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Dishes without onions or garlic

Two of my close friends are allergic to onions and garlic, and I'm running out of ideas for food to make when they come over! Please help me think of some new dishes to try. [more inside]
posted by skycrashesdown on Jul 26, 2013 - 21 answers

Need snack help, and have a list of allergens which limits me...

Trying to lose those last few pounds, and snacks are my downfall. I am getting tired of Ye Olde Afternoon Trail Mix. I need some new ideas for carby/protein snacks (to accompany a piece of fruit) which are portable, will keep in my bag all day, and which are compatible with my daunting list of food allergies. [more inside]
posted by JoannaC on Aug 18, 2009 - 28 answers

Recipe Challenge

Do you have a recipe that will work for these difficult conditions? I have access to a lot of high-quality ingredients but I DON'T have a lot of space and I have many food restrictions. [more inside]
posted by sondrialiac on Jan 11, 2009 - 17 answers

cooking with (mild) allergies

I have been diagnosed with a number of non-life-threatening food allergies and been told to avoid them as best possible. Please suggest recipes, substitutions, general tips, etc. Forbidden foods listed after the cut. [more inside]
posted by heeeraldo on Sep 15, 2007 - 36 answers

Gluten-free viddles?

Gluten-free viddles? [more inside]
posted by oflinkey on Nov 30, 2004 - 19 answers

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