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Domestic crisis = time to reasses

Should I move back to England and back in with my parents? [more inside]
posted by guessthis on Oct 18, 2016 - 14 answers

Help me move on from a recent bad job and understand what happened.

I need help distinguishing what was my fault and what was bad management. Also need help dealing with the anxiety that still comes back to me about it. [more inside]
posted by winterportage on Oct 16, 2016 - 11 answers

What can be done to make Chapter 13 less horrible for a human creditor?

We are not a bank, but hold a secured note. (Complex details inside) Days before the sale, the debtor just filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. What can we do to maximize our chances of getting either the property or the loan/lawyer fee amount soon? We were counting on this for a lot. Also, please help me not get taken for a ride by a lawyer that I'm not sure is acting in our best interest, and not panic. [more inside]
posted by corb on Oct 12, 2016 - 13 answers

Dealing with Anxiety

Techniques to help when getting caught up in feelings of doom? [more inside]
posted by sprezzy on Oct 10, 2016 - 11 answers

This merry-go-round sure is fun but I'd like to get off now.

Well, I have a few really awesome problems that I would completely recommend to anyone. I would suggest you try any of, or especially the full combination of, the following:
  • Chronic illness
  • No social network
  • Mental illness
  • Geographic dislocation
  • My question: how do I build a decent life? Or start in that direction, in a stable way that won't fall apart in a light breeze. Again. [more inside]
    posted by bizarrenacle on Oct 9, 2016 - 8 answers

    Hi, can you tell me nice things about Halcion and hydroxyzine?

    I'm getting oral conscious sedation (not IV sedation) tomorrow for wisdom tooth removal and am feeling nervous about it. I don't like feeling high or out of control, and it doesn't seem these drugs do that, but what else do they do? Specific questions in the [more inside] [more inside]
    posted by c'mon sea legs on Oct 7, 2016 - 13 answers

    How do I find confidence in identity?

    This is a super deep question about identity and self-esteem and social anxiety but it's something that I can't stop thinking or understanding lately and I feel like the answer is what I need to achieve some sort of happiness or stability in my life. [more inside]
    posted by oracleia on Oct 6, 2016 - 16 answers

    Need help organizing my evenings

    Simple activities that I can do in the 45 minutes before bed [more inside]
    posted by puckish on Oct 1, 2016 - 12 answers

    Am I unlucky or just crazy?

    I've just been diagnosed with what was explained to me as a psychosomatic condition with nothing physiologically wrong. I would be relieved if this wasn't the last of several times I've had worrying, bothersome symptoms, had all tests come back clear and had the symptoms clear up right after being given a clean bill of health. Why does this keep happening to me? Do I need serious psychiatric help? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Sep 30, 2016 - 8 answers

    Depression Crisis

    What is going to happen when I use these 'expired' meds? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Sep 25, 2016 - 10 answers

    How can an introvert psych herself up to do something social?

    I generally enjoy social gatherings and parties when I attend them but as an introvert, I often get cold feet at the last minute and end up not going. What kinds of affirmations and strategies can I use to get through this? [more inside]
    posted by armadillo1224 on Sep 24, 2016 - 20 answers

    how to handle manipulative thoughts

    Sometimes I'll realize that an action I'm about to take or planning on taking could have positive benefits for me down the road. Does this then make the action manipulative? Should I not take the action, or set up the situation in a way where it can't have a potential benefit to myself, or just focus on not having the manipulative thought in the first place? How atypical is it to have thoughts like these? [more inside]
    posted by aaabbbccc on Sep 19, 2016 - 18 answers

    Is psychiatric rehabilitation worthwhile?

    I have a chance to add psych rehab to my mental health treatment, at no cost. Seems like a no brainer, but I'm not entirely sure it would be worth it for me. [more inside]
    posted by Archipelago on Sep 19, 2016 - 4 answers

    The Room Where It Happens

    How do you trust yourself? How do you draw upon a consistent sense of your goals and preferences and actual emotions about things? [more inside]
    posted by elephantsvanish on Sep 14, 2016 - 14 answers

    Filling a prescription in London

    I accidentally forgot my prescriptions. I'm now in London. How do I get my US doctors office to call this in to a local drug store? These are my anxiety meds and I need them soon. [more inside]
    posted by special-k on Sep 10, 2016 - 6 answers

    Let's make moving and packing FUN again

    Please help me not crash and burn. Because of reasons, from today until next weekend I will be doing most of the packing and moving into a new place across town. Moving and packing tips are always helpful, but what I really need are tips to keep me motivated, energetic and productive while avoiding burnout. [more inside]
    posted by nightrecordings on Sep 10, 2016 - 10 answers

    Low effort, quick things to provide an immediate mood boost

    I recently entered therapy for depression, social anxiety and other issues. Part of my first session was writing up a suicide prevention/safety plan. I am supposed to have a list of things that are easy to do and take less than an hour that will help me feel better. I am struggling to come up with anything that seems like it would help. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Sep 9, 2016 - 46 answers

    Youth is wasted on the young...

    How do I make peace with the fact that I will become old, and how do I make the most out of my twenties? [more inside]
    posted by Crookshanks_Meow on Sep 9, 2016 - 59 answers

    What would you do in my situation (regarding career and life decisions)?

    It seems for years I have been unhappy because I have a lot of drive to do something with my life, but for the love of God I just can't settle into a direction. I am currently in university taking a pre-masters to go into urban planning but I just feel like I don't really know what I'm doing or if I will like it. I am curious if others have been in a similiar situation before and if so how did they find their way? Also if you could read my extended explanation and tell me what you would do in my situation or offer any advice I would love to hear it. [more inside]
    posted by oracleia on Sep 8, 2016 - 17 answers

    Peace, happiness and motivation in 25* words or less

    I have some useful mental scripts that help me deal with irregular brain chemistry and other maladies. Things like saying "surf the emotion", or "it's just a thought. It's not reality" and "is this behaviour / thinking pattern helpful?" or "if you feel crap, clean the bathroom. You'll still feel like crap, but at least the bathroom will be clean." Give me more. [more inside]
    posted by b33j on Sep 3, 2016 - 71 answers

    Coping with the Two Week Wait (IVF)

    I'm currently at Day 8 of the Two Week Wait for IVF. This is the first time I've had an embryo implanted. As an added complication, I'm doing this as a single woman. My anxiety levels are sky high. I'm looking for stories of people who have been there. How did you survive? What helped? What didn't?
    posted by daybeforetheday on Sep 2, 2016 - 15 answers

    Help me say no to what’s likely to seem like a great offer

    In a few days’ time I’m going to be sitting down for lunch with my ex-boss, whom I know is going to offer me a new job. I left my old job for very good reasons that haven’t gone away, and whilst the new job sounds intriguing, I know it’d be a very bad idea for me to take it. Unfortunately I’m terrible at saying “no” to people. Help me deal with this like a grown-up! [more inside]
    posted by six sided sock on Sep 2, 2016 - 20 answers

    I can love science! I can be a nurse! (Oh God, what was I thinking?)

    Am I deluding myself to think that I can suddenly become a science person? Also, small favor, please tell me what to do with my life. [more inside]
    posted by thornhill on Aug 31, 2016 - 19 answers

    Talking to you, not at you.

    After this question, I resolved to do what I could to change my situation. I'm struggling, but managing, to be less aware of my inner monologue and more focused on using new strategies for conversation. But it *is* still very much a conscious process. I feel an almost physical pressure to talk exclusively about myself, and exclusively about struggle. I have to force myself to ask follow-up questions, to laugh even when things are genuinely funny. It's so rare that the volume of my self-talk lowers and I'm able to enjoy interactions for what they are. [more inside]
    posted by marsbar77 on Aug 27, 2016 - 13 answers

    Ever been on Pristiq? What's it like?

    I'm about to start Pristiq, an SNRI antidepressant, as part of my treatment plan for depression/anxiety/ADHD. I've been on antidepressants before, but would like to hear what people's experiences have been with this one. [more inside]
    posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The on Aug 26, 2016 - 7 answers

    New grad RN would rather do anything else; extreme anxiety

    Is it possible to get over anxiety like mine about nursing? I’m not exactly keen to try, but I feel like I’m failing at having a career before I even started. Can I still have a successful career with a nursing degree I never intend to use? [more inside]
    posted by efsrous on Aug 25, 2016 - 26 answers

    I'm no fun anymore

    Basically what it says on the tin. After a long, hard, stupid year (that isn't even over yet) full of cancer (other peoples') and unemployment (mine) and general global misery, I am no fun anymore. What are some ways you have gotten your fun, your chill, your resilience, or your humor back after hard times? Open to all manner of things but it does have to be relatively inexpensive. [more inside]
    posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese on Aug 24, 2016 - 40 answers

    Acing job interviews while struggling with anxiety?

    I seem to be terrible at interviewing for jobs. I attribute most of this to anxiety around being evaluated, as I always freeze up and my mind goes blank. I think my anxiety makes me come off as timid as well. I've never, EVER, gotten a job from a formal interview process. All of my full time jobs I've obtained via temping; Clients realize that I am an excellent employee despite poor first impressions and hire me permanently. My former co-workers and managers have told me that I'm friendly, articulate, outgoing and professional. I just can't get this across during job interviews. [more inside]
    posted by Stonkle on Aug 23, 2016 - 12 answers

    Why can't I get over my bad ex-boss?

    It's been almost two months since I left a place of employment which had become very bad for me. I still can't get over it. Why am I so stuck on this? [more inside]
    posted by ficbot on Aug 22, 2016 - 18 answers

    Worried over a disparity of feelings or worried over nothing?

    Last week I decided to enter a Long Distance Relationship with a person I’ve never met in person. I like him and he likes me… but I also feel he may like me too much for a person he’s never met? Or perhaps I’m misreading him or overthinking, which I am prone to do. How do I handle this? Details within. [more inside]
    posted by AdriftInSpace on Aug 20, 2016 - 32 answers

    Are you dependable? I want to be dependable, too.

    [ADHD filter] I want to become a more reliable and dependable person. If you are a former 'unreliable' or 'not dependable' person who is now considered to be very reliable and punctual (at work as well as among friends and family), how did you change? What steps did you take? What lifestyle changes did you make? [more inside]
    posted by nightrecordings on Aug 19, 2016 - 25 answers

    Can unproductive people ever become productive?

    I'm an anxious, ADHD serial procrastinator and I hate it and sh*t is hitting the fan. It's a longstanding pattern. Is there any hope? How can I possibly move past this? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Aug 19, 2016 - 17 answers

    I'm developing a serious driving anxiety/phobia - help!

    In the last several years, I have gone from a fearless person who would go anywhere to a very careful and cautious driver who only takes back roads and avoids bridges and even small overpasses in town. [more inside]
    posted by kiwi-epitome on Aug 19, 2016 - 19 answers

    Career Advice for a Young, Indecisive Teacher

    I'm a young teacher struggling to determine my future career and life path. Is having self doubt in spite of outward success normal? How can I go about being more decisive about my future? Boring details to follow! [more inside]
    posted by Fastest Pokemon on Aug 12, 2016 - 11 answers

    Activities to help me 'get out of my head'

    I'm an anxious beanplater in desperate need of a positive distraction. I want to come up with a long list of activities I can refer to that will help me 'get out of my head' - in other words, the activities are so (manageably, safely) intense or consuming or absorbing that I don't have the time or mental space to waste on unimportant worries and anxieties that would otherwise eat me alive. Effectively helping me to "get out of" my head and stop obsessive thoughts. [more inside]
    posted by nightrecordings on Aug 11, 2016 - 51 answers

    In the space between cancer and not-cancer

    I had a test today in which the end result may or may not be ovarian cancer. But I won't know for a few weeks. How do I keep calm and carry on until then? My maternal grandmother died of ovarian cancer, and she was initially diagnosed when she was about my age, so that doesn't help. Somewhat ironically, I just got a referral for BRCA testing last week, but don't have an appointment yet.
    posted by anonymous on Aug 10, 2016 - 15 answers

    I suck at vacation

    It is a running joke that I suck at being on vacation. I'm going away this weekend and really want to not suck. Help. [more inside]
    posted by PuppetMcSockerson on Aug 8, 2016 - 19 answers

    Anxiety or Intuition?: Special Career Edition

    I have an offer for a position I was initially excited about. But something doesn't feel right, and I'm hesitating. Is that feeling just normal anxiety about change and the unknown, or a gut feeling about the position/place? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Aug 6, 2016 - 9 answers

    Tips for surviving an At Home Video EEG test

    I'm scheduled to be outfitted with an ambulatory eeg with video monitoring early next week. What should I expect? [more inside]
    posted by stagewhisper on Aug 5, 2016 - 1 answer

    Disclosing mental illness in a new relationship

    I am mentally ill and dating someone new. When do you disclose mental illness in a new relationship and how do you do it? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Aug 3, 2016 - 7 answers

    How do I put someone at ease? Complication: potential mutual attraction

    I have to work very closely with someone that seems to be very anxious around me. Is there anything I can do to make this person more comfortable? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Aug 3, 2016 - 6 answers

    How do you get medications for anxiety or depression?

    I've read a lot of questions and replies here about various medications for anxiety and depression, and I'd like to at least get evaluated and find out if they'd be helpful for me. Who do I go to for this? [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Aug 2, 2016 - 21 answers

    How to Talk to Strangers?

    I’m terrible at striking up conversation with people that I don’t know. Some of this is my thought patterns and attitudes, some of it is my anxiety, but I’m realizing more and more that I just never quite learned how to properly do it. [more inside]
    posted by gregoryg on Jul 31, 2016 - 14 answers

    How do I live this awful job?

    My job is awful — and I mean really awful. I can’t get a full night’s sleep, take care of myself, or have a life any more. I’m suffering mentally and physically, but the exit door isn’t clearly marked. I could use some advice...and also, a new job. Lots of shitty snowflakes inside. [more inside]
    posted by anonymous on Jul 30, 2016 - 24 answers

    Is this bullying, if so what type, and what should I do?

    I feel like I was publicly bullied at a board meeting, but I don't know what to do. [more inside]
    posted by avalonian on Jul 29, 2016 - 32 answers

    Subtle self-soothing at work

    I am in treatment for severe anxiety. At home, I self-soothe by wringing my hands and rocking, but that's not appropriate for the workplace. I need to be typing so worry stones and spinner rings are out. I need to elevate my legs so foot tapping is out, too. What are some subtle physical things I can do at my desk to calm myself?
    posted by Ruki on Jul 27, 2016 - 37 answers

    I am having a genuinely difficult time getting over a breakup...

    How do I move on from this breakup, considering it was such a short time? [more inside]
    posted by ladykitty5 on Jul 26, 2016 - 22 answers

    So I Got A Traffic Ticket Today

    Am I Worrying for Nothing? [more inside]
    posted by Trusted Sidekick on Jul 25, 2016 - 15 answers

    Mean coworker makes me dread going to work

    I think my coworker at the cafe I work at is treating me really passive-aggressively. Is there anything I can do to ease the tension? [more inside]
    posted by Bleusman on Jul 23, 2016 - 27 answers

    It Seems to Me that "Maybe" Pretty Much Always Means "No"

    My (very) new boyfriend told me Friday he isn't sure if he sees himself living with someone or getting married again. Later in the weekend, he backtracked and said he was stressed out about other things, afraid of losing me, and he could be open to it. Is this relationship doomed, or can "not sure" mean something other than "no"? [more inside]
    posted by foxonisland on Jul 19, 2016 - 33 answers

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