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IE/Mac Hell

Help, I'm stuck in IE/Mac hell! (It's the only browser we support for Mac at the moment, so it has to work there.) I have a dropdown list with various values: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, etc. One of these values is set by the JSP as the current selected value: . Clicking on the value in the dropdown you want (Page 5, whatever) will bring you to that new page. The code is valid and works perfectly fine in IE/Win, Safari, Mozilla, etc. But on IE/Mac, when the new page loads, the value that's *visible* on screen in the dropdown box is not the currently-selected one, but rather whatever value was the first value in the dropdown list! So you could be on Page 1, go to Page 5, but Page 1 (the first option in the list of options) is what displays in the dropdown. To make matters funkier, when you then click to open that dropdown, it "jumps" to show you that yes, you're really on Page 5, that Page 5 is indeed the selected/highlighted value. So it's a display bug of some sort...?

I've seen plenty of bug reports and workarounds online for Mac/IE, but nearly all of them involve CSS, not core HTML pieces like options/selects. We do use CSS on the site, but it's minimal, and we generally use nested tables, inside which this naughty dropdown resides. Ideas to get around this--maybe javascript to force the correct value to display? Anyone else had this sort of issue? Help!
posted by Asparagirl on May 27, 2004 - 2 answers

Where can I troubleshoot CSS online?

What are some good web development links or discussion lists with an emphasis on CSS development to help me troubleshoot some problems with a new site of mine? Mozilla and Safari aren't rendering my CSS correctly (it's fine in IE) even though I thought I was being careful in how I coded it. I'm a member of CSS-discuss and have posted my issue there, but the nice people who tried to take a look at the problem have been stumped. I've also read through the archives at scriptygoddess and a list apart. Help! [more inside]
posted by Asparagirl on Feb 17, 2004 - 7 answers

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