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The Pain of Using Gmail to Send Email to Myself

I frequently need to send emails to myself. Gmail keeps making it harder and harder. Details below. [more inside]
posted by Quisp Lover on Jan 15, 2017 - 18 answers

So what's the best thing to do with Yahoo Mail, Flickr, etc.?

Given the recent news, does anyone have best practice links and tips to transfer accounts? [more inside]
posted by srednivashtar on Jan 10, 2017 - 13 answers

Recovering my Gmail Account

I think there are people here that can help me with this puzzle! You guys are my last hope! [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb on Jan 6, 2017 - 7 answers

Resolving a gmail bomb

I have had a disturbing issue with my gmail over the past several days. It sees that someone is using my email address to sign up for a massive number of email newsletters and online accounts. Every day, I have been getting hundreds of confirmation emails for sites and newsletters I have never visited or requested. I am looking for help on how to resolve this issue with my email address. Snowflake details, specific questions, and general lamentations inside. [more inside]
posted by dredge on Dec 30, 2016 - 12 answers

Tips on writing for ESL readers.

I do a lot of work-related communication with people whose English is less than 100% fluent, and sometimes there are miscommunications that I think result from incomplete comprehension of the things that I say. I'd like to do what I can to minimize that. [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The on Dec 22, 2016 - 13 answers

Looking for a Gmail equivalent

Are there any (non-Google) paid email providers that support a Gmail-like label and archive workflow? [more inside]
posted by cosmic.osmo on Dec 13, 2016 - 7 answers

How to delete old Flickr and Yahoo accounts after lock out

Trying to delete an old Flickr account that I made public for reasons only my younger self understands... [more inside]
posted by i'magirl on Nov 24, 2016 - 2 answers

Help with managing Facebook email alerts

I am taking a break from facebook and would really like to remove all but the emails I want (status updates from a few people, event invites, birthdays) from showing up in my inbox. As each type shows up, I can opt out. How do I just do a mass opt out? [more inside]
posted by Hactar on Nov 21, 2016 - 4 answers

I'm Dr Frankenstein, my Gmail password is a monster of my own creation

I can't remember what I changed my Gmail password to when I reset it last month, and I no longer have access to my recovery email address. I can still access my Gmail from my phone, but I can't get in to my Gmail account on any browser! Is there any hope for me? [more inside]
posted by rodneyaug on Nov 17, 2016 - 13 answers

Put me on your list

I'm subscribed to a listserv with my Gmail address. I've never received an email from this listserv. They're not in junk or trash or categorized mail. The listserv manager can forward me a message, and I can receive it. The listserv manager has confirmed that my email address wasn't mis-entered and is not getting any bounce back notifications. [more inside]
posted by OrangeVelour on Nov 16, 2016 - 9 answers

Delay receiving emails from one contact during specific time of day?

For a number of reasons I want a way to delay the delivery of emails from a specific contact to my email client during a two hour period every day. I want whatever system to be automatic and don't want the emails discarded; just held until the set time has passed, and then they can be delivered. Is what I want impossible?
posted by theNonsuch on Nov 11, 2016 - 4 answers

Worried about being caught looking for a job

So here is what happened... I have been applying to jobs, and I got an email from a recruiter about not getting a job offer, and I was reading this on my phone. After I read it I put my phone down, and I accidentally left the screen on after things got really busy at work, and so I forgot I left my phone on and went to a different part of the building. When I came back I then realized my screen was left on with the email for everyone to see. And I found out from my coworker that my boss came inside the room. And so my mind is racing and worried about if my boss went up to my phone and read the message. [more inside]
posted by pieceofcake on Oct 20, 2016 - 16 answers

Prisoner I have never met emailed asking to contact me. What now?

What it says on the tin. I don't know this person and I've never lived in Indiana, where she is located. The service she contacted me through is called Getting Out and appears from a cursory Google source to be legit. A) how and why did she identify me as someone to contact, B) should I respond in any way, and C) is this a Thing?
posted by sciatrix on Oct 12, 2016 - 26 answers

Press contact email. Difficulty level: Plate of Beans

I’m a photographer and a writer. I’m working with a new music site and we really want to land an interview with a band who are on their farewell tour. I’m beanplating about whether to reach out to the band members directly. Help! [more inside]
posted by gmb on Oct 11, 2016 - 5 answers

Email closing lines

I need new ideas for email closing lines. [more inside]
posted by triggerfinger on Oct 4, 2016 - 40 answers

Why is someone signing me up for loads of job websites?

Several times over the last month my email has been used to sign up for many accounts on job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice Advisor. They use variants of my gmail address (e.g. krunk+1.234@gmail.com, krunk+12.34@gmail.com) to sign up about 20 times, and since the sites don't have email verification, I get bombarded by recruiter emails. Why? And what can I do about it? [more inside]
posted by krunk on Oct 4, 2016 - 8 answers

WOOFing...what's the best way to contact a host farm?

I finally bit the bullet and bought a membership to WOOF after mulling for a year or so. For those of you that have successfully established work with a host farm: how do you go about it? [more inside]
posted by Young Kullervo on Sep 22, 2016 - 2 answers

How to forward emails to an Epson printer

I'm running an event. I'd like for guests to be able to email photos to photos@exampleevent.com, and for the attachments to be forwarded to an Epson PictureMate PM-400 for immediate printing. The Epson has an email address like epson1234@print.epsonconnect.com. If I email that address directly, it prints. So this should be easy, right? Wrong. [more inside]
posted by caek on Sep 17, 2016 - 6 answers

Help me email

I've recently been switched to Outlook at work, and the capability to download to Thunderbird, my mail client of choice for ten years, is turned off. My email is now out of control. Hope me. [more inside]
posted by sockermom on Sep 7, 2016 - 9 answers

email distribution list management for a pack of scouts

Hi everyone, I have been asked to come up with a good solution for managing e-mail distribution lists for a Cub Scouts Pack. Here are the requirements 1. MUST: have the ability to have various addresses like scoutmaster@xyz.com, denleaders@xyz.com, pinewoodderbychair@xyz.com, allscouts@xyz.com, etc... 2. MUST: Cheap or Free. Doesn't *have* to be free, but should be inexpensive. 3. NICE TO HAVE: Self Management Capability where people can a. unsubscribe, or b. update e-mail addresses and physical addresses c. reset forgotten passwords by themselves. I have Googled and even searched here, but none of them meet my requirements, especially #1 above. Your help is much appreciated!
posted by apark on Sep 6, 2016 - 13 answers

Cheap distribution service for press releases?

Our office sends a small but notable amount of press releases to hometown media outlets. We *cannot* keep looking up individual email addresses every time we have to send something... but we also have next to no money. Please hope us. [more inside]
posted by St. Hubbins on Aug 30, 2016 - 3 answers

Possible malware email

I may be paranoid, but someone sent me an email with a very suspicious attachment. How can I find out what's in it? [more inside]
posted by Chicken Boolean on Aug 26, 2016 - 12 answers

Ess Ay Are Ay WITHOUT AN H at gmail dot com

How do I get an email address I don't have to spell? [more inside]
posted by Sara C. on Aug 22, 2016 - 39 answers


In Hubspot, is there a way it can send a notification to an email address completely dynamically? [more inside]
posted by michaelh on Aug 17, 2016 - 0 answers

How to send anonymous email from a Samsung Galaxy

How can I exchange emails with the police while remaining anonymous? [more inside]
posted by salvia on Aug 7, 2016 - 8 answers

How do I export/save the autofill email address from Outlook?

I am not the best at putting things into contacts and rely heavily on autofill for email addresses in Outlook. I would like to capture all of the addresses that are currently in my Outlook autofill script/file. How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by HonoriaGlossop on Jun 29, 2016 - 3 answers

Automate email to FTP file transfer

I have a vendor that would like me to place a daily report on an FTP server (either mine or theirs, preferably theirs). The only way I can do an automated export of this report is a CSV attachment via email. Is there a way to automate an email-to-FTP file transfer? [more inside]
posted by slogger on Jun 27, 2016 - 15 answers

Idiot-proof CRM

My reservations staff are going to kill each other... I need a simple CRM to keep track of email reservations. We use a single email inbox to manage incoming reservations, and multiple people have access to this inbox. We need a CRM that can integrate with this inbox... and restore sanity. [more inside]
posted by roygbv on Jun 15, 2016 - 7 answers

Gmail inbox problem - why did it change?

My gmail inbox is different and I don't want it to be. How do I make it like it was before? [more inside]
posted by crazylegs on Jun 2, 2016 - 10 answers

When I email myself, iMessage converts the email to text--how to stop???

I sometimes send reminders and to-do items from my phone to my gmail account. To do this, I send texts from my phone's text app (currently iMessage) to my gmail address. This system has worked fine for years. But ever since I entered/updated my Apple ID in my phone's System Preferences a day ago, all my reminder emails have been converted into texts. (It happens that my gmail account is also my Apple ID.) Each email is converted to an iMessage and shows up within the iMessage app ONLY, so I have a long -running iMessage conversation consisting of nothing but texts to myself. This is useless. Help?? [more inside]
posted by lotf629 on May 31, 2016 - 7 answers

Apology Email Etiquette: Do I reply to a reply?

I felt the need to apologize to a semi-notable person (if that matters) whom I have never met and doesn't know me. I emailed them a well written apology and a day later recieved a very gracious reply. Great. However now I don't know if I should reply back and if so, with what? I don't want to seem like I am using the apology as a foot in the door to strike up a conversation. But I also don't want it to seem like their gracious response wasn't appreciated by me, because it was.
posted by anonymous on May 29, 2016 - 14 answers

Can I pay the Internet to write my emails?

I suck at correspondence, and would like to pay another human to draft the occasional very brief email message for me-- standard thank-yous, requests, friend check-ins, etc. (I don't need a full-on virtual assistant; just the occasional $5, 5-minute task). Is there an established gig website that handles this sort of custom short content request? How else could I go about tracking down someone to provide this service? [more inside]
posted by Sockinian on May 27, 2016 - 10 answers

app to alert on non-arrival of email / sms

This is proving difficult to Google. I'm looking for a service that generates an alert when an expected email does *not* arrive at the expected time (with some leeway). Double plus good if it can do the same for an expected SMS. [more inside]
posted by grubby on May 6, 2016 - 3 answers

G-mail is letting another person's email get through--how to stop this?

Someone out there has a Gmail address almost the same as mine, and I occasionally get his mails. What to do? [more inside]
posted by zardoz on Apr 27, 2016 - 28 answers

Flirty v desperate: Another stupid dating dilemma

This is such a trifling thing, but I keep going round and round about whether to reach out to this guy and have come to the tribunal of Ask to render a decision. Multiple choice answer key inside. [more inside]
posted by maggiepolitt on Apr 8, 2016 - 15 answers

Listing preferred pronouns in work email signature when cis?

I work with many trans clients, but I am cis. Is it inappropriate for me to list my preferred gender pronouns on my email signature, like many of my trans friends, colleagues and clients do? I think that it is a good way to indicate to new clients that I am trans friendly, but is it appropriative? Thanks!
posted by gnar_gnar on Apr 1, 2016 - 18 answers

Getting voicemails automatically sent to email (in Canada)

For years I used Google Voice to have all my voicemail forwarded to my email inbox. It was great. Then I moved to Canada, and Google Voice will not connect to Canadian numbers. I have spent many hours trying to figure out a workable solution that will do the same thing (forward voicemails to email as .mp3s) in Canada and have not yet found anything. [more inside]
posted by lotf629 on Mar 30, 2016 - 8 answers

Email etiquette and expectations for night owls?

After reading this WSJ article about two types of responders to the work-life balance (the "integrators" who mix up work time and home time, and the "separators" who try to draw a line between the two), I realize that I fall firmly into the first camp. I often write emails at midnight or later, after the kids are asleep and the house is quiet. But is this unfair to the recipients of my late-night messages? [more inside]
posted by math on Mar 30, 2016 - 67 answers

How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Gmail's Purple Text?

If Gmail detects that you've previously sent the same text in another email, it turns the text purple and sometimes cuts it off with an ellipse as if it's an older threaded message. The problem is that I send a lot of similar emails to different people. I tailor them to the person, but that one paragraph that I copy pasted from an old email will still turn up purple and possibly be cut off with my signature. [more inside]
posted by Juliet Banana on Mar 18, 2016 - 14 answers

Why is Gmail refusing to quote the text of the email I'm replying to?

Weird problem started showing up recently. I'm using Gmail on Android and it isn't including (quoting) the text of the email that I'm replying to. I've checked the box to do so, and the quoted text even shows when I'm composing the email, but then it isn't actually included when the email gets sent (only what I wrote is sent). What the heck?
posted by madmethods on Mar 16, 2016 - 8 answers

Jack of Many Trades, Master of a Few

I'm borrowing the conceit of a recent Ask MeFi question about building a new career out of skills I have. My special snowflake stiff is in the [more inside]
posted by SansPoint on Mar 11, 2016 - 5 answers

How to keep mac Outlook 2011 folder structure after reinstallation

I will be reinstalling mac OSX Yosemite because of constant problems with it but I am looking to retain the folders that have been previosuly created to organise my mails. I am using Outlook 2011 as my mail client. Does using: File - Export - selecting outlook for mac data file (.olm), when imported back, retain the previous folder structure that I have used to organise my mails? If not could anyone suggest how I could keep the existing folder organisation? Many thanks!
posted by conrad101 on Mar 7, 2016 - 1 answer

Office Newsletter - what would you include?

I'm responsible for composing and constructing a new monthly email newsletter for our very large department..... if you were to receive such a newsletter, as an associate, what kinds of things would you want to see? [more inside]
posted by JenThePro on Feb 23, 2016 - 12 answers

Un-blacklisted email accounts for cheap?

We have personal email accounts on our own domain and send maybe 1000 purely noncommercial, non-bulk emails in a month. Sometimes these get blocked by various blacklists, because we're sharing our SMTP servers with everyone else on 1&1. Help me find mail hosting that will not get blocked but also is cheaper than getting a dedicated virtual server for $13 a month. Assume that I can install and setup any reasonable Linux distro, if necessary, but a turnkey solution is preferred. [more inside]
posted by wnissen on Feb 18, 2016 - 11 answers

Options for determining if company email accessed by IT employee.

There was an accusation made privately that a member of the IT group at the company regularly accesses and reads the emails of senior executives without authority. Is there any way to investigate and get evidence? [more inside]
posted by linux on Feb 18, 2016 - 18 answers

H&R Block email gone astray. Ideas for how & why?

I purchased tax software from the H&R Block web site. I've installed it, and it runs fine, but I was supposed to get a receipt with my authorization code. I've stimulated re-sends with no success. How can this happen? [more inside]
posted by SemiSalt on Feb 17, 2016 - 4 answers

Gmail archive clean-up. Difficulty level: Gmail account = 10+ years old.

I just used the Unroll.me free service to unsubscribe from a ton of newsletters and clean up my inbox. It was awesome, but it's only for subscribed newsletters. I want to clean All Of The Email, not just Inbox email, and for the most part delete it. What else can I use to spring-clean my archive? [more inside]
posted by onecircleaday on Feb 12, 2016 - 8 answers

email enigma - mystery message

I've recently been getting an email message which appears to be dated 12/31/69, but has "no sender," "no subject," and "no content." The first couple of times I just deleted it, but now it pops back in almost simultaneously with the deletion, so that my mail icon chronically shows at least 1 unread message. [more inside]
posted by mmiddle on Jan 29, 2016 - 6 answers

I need an online qualitative survey tool for a market research survey?

Is a tool like Survey Monkey suited to qualitative research? [more inside]
posted by jacobean on Jan 26, 2016 - 11 answers

Getting hotmail to accept emails from my domain

Short version is, I can't send any emails to hotmail users unless they've emailed me first. The mail logs show that the mail was delivered though (queued for delivery). I've contacted them and they were no help - just the standard form responses about unsubscribe links etc - except we're not sending junk mail. This is just a person sending an email to another person. [more inside]
posted by missmagenta on Jan 13, 2016 - 7 answers

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