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How would you want to be turned down for a job?

I'm in the process of interviewing mid-senior level candidates and would like to let them know when they are not making it to the next level in the process. If you were a job hunter in this situation what would you want to hear while being turned down for further consideration? I'm looking for an email script! [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on Jul 26, 2013 - 30 answers

My linked in is blowing up

I have had a rash of contacts in the last few days asking about a specific job at my company. I sort of know the hiring manager, but not well enough to just send every random person his way. Basically, I want to blow off these networking inquiries from my colleagues and acquaintances, but maintain cordial relations. How do I handle this delicate task? [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on May 11, 2011 - 18 answers

Where can I be a businessperson working with geeks?

How can I find a workplace that is largely geeks but requires a business person to do things like manage people, conduct business development, etc? Industries and specific companies would be super helpful. [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on Oct 8, 2010 - 10 answers

What is your attitude towards work and how have you made it work for you?

I'm a firm believer that being passionate about my career path and job is necessary for my personal happiness, and that's it's possible. I have definitely experienced having jobs I loved, or working on projects I am completely engaged and enthusiastic about, and this is when I am my best possible self. [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on Jul 9, 2010 - 15 answers

How to overcome fear of starting my own business

How did you feel about starting your own business? Specifically looking for stories from people who left a fairly good corporate job, and how you found the courage to do it to help inform my own decision to stay or leave. (lots more inside) [more inside]
posted by rainydayfilms on Mar 2, 2010 - 13 answers

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