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Camping in Arkansas

DallastoArkansascampingFilter: I'm looking to take my family (wife and Two children) to Arkansas for a long weekend of camping. Im looking for a semi secluded cabin area with fun activities around the cabin (Fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, etc..) Can anyone recommend any such areas? Also looking at the closest area near Tx, as i don't want to drive all the way across Arkansas to get there. Thanks in advance.
posted by flipmiester99 on Jul 9, 2009 - 8 answers

Camping and traveling to Colorado.

Tx to Colorado trip/camping/firearm/bear filter: I am taking my wife and child tent camping in Aspen, CO. I have a few questions that i need some answers to. 1. Can i travel with a firearm(Pistol) in my car for the trip? Not 100% on our route yet but i will be going thru Tx, OK, and Co..Maybe Kansas but not sure yet. 2. Can i bring the firearm to the campsite (Difficult Campground-Near Aspen)? Cant find any documentation on this thats why im asking. 3. Are black bears and mountain lions a big threat in Colorado? Ive heard there are all over near Aspen. What caliber pistol would be effective against a black bear but easy enough to take on this trip? Thanks....And any other tips about camping in the Rockies would be appreciated.
posted by flipmiester99 on Jun 20, 2008 - 33 answers

Need music for camping trip

CampingMusicFilter: I need some help putting together around 3-5 mixed cd's with some good music to take camping and play on the good ol jambox. Can all you great people suggest some songs/artists so i can start this little project? BTW....extra kudos if you can specifically suggest phish,Grateful dead, and wsp songs but really all songs from all genres.....Thank!!!
posted by flipmiester99 on Oct 10, 2007 - 19 answers

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