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First gun range experience: Glock?

I want to shoot my first gun at a firing range and I am thinking of starting with a Glock. Is this goal realistic for an inexperienced woman with small hands? Possible further complication: I live in Chicago and do not own any guns.
posted by agregoli on Jul 6, 2012 - 37 answers

Where can I find the best wild mushroom ravioli in Chicago?

Where can I find the best fresh wild mushroom ravioli (at a restaurant) in Chicago? And the best Sardinian food?
posted by agregoli on Oct 1, 2011 - 2 answers

Road Trip

I'm getting married in October, and our honeymoon is a long leisurely drive up to Massachusetts. We know we'll be stopping at Niagara Falls for one night, but are there any other places we should stop and see, weird roadside attractions, etc? We've already been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland...any roads less traveled to consider?
posted by agregoli on Mar 29, 2005 - 33 answers

Is there a database available to find out about crime in your neighborhood?

I've searched and searched, but is there a database available to find general crimes in your neighborhood like burglaries? I know about the sex offender database, but I can't find anything but general statistics from the police department. I'm in Chicago.
posted by agregoli on Jan 4, 2005 - 14 answers

Small Presses in Chicago

ChicagoFilter: I'm looking for small presses in Chicago - the type that churn out lots of creative zines, etc. I LIVE here, but I'm having trouble finding where to go to get a good list going. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
posted by agregoli on Oct 26, 2004 - 3 answers

Big Beetles

BugFilter: We have these huge beetles (not cockroaches) in our house these days...is there a good pictoral guide on the internet for figuring out what they are? I live in Chicago, so anything that would be searchable by region would be great too.
posted by agregoli on Sep 22, 2004 - 19 answers

Can anyone recommend a small business lawyer in the Chicago area?

Can anyone recommend a small business lawyer in the Chicago area? Downtown is preferable. Also, does anyone have any idea of what basic services of starting a business through a lawyer would cost? Ballpark figure?
posted by agregoli on Aug 12, 2004 - 9 answers

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