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Protest Runway (sorry, bad pun)

[GayDC_Filter] Should I go to the protests this Saturday? (See explanation) [more inside]
posted by Franklin76 on Nov 13, 2008 - 31 answers

[JobHuntFilter] How can a recent college-grad, currently interning, find an entry-level job in D.C./NoVA? (more inside)

So I graduated in May, came out to DC, did an (unpaid) Capitol Hill internship, am now in the final half of a (paid) internship with a consulting firm. I'm looking for work in politics generally, media/communications/PR, or perhaps even fundraising. I'm pretty flexible. I've been living on Craigslist, MediaBistro, the Tom Manatos Job List, the Brad Traverse Group, Politico Jobs, Roll Call Jobs, Hill Zoo, the Scott Baker job list, the WaPo classifieds...IT NEVER ENDS, and yet I never seem to find something that is (a) an entry-level position vaguely in my field of interests and (b) the kind of place that hires Democrats. [I can do non-partisan or bi-partisan work, but this is DC, and it feels like tons and tons of job openings are for Repub groups and members of Congress.]
posted by Franklin76 on Oct 16, 2008 - 14 answers

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