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Just a hunka hunka burning thumb

Last night I cooked with jalapenos. I washed my hands really well, but some oil seems to have gotten under my thumbnail, down where the nail separates from the bed. (If I look through my nail, I can see a tiny red line of inflammation there, in addition to feeling the burn.) Despite having dulled overnight, this is still extremely distracting and uncomfortable. How can I get down under there and fix this? Extra level of difficulty: because we mostly cook vegan food, I have no dairy products in my kitchen.
posted by ocherdraco on Aug 11, 2015 - 17 answers

Home made super hot chips?

Would it be easy to make a homemade version of these potato chips? They are really expensive, but I am a hot foods junkie, and am bored with just dumping ghost pepper sauce on things. [more inside]
posted by polywomp on Sep 25, 2013 - 1 answer

And it burns burns burns...

Any tips for reducing/nullifying the ring of fire after eating spicy foods? [more inside]
posted by Mons Veneris on Nov 12, 2012 - 7 answers

This IS clearing out my sinuses, but still.

Dumb kitchen move question: how do you wash capsaicin out from inside your nose? [more inside]
posted by EmpressCallipygos on Dec 31, 2011 - 25 answers

Serranos: is this an allergy?

Serrano peppers and (heat?) rash: sign of an allergy? Also, how do I stop the burning? [more inside]
posted by randomname25 on Jun 30, 2011 - 9 answers

Recommended drinks for combating the sting of capsaicin in spicy food...?

I know that casein-based products are boss, but which beverages should I get if I run out of kefir? I mean, it's kinda awkward to eat ice cream alongside curry, so no desserts, please.
posted by DenLaerde on Sep 29, 2010 - 6 answers

Capsaicin Conundrum

How can I preemptively prevent pain from hot wings? [more inside]
posted by ajackson on Jul 14, 2010 - 15 answers

What to do with a pepper surplus

I've been given a bounty of peppers. Jalapenos, banana peppers, some other peppers I'm not sure of (I think they're poblanos). What should I do with this pile of spicy? [more inside]
posted by borkencode on Sep 16, 2009 - 19 answers

it burns, it burns!

I just went to the bathroom to pee, and seconds after finishing I realized that I must have unwittingly touched some hot peppers when I was in the kitchen. Please help me stop this unholy burning. [more inside]
posted by number9dream on Sep 26, 2008 - 27 answers

At what level of Scovilles does capsaicin produce skin irritation?

At what level of Scovilles does capsaicin produce skin irritation? [more inside]
posted by adipocere on Sep 17, 2008 - 17 answers

Feelin' hot, hot, hot...

What affects our perception of chilli heat? [more inside]
posted by monkey closet on Aug 23, 2007 - 5 answers

My eyes, the burning!

Tricks for sanitizing hands after handling very spicy peppers? [more inside]
posted by adamrice on Jul 22, 2007 - 11 answers

Why do orange chicken vapors make me cough?

This question is about chinese fast-food orange chicken (the deep-fried amorphous nuggets with a thick tangy glaze). When I take a deep smell from a hot bowl of this chicken, or hold it in my mouth and breathe around it, some sort of irritating vapor makes me cough (or stings my nose). Just one cough – enough to keep it from getting into my lungs. Once the chicken cools down (to mouth temperature, even) it doesn't happen. It reminds me of the reaction I've had sniffing acid in lab – could it be lots of volatile vinegar? I've experienced this with fast-food chicken in more than one college food court.
posted by lostburner on Mar 8, 2007 - 20 answers

My eyes taste like burning.

Help, capsaicin on contacts. [more inside]
posted by empath on Dec 17, 2006 - 17 answers

How do people eat hot peppers at almost every meal?

How do people in certain regions (e.g. Sichuan, Korea, Thailand) eat super-spicy foods at almost every meal and not be in constant discomfort? [more inside]
posted by rxrfrx on Sep 5, 2006 - 33 answers


Physiologyfilter: After reading about capsaicin in this Straight Dope article by following a link from this thread, I got to thinking... [more inside]
posted by Eamon on Sep 13, 2004 - 12 answers

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