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Have a book stuck in my head, maybe about the apocalypse?

I'm trying to remember a story I read some time ago. I'm 83% sure it was a novel, but there's a slim chance it was a short story. One key phrase sticks in my head: "Been down, goin' up!" I think the plot of the story was an intervention of a couple who, if left to their own devices, would give birth to the Antichrist. I don't think this was a religious book, instead I keep picturing a Neil Gaiman-esque author. Fantasy writing, but more along the lines of an American Gods-style fantasy. [more inside]
posted by Moondoggie on Oct 29, 2016 - 4 answers

Vita Post Mortem

Are there any words for belief/nonbelief in an afterlife? If not, could you help me make some up? [more inside]
posted by Elysum on Oct 27, 2015 - 9 answers

No Dogs Go To Heaven Under Any Circumstances

There are widespread reports that the Pope now claims that animals go to heaven, based on this article from the illustrious Daily Express newspaper, and in particular this line: “One day we will see our animals again in eternity of Christ’, Francis quoted Paul as saying. Is this a real quote attributed to Paul, or is the Express making shit up, or is Francis making shit up, or what is happening
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 on Dec 12, 2014 - 18 answers

recent book on 100? concepts of the afterlife

Within the past year or two (approx.), there was a book published that laid out (in a somewhat light-hearted, abbreviated manner, for mass market) many various imaginings from religion, folklore, etc., of what life after death may be like. Can anyone recall it for me?
posted by mmiddle on Feb 7, 2014 - 5 answers

Experiences of the wrong heaven or hell

Do you know of (or have you had) a vision of heaven or hell that doesn't conform to that person's (or your) religion? [more inside]
posted by Nufkin on Jul 22, 2012 - 13 answers

YAYA (yet another young adult) Fiction ID

Please help me identify this young adult novel (comatose teen explores afterlife with long-dead caveman). [more inside]
posted by audi alteram partem on Mar 27, 2012 - 3 answers

Ancient Egyptian Underworld and Afterlife in Film

I'm looking for movies with scenes involving the ancient Egyptian underworld/afterlife. [more inside]
posted by egeanin on Sep 4, 2011 - 7 answers

What is the path to afterlife like (in the Christian religion) for pre-Jesus individuals?

What is the path to afterlife like (in the Christian religion) for pre-Jesus individuals? As in Homo gautengensis up through Julius Caesar. Does the resurrection of the dead factor in somehow?
posted by steinwald on May 31, 2011 - 26 answers

What is the fate of "nonbeleivers" in various religions?

Is there a reference document or scholarship somewhere that describes the fate of "nonbelievers" in various religions? [more inside]
posted by AgentRocket on May 19, 2011 - 7 answers

dead wrong?

Are there any non-theistic/scientific/philosophical 'afterlife' theories out there? [more inside]
posted by threeants on Apr 27, 2011 - 33 answers

Readings for a course on death and philosophy

Philosophical approaches to death and dying. I am prepping a college course; looking for great readings on philosophical questions about death, but also: world religious/cultural traditions about dying/funerals/mourning/afterlife, how people in death-related jobs see their work (undertakers, hospice workers, doctors, chaplains, military/police...), writings of people who have terminal illnesses, psychological research on preparation for dying, etc. [more inside]
posted by LobsterMitten on Dec 14, 2010 - 51 answers

Vacuum Genesis Afterlife?

I'm trying to explain vacuum genesis and the probability that we'll all appear here again at some point.... to some friends. We've all been drinking. [more inside]
posted by Baby_Balrog on Sep 12, 2009 - 14 answers

Help me remember this Jewish saying

I vaguely remember a Jewish quip about the questions God asks a Rabbi at the end of his life. It is something like 1. Did you follow my commandments? (yes, all of them) 2. Did you study my Word well? (yes, every day) 3. Did you dance enough? Or something to that effect. Has anyone heard of this or know how it really goes?
posted by brenton on Mar 31, 2009 - 5 answers

Above us, only sky...

Someone close to me recently passed away. For the most part I'm okay, but what stops me in my tracks is the idea that there may not be an afterlife. How do I come to terms with this? [more inside]
posted by Metroid Baby on Mar 3, 2009 - 41 answers

I know this is all we get, but I can’t accept it.

I know that we all die and that there’s absolutely no way around that. I know and accept that one day I will die as well, and I’m not afraid of dying, per se. What I am afraid of—terrified of really—is no longer existing, no longer being conscious of everything that’s happening in this great wide world, no longer being sentient, I guess. What can I do? [more inside]
posted by anonymous on Dec 2, 2008 - 88 answers

Looking for Heavenly films

Please help me find films that depict heaven or the afterlife [more inside]
posted by cjets on Nov 5, 2008 - 42 answers

Can you recommend some Good Books for my dad?

My dad recently read The Shack and really liked it. Can you recommend other books with a spiritual leaning (not necessarily Christian) that he might also like? [more inside]
posted by Metroid Baby on Aug 25, 2008 - 9 answers

Who am I?

A Crisis of Identity? All my life, I've been the sort of person to avoid my faith to a certain extent (I would pray and try and be as good a muslim as I could, but there was always so much more I could do, and I knew it). Recently, I've met someone who's awakened that desire in me to finally make the commitment, and it feels great to have begun to do so, but there's another side of me that feels like I'm (I don't even know how to say it...) cheating on it... [more inside]
posted by hadjiboy on May 20, 2008 - 38 answers

Please tell me someone else has seen this

Am I crazy, or is there a book about a man trying to voyage to the afterlife? [more inside]
posted by gc on Mar 14, 2008 - 18 answers

In which I look for information that probably doesn't exist.

Has anyone with reasonable credentials actually sat down and calculated the probability of an afterlife? [more inside]
posted by 517 on Apr 27, 2007 - 46 answers

Do Atheistic Cultures Have High Instances of Hauntings?

Do reports of hauntings exist in atheist or non-Christian countries to such an extent as they do in America? I'm fascinated by the myriad of documentaries that appear every week regarding hauntings/ghosts/etc. Do atheistic countries with no particular spiritual influence (i.e. Sweden vs. China) have such high reports of hauntings or reports of ghosts? What about Islamic cultures?
posted by Gnostic Novelist on Mar 31, 2007 - 31 answers

Where Do We Go When We Die?

What are some religions or philosophies that teach that at death (or any other time) one's discrete soul is absorbed into a greater entity such as God and so the individual is no more?
posted by partner on Jan 12, 2007 - 16 answers

Soul merging?

Metaphysical Filter: Can you help me to find information related to this metaphysical experience? [more inside]
posted by dudiggy on Nov 14, 2006 - 18 answers

Is the idea of an afterlife universal?

Is there now, or has there ever been, a culture that did not include the concept of an afterlife? [more inside]
posted by obol on Nov 14, 2006 - 14 answers

Till we meet again?

Have you ever been visited by a (spirit, ghost, apparition, etc.) of a friend or loved one after they have passed on? [more inside]
posted by punkrockrat on Dec 1, 2005 - 49 answers


Why are people who believe in heaven sad about death?
posted by Pretty_Generic on Apr 9, 2005 - 28 answers


Is death the end?
posted by stupidsexyFlanders on Oct 8, 2004 - 74 answers

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