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Hope in face of colorectal cancer?

My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with cancer of the colon. I don’t really know what I want to ask here, except to ask for some reason to hope that he’ll be okay, and to ask for advice if he’s not. [more inside]
posted by starstarstar on Apr 27, 2015 - 21 answers

Please check my colon

Please help settle a debate. Is the colon in the following sentence used properly? "Disagreement about climate change is rarely a simple dispute about facts: people’s interpretation of climate change information is influenced by cognitive factors and motivated reasoning." Thank you.
posted by griseus on Mar 3, 2015 - 23 answers

145:110... 132:114... 114:101... what does this page of numbers mean?

At the local dog park, someone apparently found two Post-it notes, covered in strange number pairs, and pinned them to the lost&found board because, well, they look like they might be important! Since then, there's been much speculation about what these numbers might be for, what they might mean. Rather then type it all out, I have an image of the notes themselves, here. [more inside]
posted by The otter lady on Nov 3, 2013 - 86 answers

What do I need to know about getting a colon resection?

I've put it off until it can't be put off anymore, and now, due to diverticulitis/diverticulosis, I need to have my colon resectioned. Will you please tell me things you wish you knew before you or your loved ones did the surgery? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jan 26, 2013 - 4 answers

How do I find out if some bigger health problem is causing thus depression?

Depression! But maybe it's hypothyroidism? Dr google tells me it might be cancer (ovarian or bowel) when I add in the other health changes I've had over the last year. Hope me? What do I ask? Who do I see? No insurance. Location and gmail inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 28, 2011 - 13 answers

Can I put my worries aside for Christmas?

How can I put off worrying about my health enough to enjoy the holidays? Also, what should I ask my second-opinion doctor? (A couple icky details inside) [more inside]
posted by whalebreath on Dec 13, 2011 - 28 answers

Conditional formatting (?): How to bold all text that comes before a colon

Is there a way to make all text at the beginning of a line, preceding a colon, BOLD in Microsoft Word? [more inside]
posted by lovableiago on Dec 5, 2011 - 11 answers

full body cleanse detox

I have two weeks off for christmas and I would like to use that time to do a very effective liver, colon, kidney cleanse. Can someone please give me a detailed plan including which order to do the cleanses; I've heard to do kidneys before liver so you can properly flush. I'm interested in what my meals should look like (juice fast, master cleanse, raw foods) as well as what supplements are helpful to expel crap from my guts. My goal is not weightloss. I tend to breakout in rashes after meals and I plan to slowly reintroduce foods after the cleanse to gauge what foods I have negative reactions to. It might be relevant to mention that I eat fish and eggs and cheese but no other animal products. Thanks for all your help.
posted by madmamasmith on Dec 5, 2010 - 17 answers

Colon cancer/surgery in elderly

Two weeks ago my 83 year old mother was diagnosed with colon cancer--surgery to remove the right side of her colon is scheduled for this Friday. If anyone here has gone through this type of surgery, what were your experiences during post op and recovery? What can our family do to make Mom's recovery easier? [more inside]
posted by I'm Brian and so's my wife! on Aug 8, 2010 - 6 answers

Digestion and the end result.

This is a question about digestion and the end result. This is purely a matter of abstract curiosity. I promise not to provide too much information. [more inside]
posted by jason's_planet on Jan 27, 2009 - 11 answers

Punctuation Puzzle

Is this good use of punctuation? The adept poster: one of nobility, wisdom and wit, is the superior MeFite. [more inside]
posted by l33tpolicywonk on Sep 2, 2008 - 17 answers

Belching, farting and other icky stuff. What the hell just happened to my gastrointestinal system?

Belching, farting and other icky stuff. What the hell just happened to my gastrointestinal system? Disgusting details inside. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Jul 1, 2008 - 18 answers

Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing - Are the solutions advertised on TV and on the web a good idea? Are they harmful? Do doctors approve this kind of thing?
posted by FLHunter3006 on Mar 18, 2008 - 12 answers

My body stores feces in the rectum -- weird, but is it bad?

Every anal-sex manual says not to worry, feces isn't stored in the rectum. Well, my body doesn't know that. Could this cause, or be the effect of, any health problems I should know about? Text gets explicit. [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 4, 2007 - 9 answers

With a dash dash dash and a dot dot dot

What is the proper punctuation for this slogan? [more inside]
posted by nekton on Apr 13, 2007 - 19 answers

Anal stitching: the ultimate body mod...?

When one is forced to get a colostomy bag, er, installed... [more inside]
posted by limeonaire on Nov 8, 2006 - 15 answers

Post-surgery meals recovering from colon cancer surgery

My mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, and is scheduled for a lower anterior resection of her colon next week. Help me plan meals for the first week post-surgery! [more inside]
posted by desuetude on Sep 20, 2006 - 9 answers

Clinical Trial Inside Gouge??

Clinical Trial Filter: My stepfather was diagnosed with colon cancer today. [more inside]
posted by matty on Jul 18, 2006 - 7 answers

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