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Autotools for Fools: Debugging configure.in files via logging variables?

Is there a way to log or print-to-console the variables configure uses from a configure.in script? I'm trying to build Erlang on OS X 10.9 with ODBC, and the `--with-odbc` path that I'm providing seems to be ignored, possibly due to a bug in lib/odbc/configure.in. I know almost nothing about autotools, but I could test my theory if I could see what's in $host_os and $with_odbc in that context when configure runs. How can I do this? [more inside]
posted by weston on Sep 22, 2016 - 3 answers

Mac OS X application crashes, but only for one user. Why?

Fairly gnarly Mac debugging / troubleshooting question, concerning an app that crashes on launch consistently, but only when run by a single particular user. So far, it's stumped everyone. Lots of gory technical details inside. [more inside]
posted by Kadin2048 on Apr 14, 2015 - 13 answers

Best practices for scientific Python prototyping/debugging?

I'm using Python in my research now to build some models and analyze some data. I've done this with Matlab and R in the past and became fairly used to running individual lines or blocks of code at a time and doing a lot of interactive printing and plotting from the console. This behavior seems to be a bit more difficult in Python and I'm trying to find the best way to be productive. [more inside]
posted by PercussivePaul on Jan 15, 2013 - 11 answers

Good habits for the highly effective computer scientist

I'm a physics graduate student and my PhD work is going to involve a fair amount of programming. Aside from the coding part, what habits and skills do I need to develop to become a competent programmer? [more inside]
posted by Zalzidrax on Aug 31, 2012 - 21 answers

Python is a hydra. Help me tame it.

Can someone help me debug this Python error message(s)? [more inside]
posted by dfriedman on Jan 9, 2012 - 8 answers

How do I keep my sanity with an overdue programming assignment?

How do I keep my sanity with a long overdue academic programming project? Especially with debugging? [more inside]
posted by Triton on Oct 25, 2010 - 13 answers

Squashing down the bugs

What is the best way to get a job in fixing bugs in computer or mobile software? [more inside]
posted by antgly on Oct 15, 2010 - 12 answers

Is there a free/cheap execution/debugging environment for Visual Basic?

I've been doing COM scripting for about two years, using a Sax-basic scripting application. It was a great app. It allowed line-by-line code execution, error reporting, and debug messages. I want to start using real VBS so I can port my widgets to a wider platform. I know I can write a script app in notepad and just run it with windows script host, but there's no real debugging there. Is there any free (or cheap) application that allows you to run VB script in a controlled way? I'd rather not plunk down a month's rent for Visual Studio if I can help it.
posted by clarknova on Jun 3, 2010 - 3 answers

31 stylesheet limit... class != className... double margins... get me out of here!

So, I am sadly tasked with debugging sites on IE every once in a while. Is there anything that even approaches the awesomeness of FireBug/Web Inspector for this task? [more inside]
posted by tmcw on Oct 22, 2009 - 11 answers

How to trigger Office's JIT Debug utility in Office 2007?

I want to use the JIT Debug utility you can install with Office 2007 to debug scripts in another (non-Office) product. I used to be able to do that using previous versions of Office but it doesn't seem to work anymore. What am I doing wrong? [more inside]
posted by l'esprit d'escalier on May 5, 2009 - 2 answers

I wish that Bobby Fischer taught more

Give me Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess for reading code. [more inside]
posted by tylermoody on Jun 10, 2008 - 8 answers

Why is SendMessage blocking on NtUserMessageCall?

Windows debugging question: why is SendMessage blocking indefinitely on NtUserMessageCall? [more inside]
posted by russilwvong on Nov 5, 2007 - 5 answers

How do I interpret RPC extended error information?

COM/RPC debugging: interpreting RPC extended error information. [more inside]
posted by russilwvong on Oct 12, 2007 - 6 answers

How to pinpoint software culprit?

My computer is freezing intermittently. My gut says it's a software problem. Is there some sort of "black box" program to help figure out which program is the culprit? [more inside]
posted by blue_wardrobe on Nov 22, 2005 - 13 answers

Why does IE hate my website?

Why does IE hate my website? I've got it looking decent in Safari and Firefox, but it looks hideous in Explorer. Having done a fair amount of Googling, I've come to the conclusion that it's probably related to one of Explorer's notorious CSS rendering bugs, but my self-taught CSS and HTML is not enough to enable me to pinpoint and solve the problem. [more inside]
posted by yankeefog on Nov 9, 2005 - 15 answers

Remotely coding PHP without FTP

I like to code my PHP scripts on my Windows machine in TextPad, then upload them to the server to test/debug them. But constantly FTPing files while debugging is the pits. What's the answer? Install PHP locally? Break down and learn to use vi? What's a programmer to do? What would you do?
posted by vraxoin on Jun 22, 2004 - 31 answers

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