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Looking for video games that include physical activity

The spouse and I are looking for ways to get more exercise, and we would like to find some video games that will serve this purpose. [more inside]
posted by blurker on May 13, 2016 - 11 answers

how can I play classic nintendo games with save states?

Is there a way (legal/ethical) that I can play classic Nintendo games with save states? I have an original Wii, a GameCube and a 3DS, and between those platforms, I own (i.e. I paid for) several Zelda games and other 80s NES favorites. I want to play these games all the way through again, but I'm lazy and don't have time/don't want all the grind. [more inside]
posted by peep on Feb 18, 2016 - 7 answers

Best indie games available from Wii U Nintendo eShop?

I'm looking for recommendations for cool fun indie games that are available through the Nintendo eShop (got a gift card for Christmas!). [more inside]
posted by stennieville on Dec 28, 2015 - 3 answers

Wii signal dropoff

Why does the signal keep dropping on my Wii? [more inside]
posted by roll truck roll on Mar 17, 2015 - 4 answers

Stop the buzzing - Wii AV switcher problem

I just set up my game systems to an AV switcher to accommodate all of them, but now I think I have a ground loop that I can't solve that's making (only) the Wii buzz! [more inside]
posted by Crystalinne on Jul 8, 2014 - 11 answers

How will one Wiimote work with a Wii and a Wii U set up?

Just bought a Wii U and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I plan on using my regular Wii still, probably for Homebrew, but I'm wondering what will happen when I try to use one Wiimote with two devices that recognize it. Is that going to be a problem? Will I have to unplug one or just deal with it running in the background on a different input?
posted by dubadubowbow on Apr 24, 2014 - 4 answers

Are old Wii store purchases recoverable on a new Wii U?

I used to have a Wii some years ago and had quite a lot of downloaded content, espcially virtual console titles and some "wiiware" games. The Wii broke and was thrown away. We're thinking of getting a Wii U for my kids and I wondered if these purchases are now lost. [more inside]
posted by samworm on Feb 16, 2014 - 4 answers

Games like Pikmin?

I am looking for games like Pikmin with a puzzle-solving, world-exploring component. I have a Wii U and a 3DS (both of which are backwards-compatible to their previous iterations) and an old-ish Macbook. [more inside]
posted by torisaur on Jan 16, 2014 - 8 answers

Foolproof Wii Softmod

I need to go from "Wii with unknown WADS/etc installed" to "Wii that launches backups off WBFS or FAT formatted USB storage" [more inside]
posted by signsofrain on Jan 6, 2014 - 5 answers

Best (easiest) Mario games?

Young Master Macbeth has become obsessed with Mario Brothers. Problem is, he's 4, and while he's an attentive and fairly well-coordinated 4, he is not the best at actually playing Mario games. [more inside]
posted by MsMacbeth on Mar 2, 2013 - 16 answers

Wii for a 3-year-old?

Do 3-year-olds like video games? Tell me about your experiences. [more inside]
posted by thehandsomecamel on Nov 20, 2012 - 19 answers

All he wants for Xmas is a DS

For the last two years my (now) 6.5 year old has been begging for a Nintendo DS. I've resisted this long but with the holidays around the corner I'm starting to bend. However, as I look at the options I'm torn. I play casual games but have never been a gamer. What should I buy, if anything? [more inside]
posted by Cuke on Oct 14, 2012 - 20 answers

It's all about the Food Network.

How can my wife watch Food Network without cable TV? [more inside]
posted by Mike Mongo on Jul 29, 2012 - 17 answers

LCD monitor into fully functional TV?

How can I set up my LCD monitor as a full-fledged TV for a digital tuner, DVD player, and Wii? [more inside]
posted by gregoryg on Jul 21, 2012 - 7 answers

The Best Tiger Woods Game

Is there a Tiger Woods video game that is considered the hallmark of the series for single player? Is there one that's considered a failure? Or is the newest one always the best one? I'm looking specifically for Xbox 360 or Wii.
posted by nadawi on Jul 15, 2012 - 4 answers

Selective connection on some wifi devices.

Why will some of my home devices only connect to the wireless router if I power it off and then on again. [more inside]
posted by Frasermoo on Jul 6, 2012 - 5 answers

How to avoid shoulder pain in Let's Dance 3 on the wii

My right shoulder hurts when I play Let's Dance 3 on the wii. I still want to play it though! Please help me find a workaround. Are there any 3rd party wiimotes that are really lightweight? [more inside]
posted by homodachi on Jul 1, 2012 - 2 answers

What's the state of the art in fun, inclusive party gaming?

What's the latest and greatest in party-style competitive or cooperative (ideally four player or even more) videogames? Our current selection is a little bit long in the tooth and I'm wondering if there's something I should be purchasing or downloading to freshen things up for this weekend. [more inside]
posted by Joey Bagels on Jun 27, 2012 - 23 answers

How can I safely sell a videogame console?

What do I need to do before selling a videogame console? In this case, specifically a Wii and probably to Best Buy. [more inside]
posted by 2bucksplus on Jun 15, 2012 - 4 answers

Yo Dawg I Put a Mario Bros Inside Your Super Mario Bros

SuperMarioBrosFilter! Which version of Super Mario Bros. (I believe on Super Nintendo, could be wrong, though) had the feature where you could also play a quick two-player game of Mario Bros.? [more inside]
posted by NolanRyanHatesMatches on Feb 29, 2012 - 8 answers

Why are certain Netflix shows jittery on certain devices and not others?

Why are certain Netflix shows jittery on certain devices, while other combinations of devices/shows are not? [more inside]
posted by kosmonaut on Feb 28, 2012 - 7 answers

Does a USB-to-SD adapter exist?

Is there any such thing as an USB-to-SD adapter, so you could connect an external hard drive to anything that reads SD cards? [more inside]
posted by dubadubowbow on Jan 1, 2012 - 4 answers

Can I make my USB PS3 Singstar microphones work with my Wii?

Can I make my USB PS3 Singstar microphones work with my Wii? [more inside]
posted by richb on Dec 31, 2011 - 2 answers

How can I play classic NES/SNES games on my TV?

I want to do NES/SNES emulation, and play the games on my HDTV. What's the best way to do this (details inside)? [more inside]
posted by Philosopher Dirtbike on Dec 27, 2011 - 8 answers

Wherefore art thou, oh Game Genie?

Is there something like Game Genie for Wii? Surely Nintendo must be willing to take the money of us uncoordinated folk! [more inside]
posted by badgermushroomSNAKE on Dec 22, 2011 - 10 answers

DDR solution for the new Wii that lacks Gamecube ports?

Our Wii kicked the bucket and my girlfriend brought home a replacement and was dismayed to discover that this new model no longer had Gamecube controller ports which means no more DDR, at least not with the Gamecube-controller versions of the dance pads we have. How to remedy? [more inside]
posted by Robot Johnny on Dec 7, 2011 - 5 answers

Climbing the Walls of the Garden

New Netflix Wii version is crap. How can I revert? [more inside]
posted by mkb on Dec 6, 2011 - 6 answers

What's a game like MW2, but with less grenades and head shots?

Christmas gift idea for 10 y/o nephew. Wii console game, FPS-style, but not Modern Warfare 3. [more inside]
posted by Diag on Nov 15, 2011 - 7 answers

Best option for a cheap cable alternative?

I'm so very ready to give my cable company the boot, and questions like this one have convinced me to stop putting it off, but I feel pretty clueless about my hardware options for an internet-based replacement on the cheap. Would a Roku 2 make us happy? A Wii? Something else entirely? [more inside]
posted by DingoMutt on Jul 31, 2011 - 15 answers

Wii vs. PS3 vs. XBox vs. ?

My son is 8 years old. I am considering giving him (OK, us) a new gaming console. I don't know which one is best. That's because I am technologically unaware. Which console would you recommend? [more inside]
posted by YamwotIam on Jul 4, 2011 - 25 answers

Best platform for fitness and dance?

Which is the best gaming platform (wii, xbox, etc) and software to learn how to dance, yoga, cardio, and strength training? Oh yeah, I also want to run Netflix through it.
posted by Juicylicious on May 31, 2011 - 9 answers

How do you beat Lucia on Wii Resort Table Tennis?

Is it possible to beat Lucia on Wii Resort Table Tennis? If so, how?? [more inside]
posted by crapples on May 26, 2011 - 2 answers

Best dancing game console?

My wife went to a party with co-workers, and enjoyed the heck out of a Wii dancing game they played. If I were to invest in a console, which would have the most fun dancing games for it? [more inside]
posted by Slap*Happy on May 2, 2011 - 9 answers

Late to the Mario Party

Is it still possible to hack a Wii? If so, what is the homebrew "killer app"? [more inside]
posted by jozxyqk on Apr 6, 2011 - 8 answers

Exercise makes you fat.

I started exercising and eating less, and I'm gaining weight. I highly doubt I'm building muscle. Is this going to stop eventually? [more inside]
posted by timory on Feb 17, 2011 - 51 answers

where can I buy PowerUp Rewards PRO "online"?

where can I buy PowerUp Rewards PRO online? [more inside]
posted by omaralarifi on Feb 4, 2011 - 0 answers

I'm not opposed to violence, just bored by it.

What (girly) game would you recommend for my wii? [more inside]
posted by pintapicasso on Jan 25, 2011 - 31 answers

I lost General Grievous and all my minikits and everything! Oh the humanity.

Wii help please. My 8 yr old is demoralized because he somehow accidentally erased all of his progress (weeks of effort apparently), points, money, loot, everything that he had saved in Lego Star Wars and he was very close to mastering all of the levels. Is there any possibility of recovering "all [his] work?" (sniff) [more inside]
posted by hellboundforcheddar on Jan 25, 2011 - 14 answers


In "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories" the flashlight-based exploration of the creepy cold abandoned town is all too often interrupted by annoying "nightmare" sequences where you have to flee from faceless ghouls. I hate hate hate these nightmare sequences, but I want to keep playing the game. Can I bypass them somehow? [more inside]
posted by shipbreaker on Jan 24, 2011 - 2 answers

flat footed exercise n00b needs help!

Wii Fit and fallen arches/flat feet/plantar fasciitis. Will shoes kill my poor balance board? [more inside]
posted by fillsthepews on Jan 6, 2011 - 9 answers

Private deathmatch on the Wii?

Do any Wii games allow for "private" (1-on-1 or small group) online deathmatch/conflict mode? [more inside]
posted by um_maverick on Dec 29, 2010 - 4 answers

Fun things to do with Wii, streaming media, and network storage!

Help me figure out how to make the ultimate backup/streaming media setup under $200. Or, just tell me cool things to do with my Wii that I haven't thought of. (more inside) [more inside]
posted by Raichle on Dec 27, 2010 - 2 answers

Why Can't Wii Be Friends?

How do you play Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer with your registered "Wii Friends"? We have been inside the "Room" but there seems to be no way to start a private race from there. We know it's possible to play random strangers through WFC, but WFC can't be the only way to play with our "Wii Friends"...right?
posted by AugieAugustus on Dec 20, 2010 - 3 answers

How do I hack a Wii video game?

How do I hack a Wii video game? [more inside]
posted by fiestapais on Dec 19, 2010 - 8 answers

Seniors Console Games

Recommendations of recent console games for a library collection that would appeal to seniors. [more inside]
posted by Razzle Bathbone on Dec 18, 2010 - 2 answers

Wii need a game for my mom.

For Christmas my mom asked for Family Feud on the Wii, but this review makes the game sound pretty bad. What game might she like instead? [more inside]
posted by Hoenikker on Dec 11, 2010 - 12 answers

Hubby must have new red wii! Please hope me!

Looking to buy a Wii: levels of difficulty- Ships to Canada, takes paypal, would prefer to buy the red limited edition with a copy of super mario bros. [more inside]
posted by sunshinesky on Dec 5, 2010 - 9 answers

Wii games fit for a casual gamer but with a great story

I'm looking for Nintendo Wii games that scratch my epic storyline itch but won't frustrate my intermediate skill and very intermittent play opportunities... [more inside]
posted by nanojath on Nov 29, 2010 - 24 answers

WII or Kinect or Playstation Move or None of the Above?

I'm lucky enough to have a workout area in our house. Have an old TV and DVD player and a good collection of workouts, free weights, and other fitness stuff, but I'm starting to think about adding a Playstation Move or Xbox Kinect or WII. My interest is in workouts, not other games. Has anyone tried any or all? Which, if any, would you recommend? Or should I just stick with current setup? [more inside]
posted by bearwife on Nov 10, 2010 - 5 answers

Knockoff Nunchuck

Is there a mouse that works like a Wii nunchuck? [more inside]
posted by kittensofthenight on Oct 21, 2010 - 10 answers

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