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Resources on careers in psychology or choosing a career in general?

I've had a lot of jobs, but no career path. Any ideas for resources that will help me a.: decide if therapy is a career path I want to pursue & b.: learn about other careers that might interest me? [more inside]
posted by sunrisecoffee on May 12, 2013 - 4 answers

How did you find your first "real" job that led to your career?

I don't know how to find a job. I made good grades in college. I've done some good internships. Usually once I get to the interview process, I get offered a job. I just don't know where to start with my job search. Looking for anecdotal advice. How did you get your first break into the career you wanted?
posted by sunrisecoffee on Feb 10, 2013 - 15 answers

Is therapy a good career choice these days?

Is masters' level therapy a smart career choice right now? [more inside]
posted by sunrisecoffee on Dec 11, 2012 - 8 answers

what's a people-loving introvert to do for a career?

What's a good career or job for an introvert who enjoys working with people? [more inside]
posted by sunrisecoffee on Oct 3, 2012 - 21 answers

Explanation of my Holland Codes career inventory type?

Anyone know about the Holland Codes personality assessment for career planning? [more inside]
posted by sunrisecoffee on Mar 18, 2012 - 4 answers

How to tell my therapist I want his job?

How awkward will it be if I tell my therapist that I want to be a therapist? [more inside]
posted by sunrisecoffee on Aug 12, 2011 - 22 answers

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