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Bracketology- Blown up!

NCAA Tourney Filter: I want to blow up bracket (lets say 5 by 10 feet) to put on my wall. I'd love to just be able to print using my home printer. What are my best free options? I have a MS Office.
posted by sandmanwv on Mar 14, 2012 - 5 answers

No one's rushing the field.

When and why did pitch invasions/court-storming/rushing the field end in professional, american sports? I see highlights in the 70s from Hank Aaron's 715, Yankees winning their division, even the Celtics winning an NBA championship in the early 80s where the fans celebrate with the players (or try to take hats off of their heads). In my sports lifetime,(post 1992), I cannot recall a single moment of this happening in pro sports (in America).
posted by sandmanwv on Feb 20, 2012 - 10 answers

Flag Football Tips?

What's the most effective, easy way to be a decent Flag Football team without minimal practice time? Flag Football season coming up. [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv on Aug 27, 2010 - 4 answers

Hands in the Air Celebrations!

When did (american) sports fans start celebrating by jumping and putting their hands straight in the air (see A-Rod). I recall watching highlights from the early 80s and beyond and while crowds were loud, they're reactions were different. Bonus: Does this differ in other countries?
posted by sandmanwv on Aug 5, 2010 - 17 answers

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