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Inherited Chicken Bricks

Roommate moved out, I inherited four 15-month-old boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer. I'm going to assume they won't taste optimal. Actually, I'm expecting them to not be very palatable to me without major work. What can I do to these chicken breasts to cover up any "old chicken" flavors and textures, without drying them out? Taking any and all ideas. [more inside]
posted by WasabiFlux on Feb 21, 2014 - 28 answers

Slightly eggy smelling cooked then frozen chicken ok to eat?

Is cooked then frozen chicken with a mild eggy smell ok to eat? [more inside]
posted by 1024x768 on Nov 7, 2012 - 13 answers

how safe is this chicken

I just found a frozen chicken dish in the freezer that is one year out of date. [more inside]
posted by a womble is an active kind of sloth on May 14, 2009 - 12 answers

Can I Eat This? If So, Got Any Recipes?

3 pound package of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts accidentally thawed to room temperature (out of freezer 10 hours). Yes I'm an idiot. That's not the question. What should I do with it? [more inside]
posted by wendell on May 14, 2009 - 34 answers

Frozen chicken breasts: Treasure or poison?

Frozen chicken breasts and other frozen meats: Are they worthwhile? [more inside]
posted by ignignokt on May 29, 2008 - 27 answers

Duck, duck, frozen chicken

I have three pounds of frozen chicken stew meat. What should I do with it? [more inside]
posted by hamster on Feb 21, 2006 - 20 answers

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