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Rocky .09

My baby LOVES to climb. Any ideas for home made baby gym to use up some energy of a super busy baby? [more inside]
posted by beccaj on Jul 20, 2008 - 6 answers

websites for baby momma

I am looking for great parenting websites (got a newborn) with an active, intelligent discussion forum, kind of like metafilter/ask mefi for parents. Thanks
posted by beccaj on Feb 7, 2008 - 10 answers

cultural history of childrearing

being a new mom i've read way too much about baby care. now i'm interested in the history of baby raising and care. i'm [more inside]
posted by beccaj on Dec 27, 2007 - 10 answers

DIY baby t-shirts

I have a 3 week old baby boy, about 30 plain onesies and a package of iron-on printer paper... [more inside]
posted by beccaj on Oct 27, 2007 - 25 answers

A port wine to drink in 20 years

I would like to buy a bottle of port wine as a baby gift [per suggestion of AskMeFi] for some friends but I don't know anything about wine really. I'd like something that would be opened in about 20 years. Does anyone have a few suggestions of a bottle of port that would be suitable for this gift. Bonus points if avail at Costco.
posted by beccaj on Mar 9, 2007 - 15 answers

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