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From Church to State to Corporation

I suspect this is a huge question with more than one answer, but… It has been decades since I read a book (article?) that laid out a theory of (let’s call them) epochs in civilization where the predominant force governing people’s lives were/are church, then state, then corporations. [more inside]
posted by Short Attention Sp on Jul 13, 2014 - 7 answers

Help me find the Latin phrase describing my position on a religion/government issue...

Government/History/Religion question: is there a Latin phrase for a doctrine of belief in secular government (vs. theocracy or other religious governments) amongst a plurality of beliefs? [more inside]
posted by brownrd on Feb 26, 2011 - 11 answers

looking for texas wedding venue

I live in Austin Texas and just got engaged. I am trying to find a venue that offers an outdoor ceremony site and an indoor or covered reception area. My budget is no more than 2,000 dollars. [more inside]
posted by madmamasmith on Jan 13, 2008 - 11 answers

Christian hymn at public school graduation

Being from the UK I find the whole separation of church and state issue in the US confusing. At a recent public high school graduation "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was sung by the school choir. Now that's clearly a Christian song, so why is it sung at such an occasion where non-Christians make up a large part of the student body?
posted by TheManticore on Jul 20, 2005 - 29 answers

Why is Christmas day an official holiday in the US?

Baffling Things About America, #820. If church and state are completely seperate in the US, why is Christmas day an official holiday?
posted by Pericles on May 19, 2004 - 32 answers

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