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Shows similar to This American Life?

Listening to This American Life (and motown) keeps me sane at my data entry job. Are there any other podcasts similar to TMI?
posted by Tlogmer on Feb 13, 2007 - 23 answers

Normalize audio within imovie

Is there any way to normalize audio within iMovie? A plugin or something? [more inside]
posted by Tlogmer on Jul 28, 2006 - 1 answer

Music for a Long Flight

I've got a 21-hour plane ride this december. Where can I get lots of interesting non-music mp3s (preferably free ones, but I'm open to suggestions) to fill it up?
posted by Tlogmer on Nov 14, 2004 - 20 answers

New media help: podcast vs mp3 blog

What's the difference between podcasting and mp3blogging?
posted by Tlogmer on Oct 25, 2004 - 3 answers

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