were facing even after the device was removed. I am trying to find the article again and am having no luck. AskMetafilter powers activate!
posted by Mr_Zero on Sep 30, 2013 - 7 answers

Harvard Square - Moving Truck Permit on Sunday and Truck Routes?

Hi all, I am moving from Cambridge to Providence on Sunday morning. I'll be picking up a 16 foot truck from Penske at 436 Riverside Ave in Medford at around 8:30am that morning, and driving it to Harvard Square, probably to Linden St between Mass Ave and Mt. Auburn. And once it's loaded, on to Providence. I need help knowing whether I need a permit, and about the best way to drive the truck through the streets of Medford, Somerville and Cambridge. [more inside]
posted by betsbillabong on Sep 13, 2013 - 13 answers

How to get a map from Google maps to an Android phone?

The situation: I'm running Android 2.3.5 on my phone, using the Google Maps app version 6.14.4. Via the desktop, I've created a map with custom directions from Point A to Point B.

The problem: I can't find a way to get the map with the edited directions to my phone. I can save the map with the directions to a Google account, which normally would mean that I could log into that Google account on my phone and download it that way. However, I don't have the necessary software on my phone that will enable me to log into a Google account. "Account and Sync settings" is missing. I can't seem to edit directions from within the Google Maps app on my phone, either. [more inside]
posted by Solomon on Jun 15, 2013 - 14 answers

Convert a route on a Google map into a list of directions

How can I convert a route on Google Maps into a list of directions? [more inside]
posted by matthewr on Aug 20, 2012 - 8 answers

Need help navigating Montreal with two stops along the way.

Montrealers - does this driving plan (Ottawa to Vermont, with two stops in Montreal) make sense, or can you suggest better alternatives? [more inside]
posted by valleys on Aug 1, 2012 - 5 answers

Why am I so bad with directions? It's so bad I am inclined to think it's pathological. Also how do I become better with directions? And please don't say "Pay Close Attention" as I already do that and I still get lost

Why am I so bad with directions? It's so bad I am inclined to think it's pathological. Also how do I become better with directions? And please don't say "Pay Close Attention" as I already do that and I still get lost. [more inside]
posted by RapcityinBlue on Jun 12, 2012 - 70 answers

Are these things related?

I have a lot of trouble with spatial relations, am clumsy, find fine motor skills difficult, and have some bodily asymmetries. Are these related and is there anything I can do about it? [more inside]
posted by Neely O'Hara on May 24, 2012 - 15 answers

Okay, can I throw it out now?

I bought a box of dried gnocchi today. The cooking instructions on the box have the normal steps: boil water, remove the gnocchi from the package and put it into the water, wait a few minutes. But the last step says "Drain in a colander, reserving some pasta water, and serve with your favorite [brand name] sauce". There are no further directions. Why the heck are they telling me to reserve the water?
posted by aubilenon on Apr 18, 2012 - 13 answers

Giving Directions

Is there a usable generic language or set of instructions for giving directions? Regardless of country language or dialect. Directions that are simple, direct and unambiguous. Ie the way to the bank is up the road for five minutes and then go down to my right. Is that up a hill? Down a hill after turning right? How far up the road do i go? Until i start coming down again? Thank you. [more inside]
posted by terminus on Apr 13, 2012 - 16 answers

The Scenic Route down Long Island

I need to get from the Cross Sound Ferry terminal in Orient Point to Farmingdale - what's the most scenic route I can take? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot on Mar 13, 2012 - 5 answers

How do I get from Denver Airport to Lakewood, CO

What is the best and cheapest way to get from Denver International Airport to Red Rocks Community College? [more inside]
posted by atmu on Nov 23, 2011 - 9 answers

Newcastle to Belfast express

[Directions] Fastest way to get from Newcastle to Belfast. posting for a friend. [more inside]
posted by anya32 on Nov 17, 2011 - 7 answers

I'm lost and can't find my way home!

We are having trouble entering our home address into our Magellan GPS Unit. [more inside]
posted by TwilightKid on Aug 26, 2011 - 12 answers

How to find points of interest between two destinations?

What is the best way online to find multiple points of interest en route between point A and point B? [more inside]
posted by JJkiss on Aug 16, 2011 - 5 answers

longest lasting un-natural color hair dye

Any reviews/comparisons between hair dye brands "Crazy Color", "Directions" and "Punky Color" Specifically which lasts the longest [more inside]
posted by let444 on Aug 13, 2011 - 13 answers

What's up with my GPS?

What's up with my GPS? [more inside]
posted by Sabine3283 on Aug 7, 2011 - 6 answers

So long as y'all get here....

How do I make wedding invitation directions? [more inside]
posted by InsanePenguin on Jul 24, 2011 - 14 answers

I need directions about how to navigate this online relationship

I need directions for navigating this online relationship [more inside]
posted by timsneezed on Jul 4, 2011 - 40 answers

Help me learn about the neighborhoods in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I want to move to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Can someone map out the area in a way that I can understand the neighborhoods and squares? [more inside]
posted by modoriculous on Feb 28, 2011 - 20 answers

North by Northwest

I want an iPhone app that will allow me to get back to where I've been using the GPS, Compass and (optionally) mapping software. Essentially, I would bookmark places I want to return to. Then, to get back to them, I can just open the app, hit the bookmark and it tells me which direction to travel and how far to go. [more inside]
posted by 47triple2 on Aug 24, 2010 - 11 answers

Direction needed, please!

How would you describe the DIRECTION your hand moves when turning a car key on? [more inside]
posted by newfers on Jul 14, 2010 - 74 answers

Can anyone help me find efficient routes between mutliple points?

Can you point me to a tool that will plot the most efficient route between multiple addresses? [more inside]
posted by jefficator on Jul 13, 2010 - 20 answers

Band vs. Jersey vacation hordes

Driving on a tight timeline from NYC to Philadelphia on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend: are we screwed or really screwed? [more inside]
posted by otolith on May 27, 2010 - 17 answers

Help me find topics for my cooking blog.

Help me find topics for my cooking blog. What's not clear to you about cooking? My blog offers clearer directions for better cooking. Please suggest burning questions you have that I can answer for you.
posted by markcmyers on Mar 15, 2010 - 32 answers

A better user manual

A better user manual. As a demonstration, I want to rewrite a few poor product user manuals or directions intended for a nontechnical audience. What user manuals or directions have driven you nuts and would benefit from a thorough rewrite?
posted by markcmyers on Aug 16, 2009 - 14 answers

Help me help my boss not get lost.

My boss wants me to research GPS units for him to use since he'll be traveling a lot more in the near future. Any recommendations? I really don't know what I should be looking for in a good GPS unit. [more inside]
posted by chiababe on Jul 14, 2009 - 18 answers

One-click subway directions from home on Google Maps?

How can I get one-click public-transit directions from my home to anywhere on Google Maps? [more inside]
posted by NickDouglas on Jul 5, 2009 - 6 answers

I lost the directions.

I have this voice recorder from ThinkGeek and I lost the directions. [more inside]
posted by P.o.B. on Jun 12, 2009 - 2 answers

Get me from Philly to Dartmouth

What's the best way to drive from near Philadelphia to Dartmouth in New Hampshire? [more inside]
posted by lpsguy on Apr 4, 2009 - 7 answers

Help me get to Killington tonight, tonight!

How should I drive to Killington, VT from Ridgefield CT tonight? Given the holiday and rush hour, what route will take the least time? [more inside]
posted by Opposite George on Jan 16, 2009 - 8 answers

Getting around in Puerto Rico

How do I format Puerto Rican addresses for Google Maps, or any other online mapping service? [more inside]
posted by indyz on Dec 4, 2008 - 1 answer

What's Pre-Roll?

What Does Pre-Roll Mean? [more inside]
posted by Ironmouth on Oct 1, 2008 - 15 answers

Need translation help before I make udon soup.

Help me read the directions on this Japanese soup stock packet. [more inside]
posted by puffin on Jun 21, 2008 - 3 answers

Japan maps in english

Where can I get driving directions in Japan in English? [more inside]
posted by nintendo on Sep 11, 2007 - 6 answers

Get me through Seattle!

What's the best way to drive from SeaTac through Seattle and out to the north? [more inside]
posted by aaronetc on Aug 19, 2007 - 15 answers

Anyone know their way around Paris and Amsterdam?

EuroTourFilter How much travel time is involved in getting from: 1) La Flèche d'Or at 102 bis rue de Bagnolet - 75020 to the Louvre? 2) Paradiso at Weteringschans 6-8, Leidseplein to the Rijksmuseum? Is public transport to/from workable for a first time, ignant American visitor? Thanks for any insight you can offer. I'm leaving in about 4 hours...
posted by mundy on Aug 8, 2007 - 11 answers

I'm a man ...and yes I need driving directions

There must be a great way for me to get driving directions via cell phone, right? [more inside]
posted by thatguyryan on Jul 4, 2007 - 12 answers

How do I include a link to driving directions in an embedded Google Map?

What is the best way to embed a Google Map of a business's location, including a link to driving directions? [more inside]
posted by designbot on Jun 29, 2007 - 9 answers

Best mapping software?

What is the best free online directions service for a long road trip? [more inside]
posted by names are hard on May 30, 2007 - 15 answers

Alternative Driving Directions to Google/Mapquest?

Driving Directions Filter: Is there another online service like Google maps or Mapquest that will allow me to customize part of my route? [more inside]
posted by 543DoublePlay on May 21, 2007 - 6 answers

How to Get There? (Greater Boston area)

CluelessFilter, MassachusettsFilter: "Mobil station at exit 17 off 495 in Franklin". Totally lost about how to find out whether this location is even vaguely accessible via the MBTA/commuter rail? I can plug in an address at the MBTA site but I have no idea how to find nearby addresses or that of the Mobil station at that particular exit.
posted by Firas on Feb 2, 2007 - 11 answers

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