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the mother of all ladies raincoats!

Looking for a stylish, functional women’s raincoat/jacket that isn’t “formal,” but also isn’t too sporty, and that I can wear with a variety of things including jeans and leggings. Can you recommend something? [more inside]
posted by raztaj on Mar 4, 2015 - 13 answers

Help me find a warm puffy coat for NEXT winter.

Please help me find a warm, puffy and DISCOUNTED coat for next winter! [more inside]
posted by Viola on Mar 11, 2014 - 18 answers

Personal shopper needed for some snowboots in Aisle 7 please

Say you're a hip and adorable lesbian- what snowboots would you buy? I'm trying to buy my partner a pair of snowboots for Xmas and want to find some really cute, stylish ones but am coming up short. We're in the Rockies. I just buy utilitarian boots, so I am bad at this. [more inside]
posted by rabu on Dec 16, 2013 - 17 answers

Find me a San Francisco summer jacket!

Hi hivemind! I'm a late twenties girl, 5'5, 130, platinum pixie cut, and I am looking for San Francisco summer jacket! [more inside]
posted by amileighs on Jun 18, 2013 - 12 answers

Help me find a classic men's winter coat

I'm a man in my late-30s and want a winter coat that's less Urban Outfitters, more classic and grown-up. Help? [more inside]
posted by deern the headlice on Jan 21, 2013 - 21 answers

Pea Coat Overload

I have very little experience with buying winter coats. In searching online for a semi-formal women's winter pea coat I have gotten completely overwhelmed with choices. Help? [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter on Nov 13, 2012 - 33 answers

What kind of coat should I buy for bike commuting in spring weather?

What kind of coat should I buy for bike commuting in spring weather? (male fashion) [more inside]
posted by lord_yo on May 24, 2012 - 9 answers

Help me to efficiently and accurately search for a piece of cord!

My favorite ratty old coat is away at the tailor being freshened up. I need to order some replacement parts to give the man who's fixing my beloved outerwear, but I don't know what to call these parts when I'm googling for shopping options. I need help efficiently and accurately searching for a piece of cord with which to re-affix the fasteners to my coat. [more inside]
posted by treefort on Mar 19, 2012 - 4 answers

Can you identify this women's coat/cape?

Please help me identify a cape/coat thing so I can surprise my girlfriend with it. (picture inside) [more inside]
posted by plasticbugs on Dec 15, 2011 - 17 answers

Help me find great brands for Men's Winter coats! (Fur lined hoods!)

Looking for recommendations on good Men's Winter Coat manufacturers. Fur trim on hood preferable! [more inside]
posted by PetiePal on Nov 16, 2011 - 9 answers

Are these coats the same?

Are these two coats actually the same one? How can I tell? [more inside]
posted by bibliophibianj on Dec 25, 2010 - 7 answers

jacket vs coat: what is the difference, length or thickness?

help settle a debate. jacket vs coat: what is the difference, length or thickness? [more inside]
posted by illegiblemess on Dec 5, 2009 - 29 answers

Good Winter Clothes for Toddlers

Please recommend good winter clothing for 1-year-olds, especially super warm coats. We're talking months and months of ice and snow here. [more inside]
posted by puritycontrol on Oct 8, 2009 - 19 answers

itchy itchy baa baa baa

Woolrich stuff has actual wool in it. I have received a gift of a lovely sweater and a very nice coat that are from Woolrich. I can wear a long sleeve thin shirt under the sweater, but what about the coat? i don't always wear long sleeves and the coat is a 3-season. Is there something I can put over the wool part inside, like iron-on felt or nylon or something? [more inside]
posted by sio42 on Sep 18, 2009 - 15 answers

TNF Down or TriClimate

Skiers: NorthFace down or TriClimate? [more inside]
posted by jma on Jan 7, 2008 - 14 answers

Who the &*^% Goes to the Arctic in the Winter?

I need clothing/gear recommendations for a week in Barrow, Alaska. [more inside]
posted by fourcheesemac on Nov 10, 2007 - 13 answers

Where can I find a simple-yet-fashionable, hooded coat?

I've never been fond of coats, and usually stick out the winter shivering in sweaters, but I recently spotted a nice coat in a magazine ad. I contacted the company, but the ad was for shoes, and they couldn't give me any information on the coat. So I'm looking for a similar coat ... [more inside]
posted by book on Aug 19, 2007 - 6 answers

Warm Stylish Coat for Cold Nasty Weather

Where can I get a coat like this? [more inside]
posted by turbanhead on Feb 7, 2007 - 13 answers

Pea Coat advice?

I love the look of the classic Pea Coat; but I have always heard that plus size women should not wear double breasted jackets or coats and all of the Pea coats that I see have the double column of buttons down the front. Does the accentuate the big-boxy look on plus size gals?
posted by sandra194 on Dec 5, 2006 - 15 answers

I have accepted that if I wish to preserve my reproductive organs, I will need to acquire a long coat rather quickly. but what to look out for?

I have accepted that if I wish to preserve my reproductive organs, I will need to acquire a long coat rather quickly. but what to look out for? [more inside]
posted by krautland on Dec 3, 2006 - 25 answers

Destination: Get Down!

I just bought a black down coat and the down is constantly stuck to the outside of it. Is this normal? [more inside]
posted by mike_bling on Oct 28, 2006 - 6 answers

Problems with a new leather jacket

My new leather jacket is wearing very strangely. [+] [more inside]
posted by borkingchikapa on Feb 8, 2005 - 2 answers

Your favorite long (and long-lasting) wool coat?

Inspired by this thread, I'm thinking of investing in a real winter coat, of the long, wooly variety. Is anybody out there really, really satisfied with a long wooly coat that's held up for years and years and was affordable? [more inside]
posted by josh on Dec 12, 2004 - 19 answers

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