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What's the classical equivalent of electroswing?

It's been a while since the hive mind has recommended music that blends classical with contemporary sounds. I'm looking for whatever is to classical what electro-swing is to jazz. Techno is too cheesy. William Orbit is too chillout. Wendy Carlos is too frenetic and ancient. A Touch Of Beethoven is too disco. Waltz Darling by Malcolm McLaren is too 80s pop. Is there anything since the posts in 2008 that blends orchestra with beats in a way that might work on a dancefloor today?
posted by skylar on Oct 14, 2010 - 15 answers

(Non-obvious) classical music to scare girls to...?

Can you suggest some dark, foreboding, scary classical music? Not the obvious stuff like The Hall of the Mountain King or Carmina Burana, but some pieces that might not be instantly recognisable. Can be any era - I'd love to find some stuff from the baroque era that fits the bill - but any period as long as it sends chills up and down the spine.
posted by skylar on Oct 29, 2008 - 35 answers

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