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Foods with the energy of oatmeal?

I like the energy and state of mind that eating oatmeal gives me. Are there any boxed, packaged cold cereals that have the same ingredients? What other foods generally have a similar nutritional profile in terms of energy?
posted by shivohum on Apr 15, 2015 - 20 answers

How do I make my own cold cereal?

So I've decided that I need to make my own damn cereal. I DO NOT WANT HOT CEREAL. I want to know how I can make my own COLD cereal, which can be used as the base for milk and blueberries. [more inside]
posted by hal_c_on on Jan 20, 2015 - 26 answers

Help me change my breakfast routine for the better!

I've been stuck in a multigrain Cheerios + sweetened soy milk + scrambled egg rut for wayyy too long. I'd like to eat healthier, filling breakfasts with whole grains, and learn to like savory foods for breakfast as well. Details inside! [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown on Sep 7, 2014 - 32 answers

Pimp my non-oat hot cereal

I love oatmeal. Loooove it. Preferably not instant, almost thick enough to stand a spoon up in, with a sprinkle of fun toppings. CHEAP, low fat, filling, easy, good for you if you lay off the brown sugar. The bad news? Over the last few years I seem to have become allergic to oats (allover itchies and gut churning badness). So, chefs of MeFi, what hot cereal recipe should I turn to which most closely resembles oatmeal, especially in mouth-feel? [more inside]
posted by sarahkeebs on Sep 10, 2013 - 30 answers

Can someone please explain why baby rice cereal goes sloppier rather than thicker over time?

I am currently feeding my baby rice cereal (just powdered rice) which I mix with a little hot water and breast milk into a sort of thick goop however I have noticed that if I leave it for around five or so minutes it begins to turn into a much runnier almost liquid consistency. I would have thought it would have got thicker over time. Could someone please explain why this happens?
posted by soymilk on Jun 28, 2012 - 5 answers

Silly rabbit trix are for kids!!

What are some good healthy alternatives to help me wean myself off of sugary breakfast cereals? [more inside]
posted by holdkris99 on Apr 9, 2012 - 42 answers

Milk first or cereal first?

Milk first or cereal first? [more inside]
posted by jtfowl0 on Nov 11, 2011 - 92 answers

Purchase a foreign breakfast cereal in the States?

How can someone purchase a few boxes of This Cereal into the United States, easily? [more inside]
posted by llacness on Nov 8, 2011 - 5 answers

Cereal = Soup?

Is cereal a soup? [more inside]
posted by Carillon on Apr 26, 2011 - 83 answers

Why does my pee smell like Cheerios?

Why does my pee smell like Cheerios? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Nov 2, 2010 - 32 answers

breakfast cereal upsets my stomach

Why does this breakfast cereal upset my stomach, despite all of its ingredients appearing to be safe for me? [more inside]
posted by germdisco on Aug 14, 2010 - 10 answers

Quisp vs. Quake: How did the voting take place?

How did Quaker tally the votes in the great Quisp vs Quake cereal war? [more inside]
posted by GaelFC on Jul 30, 2010 - 9 answers

Need a good cereal, but picky

Please recommend a low glycemic, high fiber, negligible sugar containing cereal that is oat and wheat free, and can be eaten cold. Kamut and spelt are OK. Recipes are OK too.
posted by blargerz on Jul 29, 2010 - 8 answers

Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal: Supposed to taste bitter?

I recently bought Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal at my local grocery store, after hearing lots of good things about the brand as a whole. I was surprised and disappointed to find that I didn't like it at all. It had such a bitter taste! [more inside]
posted by MelanieL on Jun 10, 2010 - 21 answers

Can't remember this cereal from the 1980s.

Does anyone remember this cereal from the 1980s? The commercial was for a hot cereal so gross-looking that the kids had to wear paper bags on their heads, but they said it was really great-tasting and chocolatey. Is this just my own imagination at work, or did it actually exist?
posted by blake137 on May 12, 2010 - 9 answers

"Serious over my cereal"

QuotationFilter: "Serious over my cereal, I broke one morning my fast, with something-to-read-searching retina ... " [more inside]
posted by paduasoy on Apr 25, 2010 - 9 answers

What is this cereal I enjoyed so much as a child in the UK?

What was this cereal I enjoyed so much as a child in the UK? [more inside]
posted by bookdragoness on Oct 22, 2009 - 6 answers

How do you make Grape Nuts edible?

Sometimes I decide that I should buy Grape Nuts for breakfast because this cereal seems to be very healthy. Unfortunately, I always lose interest when I actually eat the cereal. Is there anybody out there who eats Grape Nuts daily and enjoys it? What do you do to it to make it edible?
posted by kensington314 on Aug 19, 2009 - 63 answers

She's sweeet, but her cereal shouldn't be...

Looking for a low-sugar (diabetic friendly) oat-based cereal with "mass" to it, preferably flakes of some sort. [more inside]
posted by GJSchaller on Apr 18, 2009 - 12 answers

Did the old Trix taste better?

Did the old yellow+orange+red spheres version of Trix taste better than the current multicolored Trix or am I just looking at the past with rose tinted tastebuds? [more inside]
posted by HappyEngineer on Apr 7, 2009 - 20 answers

Optimal Junk Cereal: Can it be done?

In a box of cereal containing two objects of differing density, how does one ensure a roughly even ratio throughout the box's use? That is to say, how do you keep the bottom of the box from being all grain and no marshmallow? [more inside]
posted by majick on Oct 2, 2008 - 17 answers


How do I make awesome cereal bars? [more inside]
posted by boo_radley on Sep 15, 2008 - 16 answers

Vintage Total Cereal Commercials

Where can I find an old school commercial of "other" cereal bowls in which they compare how many bowls it takes to equal the nutrition in ONE BOWL of Total? [more inside]
posted by JJ Jenkins on Jul 29, 2008 - 3 answers

Recycle me please

What type of plastic is used for lining breakfast cereal boxes. Is this a recyclable material?
posted by ptm on Jul 7, 2008 - 4 answers

Red Sox DH? Garfield's least favorite dog in plural form? Nah.

Help me find some Oaties! [more inside]
posted by SpiffyRob on Dec 11, 2007 - 5 answers

When bad things go good

What do I with 2 gross ingredients? [more inside]
posted by auntietennis on Nov 4, 2007 - 26 answers

Sayonara Cereal

I've been trying really hard to find this commercial for a long time with no luck. It is from the late nineties I think and it is most likely a cereal commercial. Description: A guy is eating cereal but his long hair keeps falling in the bowl, so he goes to the bathroom and bends over as if he's eating cereal. He cuts his hair so that it won't fall in bowl anymore. Then he goes back and eats cereal without hair in the way. The song playing in the background has lyrics that go: "The time has come for us to say 'sayonara.'" Anyone remember this? Have links to commercial or song? Any info would help.
posted by Aghast. on Jul 19, 2007 - 11 answers

BLUE #1 makes for blue #2

Is there a supplement or other item I can ingest with breakfast that will help me digest BLUE #1? [more inside]
posted by carsonb on Jun 13, 2007 - 19 answers

Putting the Moo Back in Muesli

I want to either buy or make muesli that looks, tastes and feels like the muesli that is available for breakfast in most European hotels. [more inside]
posted by Xurando on Jun 7, 2007 - 12 answers

DIY healthy grain cereal

Where are some good recipes for making your own cracked wheat cereal, combined with other grains like millet, quinoa, etc? [more inside]
posted by craniac on Apr 8, 2007 - 4 answers

Why do corn pops come in that weird, waxy-papery bag?

Why do Corn Pops come in that weird, waxy-papery bag?
posted by BuddhaInABucket on Mar 24, 2007 - 14 answers

Cheap milk replacement for cereal? In a bulk dry mix?

Wanted: Extremely cheap non-milk replacement for cereal eating. [more inside]
posted by loquacious on Jan 27, 2007 - 36 answers

Making Chex Party Mix Without the Chex?

Can you help me find rice, corn, and wheat cereals in the UK that roughly correspond with Chex? [more inside]
posted by potsmokinghippieoverlord on Dec 6, 2006 - 7 answers

Golden Crisp scented piss.

When I eat Golden Crisp cereal in the morning, my urine smells for the rest of the day. [more inside]
posted by dead_ on Aug 18, 2006 - 21 answers

What does 'LCM' stand for in Kellogg's LCMs?

Australia has its own version of Rice Krispie Squares - Kellogg's LCMs®. What does LCM stand for?
posted by obiwanwasabi on Jul 23, 2006 - 36 answers

Probiotics vs Prebiotics

We've seen adverts extolling the virtues of probiotics for years, now. On the TV a few minutes ago I was informed that Weetaflakes contain prebiotics. What's the difference? Should I care?
posted by rhodri on Apr 17, 2006 - 5 answers

Crazy for Farmer Crock

Where can I buy Farmer Crock? [more inside]
posted by blue_beetle on Sep 22, 2005 - 3 answers

Leaded or Unleaded?

Lead-GlazeFilter: I just bought a nice bowl at a Japanese market. It was made in Japan. Is there lead in the glaze? Is it safe to eat from? If it had been made in China, what then? Is this an issue of individual bowls or of country regulations? I know in the US there are laws against lead leaching glazes.
posted by OmieWise on Jun 30, 2005 - 8 answers

International house of breakfast

Western Australia filter: Does anyone know any shops in the Perth metro area that sell breakfast cereals from the UK or US?
posted by krisjohn on May 1, 2005 - 4 answers

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