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New Yorkers moving to Montreal- HELP!!!

Hello My partner and I are moving to Montreal from NYC in the winter of 2007 and need some advice on great neighbourhoods to look into and the possibilities of finding an apt around that time. Any suggestions?
posted by Dmart on Aug 1, 2006 - 22 answers

check please...

Since become borderline obsessed with Anthony Bourdain, the idea (not that I would ever get there mind you) of going to one of the high end restaurants that he has visited (namely el Bulli or The French Laundry) and have wondered, just how much would dinner run?
posted by ShawnString on Jul 11, 2006 - 24 answers

How much for Botox?

How much does a Botox treatment cost? Is $500 about right? And how long does it last? I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes. thanks
posted by zackdog on Jul 11, 2006 - 4 answers

Let's base our new life together on unreasonable expectations and outrageous debt!

What's the median cost of a wedding these days? The average must be skewed high by the outrageous spending of the super-rich. [more inside]
posted by croutonsupafreak on Jun 4, 2006 - 39 answers

D.C. versus Boston

I'm interested in comparing life in D.C. to Boston. I love Boston but the housing costs are outrageous and the winters are much too long. Any thoughts on how these two cities compare?
posted by mintchip on May 5, 2006 - 18 answers

How much money do corporations spend on system administration?

I'm trying to find studies or reports on the cost of corporate IT spending (specifically system administration) and expectations on how much it will grow in the future (say 10 years time). Any ideas on where to look or specific keywords to search for?
posted by mutantdisco! on Apr 28, 2006 - 3 answers

Show me the $$$!!!1!

Fine Art Price Filter: What should I charge for a limited edition digital Art(TM) print? [more inside]
posted by joe_from_accounting on Apr 25, 2006 - 7 answers

Why are condos usually just 2-3 levels?

I notice that in the US condos are rarely more than 3 levels (except in a very few places like NYC). In many countries that I have visited, condos are usually 5 levels up to high rise buildings. If condos are built to reduce the land cost per unit, wouldn’t it make more sense to build additional levels? Or other costs such as those invested in parking structures will push the cost per unit further up? If so, is 2-3 level the ideal cost for developers and buyers? I guess my question can apply to apartment complex too. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
posted by dy on Apr 3, 2006 - 17 answers

How can the energy cost of an electronic device over a span of time be calculated?

How can the energy cost of an electronic device over a span of time be calculated?
posted by airguitar on Feb 21, 2006 - 6 answers

Help me not be bored on the weekend

I am always bored on the weekends. I like to be really busy all of the time, but I am not very good at finding things that I enjoy that aren't also expensive (I have very little disposable income). Also, I dislike doing things alone, but I'm single and most of my friends are in relationships and hang out with their sig other on the weekend. What do YOU do on the weekends? I'm one of those people who likes work-type things more than play, but I don't really want to get a part-time job or anything. I guess what I'm saying is that I like things that are challenging and "suck you in."
posted by mintchip on Jan 29, 2006 - 28 answers

How spoiled are your kids?

How much do you spend on your kids? [more inside]
posted by spacewrench on Nov 20, 2005 - 4 answers

How much does a website cost?

How do I charge for web development work? [more inside]
posted by monkey closet on Sep 13, 2005 - 11 answers

Cost of living raise?

AnnualReviewFilter: It's that time of year again. Is there a rule of thumb or minimum, percentage-wise, to expect to keep up with inflation and cost-of-living for this year compared to last? [more inside]
posted by robbie01 on Sep 12, 2005 - 8 answers

Iraq War Cost

How much has the Iraq war cost to date? Cite sources please.
posted by Manjusri on Aug 22, 2005 - 11 answers

How much will this basement reno cost me?

HomeImprovementFilter: I'm planning on having a basement room finished, and before I put the contractors to the time and expense of coming out for estimates, I want to know if the project will be something I can afford to do right now. [more inside]
posted by gwenzel on Aug 18, 2005 - 2 answers

why does my agua stinka

The water that comes out of my kitchen sink tap STINKS. [more inside]
posted by luriete on Aug 8, 2005 - 10 answers

the mail of the species

Is there a site that tells you how much it costs to mail (US Postal Service) various items? [more inside]
posted by grumblebee on Jul 31, 2005 - 14 answers

How much does it cost to wash?

How much does it cost (or what is the amount of electricity / volume of water used) to do one full load of laundry, as an average. Or, how would I go about getting precise figures for this? I want to know how much too much we pay to operate the pay-per-load laundry machines in our new apartment building.
posted by ChrisR on Jul 16, 2005 - 5 answers

The light, the light!

How much would it cost to install a new window where there was none before? [more inside]
posted by Popular Ethics on Jun 17, 2005 - 7 answers

How should an amateur artist price a CD cover design?

Amateur artist needs help setting a price... I'm a Canadian college kid and an amateur artist. I got an email a few days ago from a musician in England asking me to design a CD cover for his band, based on him having seen a picture online of the only commissioned artwork I've ever done (a small painting that I sold for $125 American).
He's asked me to set my price, and I've got no idea. I'm not a professional by any means, and I'm just a kid, and pretty broke anyway, so I'd be happy with relatively little, but I don't want him to think he's getting some kind of bargain-basement deal. What should I take into account here, and how should I go about negotiating a price with him? Is there anything else I should know about this kind of transaction?
Thanks in advance.
posted by anonymous on Feb 13, 2005 - 16 answers

Subwoofer Recommendations

stereofilter: I'm interested in replacing my subwoofer. I have some cheap RCA thing that really overemphasizes a single note. I'd like to replace it with something that has better frequency response, preferably a self-powered sub, and I don't want to pay a fortune for 'stereophile' stuff like so many people seem to do.
posted by delmoi on Feb 13, 2005 - 9 answers

How Can I Get an Understanding of Why Legal Drugs are So Pricy, Without Attributing It to Greed?

I thought of asking this question in response to this comment, but thought it was better off here:
Why are legal drug prices so expensive. As a biochemistry major, I see first-hand how expensive very simple reagents and machines are to create simple research. It seems somewhat reasonable that in my naive on little world, drug prices are somewhat justified by the cost of r&d. Are there any reports out there of where drug companies spend their money. i.e., can I see how much are sent on salaries, equipment, court fees, etc to get more of an understanding of drug company costs and profits, especially since I'll probably being getting a job at one in a few months. Also, info on why drugs (beyond their being greedy) are so expensive in The States (or so I hear) vs. other parts of the world would be useful, too.
posted by jmd82 on Jan 30, 2005 - 56 answers

Is there a mid-level way to cross the Atlantic by ship?

Airbus will announce their new "flying cruise ship" (see pictures) this week and it will probably be beyond the cost for most people. But it made me think that we all ideally want to travel like that, but put up with crowded planes because they are fast and relatively cheap. Ships used to be the way to travel across the Atlantic, is it possible to travel by ship across the Atlantic without spending a lot of money? It seems the choices are high-end cruise ship, or low-brow freighter travel. Does an affordable, middle-market quick human transportation by ship service exist across the Atlantic?
posted by stbalbach on Jan 17, 2005 - 21 answers

PayPal me my taxes.

I am running a free Web-based service for friends and acquaintances. Lately, the volume on this service has been growing greatly. The next step is to move the service to a professional host. I am thinking of putting a paypal donation button on the site to help pay for it. Are there any legal or tax issues I need to worry about? Do I need a business license? What if I want to start selling Cafe Press items or running Google ads? I am located in the USA.
posted by Orkboi on Jan 16, 2005 - 5 answers

Paying the Plumber

How much should I pay for a plumber? [mi] [more inside]
posted by languagehat on Nov 3, 2004 - 5 answers

How much is a dinner for two at the French Laundry?

I'm considering making a pilgrimage to the French Laundry in January, and was hoping someone could give a me a realistic estimate of the total cost (food, wine, anything else?) for dinner for two. [more inside]
posted by rorycberger on Oct 13, 2004 - 16 answers

Overseas Job. Scam?

My sister was asked if she wants to join a friend teaching english in europe. One thing she said raised a red flag, though. [mi] [more inside]
posted by SpecialK on Oct 10, 2004 - 4 answers

What is a reasonable price for a funeral wreath?

What is a reasonable price for a funeral wreath?
posted by Joey Michaels on Aug 28, 2004 - 5 answers

What is the very cheapest way to get high-speed internet in the Sunset district of SF?

What is the very cheapest way to get high-speed internet in the Sunset district of SF? In our place in Montreal we pay 40/month Canadian, and I know there are cheaper plans. Everything I could find in SF is at least 45 USD/month and generally more, unless you have a cable connection. My sis just moved there, has a very low budget and no cable connection. Thoughts?
posted by louigi on Aug 26, 2004 - 5 answers

Why does bandwidth cost money?

Why does bandwidth cost anything? Short of hosting companies finding a means to make some money, what is the actual cost justification on charging for overages, etc? Is it a racket or does traffic actually put an expense on an ISP forcing them, in turn, to charge customers? Always wondered. Thanks.
posted by Peter H on Aug 26, 2004 - 8 answers

Reasonable hotels in Glasgow?

I'm hoping to spend a few days in Glasgow in September but I'm hitting a wall in finding a hotel because of the cost hike due to the single supplement which in some cases is more than the actual cost of the room. Any singletons out there been to the city and stayed in a reasonably priced hotel?
posted by feelinglistless on Aug 8, 2004 - 2 answers

DIY Roofing

Roofing filter day

My wife has decided that we need a new roof and that we're going to do it ourselves. I'm not opposed to this, well, okay I am, but stilll....

How do we price this out for ourselves? Any denizens or askmefi have any experience in this? We have asphalt shingles now and will stick with same.

My wife says thanks in advance.
posted by damnitkage on Jul 20, 2004 - 23 answers

How is taking a train over a long distance?

ExperienceFilter: so I'm going back to Cali (from Texas) in a couple of weeks to be in a dear friend's wedding. I'm a cheapskate, and deathly afraid to fly (though I will if I must), and have found, much to my surprise, that Amtrak offers the cheapest ($276 vs. $375 bus and $400-800 air) round-trip fare by far. However, the few people I've spoken with all semi-shudder at the thought of taking the train long-distance, mainly due to unexplained delays. What's your long train ride experience? Is it worth the cheap fare?
posted by WolfDaddy on Jul 12, 2004 - 30 answers

What do utilities cost in Seattle?

What do utilities cost in Seattle? [more inside]
posted by Hildago on Jun 6, 2004 - 7 answers

How much does a catalytic converter cost?

The catalytic converter on my 97 Ford Escort blew out today, and I suspect it ruptured part of the exhaust works in front of the muffler. I can find out how much parts cost on my own, but I'm not going to be doing the service myself, so could someone knowledgeable in the realm of automotive repair hazard a ballpark guesstimate as to how much this might cost me to fix? I just need a general idea so I can figure out how much blood to sell to pay for the repairs.
posted by headspace on May 24, 2004 - 4 answers

What could my friend do to avoid being bullied by his fiancee's family?

There's already been a question on AskMe about engagement ring advice, but I'm looking for something a little different. My buddy just spent $10,000 on an engagement ring because his fiance is feeling the pressure of being a brand new attorney in NYC and wanting to look the part. He didn't want to, but he did it anyway, cause her family was giving her the "If he loves you, he'd spend the money" spiel and it was really getting to her.

What could he have done at that point? She's a great girl, just a little prone to doing what her family wants her to do, so "RUN" isn't an appropriate response. Also, what is an appropriate price? $10,000 is about two months salary, but it seems extreme.

Google's not really any help....strangers who I've interacted with (ala MeFites) are significantly better than strangers I have not (ala some random webpage).
posted by taumeson on May 24, 2004 - 84 answers

How much should I pay for a website community?

Website costing. How much should I pay for a website community? [More Inside] [more inside]
posted by seanyboy on Apr 27, 2004 - 7 answers

Are 32-bit computers worth it anymore?

Would I be crazy to plop down money on a 32-bit mobo & processor when 64-bit are now available? (More inside) [more inside]
posted by RavinDave on Apr 9, 2004 - 12 answers

UK dial-up internet service?

Can anyone in the UK recommend a good dial-up provider and give an indication of the cost?
posted by Frasermoo on Jan 28, 2004 - 6 answers

What's the best way to move 2000 books cheaply?

I'm moving about 2000 miles across the continental US and I have around 2000 books. What's the cheapest way for me to get them there? Just get my movers to do it (lots of weight), ship 'em via book rate at the post office, rent a uhaul and drive? Advice appreciated. Selling them isn't an option.
posted by warhol on Jan 19, 2004 - 10 answers

Paying for Web Hosting

Searching for a web host is excrutiatingly painful. Tons of options, tons of discrepancies between hosts, how and who did you choose?

What's a reasonable price to be paying? $5, $10, $20/month? [more inside]
posted by jacobw on Dec 18, 2003 - 45 answers

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