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Help me explore the Batman-and Superman-related DC universe.

What should I watch to learn about the Batman- and Superman-related DC universe, and in what order should I watch it? [more inside]
posted by Four-Eyed Girl on Mar 27, 2016 - 11 answers

Gift ideas? Keywords: Batman, Investing, German, (Comics or Video Games)

I'm looking for a gift for a hard-to-shop-for person, a well-read investment adviser who's a comics nerd. The ideal gift would be a comic book in which Batman is an accountant, written in German. Where can I buy this or something else that this person would really like?
posted by sninctown on Feb 14, 2015 - 5 answers

What is the approximate capacity for party attendance at Wayne Manor?

What is the approximate capacity for party attendance at Wayne Manor (yes, from Batman)? [more inside]
posted by agregoli on Apr 27, 2014 - 11 answers

DCComicsfilter - Old DC UK annual, what happened next?

When I was a kid in the mid-80s, I had a DC annual that was printed in the UK. Because of the unique way these things were cobbled together (they'd reprint whatever they could get with little regard to continuity), I have no idea how the story ended. For some reason, this is currently doing my head in, so can anyone point me in the right direction? Barely remembered details inside... [more inside]
posted by peteyjlawson on Jan 18, 2014 - 6 answers

What is this horrifying Batman parody?

Can anyone point me to this online Batman deconstruction? [more inside]
posted by moonlight on vermont on Nov 12, 2013 - 2 answers

Why does Gotham City have so many abandoned carnivals and toy factories?

I remember reading a DC comic book in which was explained why Gotham City has so many abandoned amusement parks, carnivals, and toy factories. I don't remember all the details, but the upshot was that in the 1920's, there had been a big entertainment boom with two entrepreneurs trying to outdo each other by building more theme parks, arcades, and novelty factories than the other. Then the Great Depression hit and they all went out of business. But now I can't remember what comic this was from. I want to say it was a Paul Dini comic, maybe Gotham City Sirens or Batman: Streets of Gotham. Anyone remember which comic this was?
posted by ErWenn on May 13, 2013 - 5 answers

Who is the most powerful enemy that Batman has defeated?

Who is the most powerful enemy that Batman has defeated? How did he do it? I am mostly interested in single enemies, but if Batman's most powerful defeated enemy is something like a corporation or government, I would love to know that too. Comics, movies and TV series welcome.
posted by Doroteo Arango II on May 4, 2013 - 13 answers

Catwoman comics for a 4 year old.

My 4 year old daughter is going as Catwoman for Halloween. Can you suggest comics with Catwoman in them which would be appropriate to read with her? [more inside]
posted by ND¢ on Oct 2, 2012 - 5 answers

How do I use "New Game Plus" in Arkham City

How do I use "New Game plus" in Batman: Arkham City? [more inside]
posted by TigerCrane on Sep 10, 2012 - 3 answers

Can't find a scene from Batman Begins that I remember from the theater

I remember a scene from Batman Begins when Wayne is putting together the costume down in the cave. At one point he is working on the cowl and turns it over in his hands and you see two white dots near where his neck would be when he wore it. When I saw it and then I heard the voice in the movie I immediately thought they were voice modulators. I've watched the DVD, I've looked at deleted scenes, I've hunted through the internet, and I can find no reference to this scene. Was it possible I saw a miscut of the movie with a scene that wasn't supposed to go out? (Or more likely) Is it my faulty human memory playing tricks on me? Has anyone else seen this scene?
posted by Ikazuchi on Aug 7, 2012 - 14 answers

Superhero origin triple bill ideal sequence

Superhero origin triple-bill movie evening: Kick Ass, Batman Begins and Spider-Man (Sam Raimi). Optimum viewing order? Guests arrive at 3pm.
posted by Hugobaron on Jul 23, 2012 - 10 answers

Gotham in the Dark Knight trilogy

Why did Christopher Nolan "recast" Gotham City in each of the Dark Knight films? (Question is spoiler-free, but answers might not be.) [more inside]
posted by robhuddles on Jul 20, 2012 - 15 answers

Prep homework for Dark Knight Rises

Which 10 Batman comics should I read before watching the Dark Knight Rises? What should be my preparatoy homework before watching the movie? [more inside]
posted by manny_calavera on Jul 15, 2012 - 8 answers

Is he or ain't he?

Batman is a Superhero. I just know he is. But now I'm having an argument with a friend over whether he's technically a Superhero. Details of the argument within. [more inside]
posted by madred on Mar 3, 2012 - 59 answers

DC 52 Timeline Help

Can anybody help me out with the DC 52 Reboot continuity? Not continuity with past comics, but within the reboot itself. [more inside]
posted by jabberjaw on Sep 30, 2011 - 8 answers

No longer just a fashion statement.

When did Batman's cape evolve from a fashion accessory into a functional item of equipment? [more inside]
posted by Gordion Knott on Mar 4, 2011 - 9 answers

Thoughtful, emotionally real Batman stories for a newcomer

Help me to find Batman trade paperbacks for my housemate to read! I really, really want her to appreciate how awesome Batman can be at its best. She's not read many comics before, but just read and enjoyed 'Bruce Wayne: Murderer'. She liked the focus on moral reasoning and personal dilemmas, as well as the fact that nothing supernatural happened. I don't think she'll like Frank Miller. [more inside]
posted by Acheman on Feb 10, 2011 - 17 answers

What is the plural of "Batman"?

What is the plural of "Batman"? [more inside]
posted by Joe Beese on Dec 9, 2010 - 60 answers

What do I read next after "Batman: Year One"?

I loved "Batman: Year One." What do I read next? [more inside]
posted by zooropa on Nov 14, 2010 - 20 answers

Batman story ID

Can you help me find this Batman story? [more inside]
posted by Pork-Chop Express on Aug 19, 2010 - 3 answers

To the bat-tube!

Can someone please help me locate a video, wav or mp3 of the announcer saying "same bat time, same bat channel" from the end of the old Batman TV series?
posted by ish__ on Aug 10, 2010 - 3 answers

DC Comics graphic novels

I want to get educated on a number of DC Comics characters by reading easily available graphic novels and trade paperbacks. What should I read? (Characters and caveats inside). [more inside]
posted by Bookhouse on Jul 27, 2010 - 9 answers

Batman theme song meme

Is this mutilation of the Batman theme song from my childhood global or local? [more inside]
posted by surfgator on Jul 21, 2010 - 18 answers


Can anyone tell me what the deal is with 'red' Batman?
posted by Frasermoo on Mar 29, 2010 - 5 answers

"I am Batman"

Halloween costume: "Casual Batman". Help me come up with bat-gadget ideas! [more inside]
posted by Glendale on Oct 29, 2009 - 18 answers

HalloweenCostumeFilter: Bruce Wayne

I'm thinking of being Bruce Wayne (not Batman) for Halloween. Any tips on pulling this off, or nice touches you can think of?
posted by Jacen Solo on Oct 22, 2009 - 34 answers

Give me your comic book tips, tricks, and resources

Please help me fuel my new-found obsession with comic books! What are some of your favorite recommended reads, as well as comic book resources, tips, and tricks? [more inside]
posted by joshrholloway on Sep 28, 2009 - 31 answers

Video game "playing cars" is fun!

My son and I love playing in the cars on Lego Batman: The Video Game (Wii). What other "vehicle toy" games are there? [more inside]
posted by BaxterG4 on Mar 17, 2009 - 13 answers


Has anyone seen both the IMAX and general-release versions of Watchmen? -> [more inside]
posted by mwhybark on Mar 10, 2009 - 6 answers

Why did the Joker get the money?

The Dark Knight filter: spoiler inside. [more inside]
posted by sherlockt on Jan 30, 2009 - 16 answers

Penny for your Bat-Thoughts?

Why does Batman keep a giant penny and a huge replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Bat Cave? [more inside]
posted by Spyder's Game on Jan 8, 2009 - 6 answers

Batman and Superman

The Joker is Batman's nemesis and Lex Luthor is Superman's. However, Superman must have fought the Joker and Batman must have fought Lex Luthor at some point in the DC Universe. What are the best stories which feature Superman's traditional bad guys fighting Batman or Batman's foes fighting Superman?
posted by josher71 on Sep 10, 2008 - 11 answers

Batman & Neal Adams for Cheap?

I am trying to find out if if DC comics is sooner than later (if ever) going to release the Batman and Detective comics runs from artist Neal Adams era in the 60s and 70s. I know they have released expensive colored hardbounds but I am hoping for some cheap thick black and white Showcase versions like they are doing for other titles...I know they do the worst titles first...but even Marvel is releasing their good stuff in the Essential series. Any news would be good. Thanks.
posted by snap_dragon on Aug 26, 2008 - 2 answers

There are six-- I mean, five replicants.

I have a plot question concerning the movie The Dark Knight. If you haven't seen the movie, you won't be able to answer my question, so there are definitely spoilers inside. [more inside]
posted by EatenByAGrue on Jul 21, 2008 - 14 answers

How Realistic Are Two-Face's Wounds?

A question about physiology and The Dark Knight. (Beware, here there be spoilers.) [more inside]
posted by Ms. Saint on Jul 19, 2008 - 18 answers

Holy Hand-out Help, Batman!

I'm looking for a high-quality scan of a single page out of any Batman or Superman comic book or graphic novel that I can print out off of the internet. My google-fu is apparently not up to snuff. [more inside]
posted by np312 on Feb 25, 2008 - 5 answers

Batman TV fonts?

Looking for a font similar to the one used in the 1966 Adam-West-era Batman tv show opening credits; any ideas? [more inside]
posted by NewGear on Feb 19, 2008 - 5 answers

Where is this batman panel from?

There's a Batman panel I have a clear, but possibly flawed memory of.. where is it from?

Likely written well after, but taking place shortly after The Killing Joke, I have a clear image of Barbara Gordon, in the hospital, talking to Batman (or possibly Bruce Wayne), realizing she'll never walk again, never be batgirl again, that this incident has derailed her entire planned existence, and essentially saying something to the effect of "I've heard when the police pulled up, you were standing there laughing with the man who did this to me, and I wanted to know.. were you laughing at me?" Where is this from? It can't just be in my head, can it?
posted by John Kenneth Fisher on Dec 11, 2007 - 2 answers

What happened to the "Batman & Robin" rap music video?

Inane Bat Signal: I didn't hallucinate an entire music video of "Batman & Robin" by Snoop Dogg and The Lady of Rage [dramatic pause followed by dramatic music] . . . or did I? [more inside]
posted by bonobo on Oct 3, 2007 - 6 answers

Batman's Boner

There exists a website that features an array of strange comic covers and interiors such as Jimmy Olsen dressing in drag; Superboy getting paddled; Batman and Joker talking about boners and pulling boners....apologies for the sophomoric humor...It was/is a pretty popular and known site but i am not finding it. Any ideas?
posted by snap_dragon on Sep 14, 2007 - 2 answers

Your peanut-butter-eating days are over, miscreant

Obscure children's fiction filter: What's this DC superhero book I read in the 1980s? [more inside]
posted by Tuwa on Jul 27, 2007 - 14 answers

What was the comic where DC superheroes appeared as babies?

I remember reading as a young kid - in about 1985/6 - a comic book starring the cast of the Justice League of America as babies or toddlers. I'm not sure of the specifics, like if it was actually the JLA, but it definitely had cute little baby versions of all the favourite DC staples: Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and the Flash. Does anyone else remember this? Am I imagining the whole thing? What was it called and where can I find a copy? [more inside]
posted by joshnunn on Jun 19, 2007 - 8 answers

Dark Knight Calisthenics?

What would Batman's daily workout be? [more inside]
posted by eswusp86 on Apr 10, 2007 - 25 answers

How would one become Batman?

Let's say you wanted to actually BE Batman... [more inside]
posted by Ash3000 on Feb 20, 2007 - 33 answers

Make me a better Batman

So I'm going to a party at the weekend in my off-the-shelf classic grey Batman outfit. Please suggest accessories to zazz up my appearance: bonus points given for cheap, cheerful and creative ideas.
posted by freston on Jan 24, 2007 - 13 answers

Help me find a Batman shower curtain...

Help me find a Batman shower curtain... [more inside]
posted by joshjs on Jun 20, 2006 - 9 answers

does batman retire?

Are there any Batman comics dealing with the wane of his days and/or the actual retirement? [more inside]
posted by heeeraldo on Mar 25, 2006 - 11 answers

Batman's super power. Discuss.

What is Batman's super power? [more inside]
posted by TwelveTwo on Mar 8, 2006 - 78 answers

Reading in dreams

Can you read in your dreams? [more inside]
posted by jozxyqk on Sep 21, 2005 - 44 answers

Best way to sell comic books?

How to sell comic books [more inside]
posted by blue_beetle on Aug 22, 2005 - 19 answers

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