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Help me teach my baby to turn over!

Any suggestions on how to teach my baby to turn over from front to back? I am hoping that a kinesthesiologist or baby specialist may have some input, because my 5 month old is flipping herself over onto her stomach but can't get back, and is becoming very frustrated. [more inside]
posted by miss tea on Aug 9, 2010 - 12 answers

Actually, my daughter is quite energetic and physically active. Thanks.

Any thoughts on how to politely ask people not to say sexist things around my child and/or deflect those statements? [more inside]
posted by miss tea on Jul 23, 2010 - 44 answers

iPhone App for Baby

What is the best baby app for the iPhone? I'm looking for something that will enable me to track my 3-month-old baby's eating, sleeping, pooping and peeing. Bonus if there's mood-tracking and activity-tracking! [more inside]
posted by miss tea on Jun 12, 2010 - 6 answers

Diaper My Baby!

What diapers to use? Cloth? Partial cloth? Chlorine-free? [more inside]
posted by miss tea on Jan 5, 2010 - 45 answers

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